‘Yeah, You Better Run’: Nebraska Man Jailed on Hate Crime Charge for Allegedly Swinging Chainsaw, Yelling Racial Slurs At Black Woman

A Nebraska man is facing a hate crime charge after he was reported to have used racial slurs and chased a Black woman with a chainsaw.

The alleged incident occurred in the state capital of Lincoln on Saturday afternoon, KETV reported. The assailant was identified as 41-year-old Daniel Stueck. After Lincoln Police arrived at the scene, a 25-year-old Black woman told them Stueck approached her after she arrived at the apartment complex where she lived.

Daniel Stueck (above) was charged with terroristic threats with a hate crime enhancement for allegedly threatening a Black woman with a chainsaw and using racial slurs on Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo: Lancaster County Department of Corrections)

He reportedly started a chainsaw and yelled “Get off my property, n—-r!” The victim also told police Stueck was swinging the chainsaw in an up-and-down cutting motion. When she ran away screaming, he allegedly told her, “Yeah, you better run,” before he called her more racial slurs.

The cops eventually caught up with Stueck, who police said told them Black people stole from him and the woman “was guilty because she was Black.”

Stueck also used racial slurs while speaking with the police, according to KOLN. He was charged with terroristic threats, with a hate crime enhancement.

Stueck was booked into the Lancaster County Jail.

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