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‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss Ceaser Emanuel Says He’s ‘No Longer Accepting the Things I Cannot Change’ in Latest ‘Gram Post

Tattoo boss Ceaser Emanuel appears to be taking on a new outlook on life. 

On Friday, Nov. 20, the “Black Ink Crew: New York” star took to his Instagram page and shared a photo of himself rocking a dark three-piece suit and tie complete with dark-colored penny loafers and light grey dress socks. The tattoo artist sported a simple gold bracelet as he posed for the flick sitting on top of a red couch. “I am NO LONGER accepting the things I cannot CHANGE…” Ceaser captioned the post. He added, “I am changing the things I cannot ACCEPT 💯 #ceaserblackink #blackinkmogul.”


The 41 year old didn’t provide any additional details about what sparked the cryptic message. Still, fans quickly echoed his sentiments in the comments section, including one user who wrote, “Forgive because if u don’t they hold power but u don’t have to accept the negativity. Forgive and keep your distance! Positive vibes only.” They added, “If they’re not uplifting and motivating you, helping you GROW u don’t need it. Misery loves company and people will try to brake u any chance they get. They’re already beneath you thou. You’re happy and it’s killing em ! Keep growing glowing and shinning! Keep God first 🤞🏽 you’re covered 🗣.”

Another person wrote, “Caption is everything 🔥 let go of what is not worth your time, forgive what you don’t except and no explanation needed remove yourself from any negativity and remain humble you’ll always win that way @ceaserblackink.”

Ceaser appears to be taking a break from shading his enemies on the social media platform. Just last month, the businessman posted a shady post that had many thinking it was a direct jab at “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. At the time, Ceaser posted a memo that read, “Better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.” He continued his rant in his caption, calling out “fake bosses.”

For those unfamiliar, Ryan and Ceaser were once friends, but they had a falling out after Ryan allegedly slept with Ceaser’s ex-girlfriend Miss Kitty.  The Bronx native felt betrayed, saying that Ryan should’ve been honest about his supposed affair with the former brand ambassador. Ryan and Kitty denied the allegations.

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