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‘Motivation’: Gabrielle Union Shares ‘Pre-Turkey and Ham’ Workout with Fans

Thanksgiving dinner may be on the horizon, but Gabrielle Union is showing her fans that the holidays are no time to get lax with their fitness goals.

The 48-year-old actress got her outdoor home workout on pre Turkey Day feast, looking fierce and focused. In a pink sports bra, navy blue leggings, and cornrows, and backed by a gorgeous view, Union tackled a lunge combination with ease as her app prompted her over speakers.

Photo: @gabunion/Instagram

“On that pre-Turkey and Ham grind doing my FREE @fitonapp workouts,” she captioned the video which was viewed more than 190,500 times. “This one is a quick one by @breekoegel.”

Fitness is one of the “L.A.’s Finest” stars’ passions, and one of the ways she keeps herself grounded while working in a career field, and existing in a world that can oftentimes become overwhelming. “For me, working out allows me to sort of have that mind, body, soul balance. So when I feel overwhelmed, it really helps with my anxiety,” she told Pop Sugar in an interview. “I can go to the gym and get a workout in and just release at least some of that.” 

Staying on top of her workouts is one of the many ways the “Being Mary Jane” actress is “making behavior modification that is going to be a lifetime lifestyle of personal accountability and, under that umbrella, it includes mind, body, soul.”

Union’s dedication to staying fit plus consistency with her workouts leading up to the holiday that’s celebrated by many by eating and doing nothing all day inspired fans.

“Man @gabunion thanks for the motivation. ✊🏾💪🏾,” wrote a follower.

“❤️❤️You’ll have to eat extra after that workout,” another one joked.

“My errday inspiration❤ “

Another fan added implied they had no intentions to commit themselves to Union’s workout, “POV: Me sitting here eating snacks going ‘wowwww'”.

Union’s passion for health and wellness extends beyond intense workouts as well. On Nov. 17, she and her husband, Dwyane Wade, partnered with Chase Sapphire for a guided meditation event, Wellness with the Wades, along with “Dear White People” actress Logan Browning.

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