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‘Don’t Waste the Lord’s Time’: Tamar Braxton Tells Fan to Pray for ‘World Peace’ Instead of Her and Her Ex-Husband Vincent Herbert Reconciling

Not Today, Chile! Tamar Braxton clapped back on Dec. 1 at a fan who suggested the former reality star get back with her ex-husband Vincent Herbert.  

The Twitter user claimed to be praying the singer would reunite with Vince as they shared a photo of Tamar’s 2013 video for her hit single “All The Way Home.”

Tamar Braxton (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

“Yass!! @tamarbraxtonher I’m still praying for my favorite singer. Am I the only one want her and Vince to get back together?” the now-deleted tweet said. The “Braxton Family Values” cast member told the user to send their prayer elsewhere. She wrote, “Please don’t waste the lords time pumpkin. Pray about world peace or something.” Many Tamartians (Tamar’s fan base) agreed with the 43-year-old.

“Not ‘don’t waste the Lord’s time’ lol damn she 🥶 cold.”

“Honestly love that energy, Save your prayers for someone in need, darling.”

“If aht aht was a person 😭”

“Nah fr. Don’t waste God time like that 😭”

“Some prayers just don’t need to be prayed😂😫🤷🏾‍♀️”

The exes started dating in 2003 after the “Love and War” singer’s sister Toni Braxton — who was working with the record exec at the time — introduced them. The two wed in November 2008, and Tamar filed for divorce in 2017. It was later finalized in 2019. The former couple also share a son, 7-year-old Logan Herbert. 

In May, the “Under Construction” host admitted the difficulty she and Vince faced in the beginning as they figured out how to co-parent Logan as exes. She told “Entertainment Tonight,” “[It’s] not even just that, it’s all the years of trying to figure out where we fit, right? Because for 16 years, we’ve been together and been best friends, and I think what we had to revert back to is, remembering that we were friends first.”

She also added it got easier after they acknowledged the most important thing was their son. “But we’re in a really, really good place. We realized it’s not about us. It’s not about our feelings. It’s not about what happened. It’s about Logan, and it’s about us setting the best example for him and being there for him. So that’s the choice we made. You have to make that choice though.”

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