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Video: Black Texas Teen Cries Out for His Dad as Officers Kick and Tase Him; Investigation Launched

A Texas family is demanding accountability after security footage showed police officers scuffling a teenager after an attempted traffic stop.

The incident occurred on Monday night around 11:30 pm in Schertz, a neighborhood near San Antonio, according to LMT Online. A statement by the Schertz Police Department claims three of its officers attempted to pull Zekee Rayford over after he ran a red light but he refused to stop. The officers pursued the 18-year-old until he pulled into his family’s driveway.

A home security camera showed two Texas police officers violently arresting a teenager as he screamed for his father. (Photo: Screenshot/KSAT)

Security cameras outside of the home showed Rayford got out of the car with his hands up as the officers approached with their service weapons drawn. They repeatedly told him to get on the ground but Rayford ran toward the home’s door with his hands still in the air.

Once he made it, he banged on the door and screamed for his father. He continued to yell for his dad after the officers tackled him. Two of the officers, a man and woman, tased and kicked Rayford repeatedly until his someone opened the door.

Rayford’s relatives were heard questioning the officers’ actions.

“He’s under arrest,” the female said. “We found pot in the vehicle.”

“Then why the (censored) did you tase him?” someone asked. LMT Online identified the person as Kevin Rayford, Zekee Rayford’s father.

“He fled from us and he (censored) ran,” an officer responded. “Do you understand that?”

After the family continued to protest, the male officer threatened to tase Kevin Rayford.

“You better relax, or you’re going to get it next,” he said. “I promise you, you will.”

DeOndra Rayford, Zekee Rayford’s sister, posted the footage online a day after the incident. She believes the two officers who used force should lose their jobs.

“The cops were not in danger,” Rayford told LMT Online. “He did not run toward him. He had his hands up. They should have taken a step back and tried to deescalate things.”

DeOndra Rayford says her brother thought about George Floyd while he was being roughed up.

“I thought about George Floyd crying out for his mom,” DeOndra Rayford claimed her brother stated. “And I was crying for my Dad. I thought I was going to be the next hashtag, the next RIP.”

After the video hit the internet, Schertz Police announced it was launching an internal investigation “to ensure all Schertz Police Department policies and procedures were followed.”

Zekee Rayford was charged with felony evading in a motor vehicle, marijuana possession and resisting arrest and detention.

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