‘Men Really Be Trying It’: Erica Mena Lets Safaree Know He Aint Leaving Her Days After He Makes an Instagram Post About Divorce

Erica Mena is attempting to kill the rumors of divorce. After going through a recent rough patch with Safaree Samuels, she confirmed in a now-deleted Nov. 12 Instagram post that he is not through with her yet.

Erica is shown wearing a tan embroidered dress with her back facing the camera. As she wraps her arms around Safaree’s neck, he places one hand on her buns.


The caption read, “Even if you really wanted too you couldn’t leave me – So take your ass back to bed. We will try this again tomrw. ( Ladies these Men really be trying it. They forget we run EVERYTHING! Including them ).”

This post comes a week after Safaree hinted about a divorce on social media. On Nov. 4, he posted a photo of himself standing by his vehicle and holding an umbrella in front of a house. He tagged “divorce court” on the house and wrote, “BACHELOR!! Ending 2020 right!!”

Erica responded dismissively in the caption of a Twitter post. She uploaded a photo of herself in a suit and wrote, “No cocky $hit, ain’t too many like me. ✨🌹 No man could ever stop me!!!!!!!”

Later, in two now-deleted tweets, Safaree said, “Biggest regret,” and “Pathetic.” He also said, “I think the block feature on the iPhone is its best feature. It brings such peace & serenity. Great way to keep jack a**es away. Thank you Steve Jobs!!”

However, it seems like the two might’ve put their differences aside overnight, because the next day the 39-year-old wrote a public apology to his wife on Instagram.

He posted a photo of himself holding a barbell while standing over his four-wheeler. The caption read, “A man is nothing without his family. Im not a bachelor & I love my wife I would never disrespect the mother of my child or wife. Sorry for being childish & Salute to all the real men out there.”

The apology came just in time for Erica’s birthday on Nov. 8. To celebrate, the couple took a trip to Tulum, Mexico, where they have been dancing, working out, and relaxing.

The “Love and Hip Hop New York” couple tied the knot last year on Oct. 7. Together they have one child, Safire Majesty Samuels, who was born this year on Feb. 3. Until recently, they’d been keeping their daughter’s face hidden from the world, but Erica decided to show her off on Instagram amid the divorce rumors. Safire is Safaree’s first child but is Erica’s second.

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