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‘DON’T Do It’: Nicki Minaj Makes Her Fans and Fellow Celebrities Go Crazy After She Asks If She Should Perm Her Natural Hair

Nicki Minaj made her fans and fellow celebrities cry out with a collective no after she showed off her lengthy tresses and suggested she might perm them. On Sunday, Nov. 22, Minaj posted a shot showing half of her long, thick hair as she was standing in front of a shower. 

Her caption read: “If I perm my hair it’s gon b touchin my booty. Should I perm it yall? Real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty. Ugh love this for me.”


Anxious celebrities immediately made their way to the Queen of Rap’s comments to discourage her from adding a perm to her hair. 

“Like This” singer Kelly Rowland commented, “DON’T do it,” to which Minaj replied, “chile it’s tempting. Tired of these damn wigs.”

Dancehall artist Spice added, “Keep it natural Queen. The perm damages it , and makes it easier for our edges to go missing 🤣🤣🤣 it’s stronger under our Wigs when it’s Natural.”

Model Winnie Harlow offered another option for the “Yikes” rapper. She said, “Texturize it! Or use a curl loosing treatment, dnt perm it look at all that volume.”

Minaj was also told to just press out her natural hair, but she said she did not want to do that because it would not last long. Minaj has worn her hair out multiple times over the years but did so discreetly and, of course, it went right over fans’ heads. 

In 2018, fans asked Minaj on Twitter for an update on her natural hair, since it seemed that she had not shown it off since 2014 when she posted the behind-the-scenes Instagram pictures from her video shoot for her single “Lookin Ass.”

She replied to her fans on Twitter, revealing that the straightened waist-length hair that she wore on the red carpet at the 2016 VMAs with her ex-boyfriend, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, was her hair.

She wrote, “Ok but vmas blue dress is when she was born, barbz. She grew & grew. That’s been my real hair this whole time & y’all didn’t even peep. 😩 middle part, Jet Black, inches action.” 

Minaj did not give any hints on whether she’ll go through with the perm, but fans will be waiting to see.

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