‘Imagine Being Dumped Over an IG Post’: Lil Wayne’s Ex-Girlfriend Denise Bidot Confirms the Couple’s Breakup

The 2020 presidential elections look to be taking a toll on more than just the United States of America. 

After Lil Wayne trended on social media for joyously endorsing President Donald J. Trump for reelection, rumors began swirling that his now ex-girlfriend, Denise Bidot, had broken up with him over the controversial support. The fact that the two unfollowed each other on social media provided the fuel the rumors needed to get going.

Yet, in a now-deleted tweet, Bidot denied those claims reported by blog site Love B. Scott, writing, “I did NOT. This is absolutely false.” It was later revealed that it was instead the New Orleans native who did the dumping.

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot Photo: @denisebidot/Instagram

According to an Instagram Story post captured by blog site Gossip in the City, the plus-size model provided some clarification surrounding her romance right before deleting her account altogether. “Imagine being dumped over an IG post… that expressed MY political view and encouraged people to vote…,” Bidot wrote. “It’s definitely 2020.”

The Neighborhood Talk also reported that she shared a photo endorsing former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden with the hashtag, #notrumpforme. The model later posted Wayne’s picture in her Instagram story, saying, “Let me be clear this my king. I love him.” However, the damage seemingly had been done. The blog site claimed that Wayne saw the post, unfollowed Bidot, and allegedly kicked her out of his home.

Later that day, the rapper took to his Twitter account, sharing a message that may or may not have been about his breakup with the model. 

“I live the way I love and love the way I live. I’m a lover not a lighter bekuz they burn out,” The rapper wrote. He added, “I am an eternal fire and burning love, either leave with a tan, a 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love. You’re sweating. Sincerely, the fireman.”

The cryptic message had most folks on the internet confused, including one person who asked the proverbial million-dollar question, “what he say?”

Another user commented, “WTF does this mean?” They continued, “I see a whole lot of Quote on quote “Love” but you endorsed someone who divides daily. In the end you only cared about your pockets and won’t even acknowledge that there’s racism in this country.”


The user’s comment was in reference to the ongoing discussion that anyone — entertainers and artists specifically — who endorsed Trump were mainly in bed with the politician in hopes of a tax break. John Legend recently blasted artists supporting Trump, saying that they were in the “sunken place,” referencing Jordan Peele’s movie “Get Out.”

As previously reported, 50 Cent received backlash after he suggested that he would vote for the current president after learning of Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes for individuals who make over $400,000 annually. The rapper later walked back his statements claiming that it was merely a joke. 

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