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‘DUMMIES’: Moniece Slaughter Claps Back at Haters That Say She Is Bleaching Her Skin

Moniece Slaughter is letting her haters know once and for all that she is not bleaching her skin.

On Nov. 2, she posted a series of pictures on Instagram of different parts of her body to reveal the color of her bare skin and prove to fans that she was not bleaching it.


In the caption, she wrote a lengthy message saying, “Just woke up.Haven’t even washed my face ZERO filter of ANY sort.1st pic: my chest that gets ZERO sunlight. Compared to my arms & hands. My chest is MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!! So I’m going to bleach my face but not my lips. I’m going to bleach my face but not my chest, arms, hands, legs, & feet?”

She continued, “I don’t now and never have used kojic on my face. I go to @drsusan90210dermatology A BLACK dermatologist and use HER products geared towards ALL people of color. I also go to @glowskinenhancement also a BLACK dermatologist and use her products that are for people of COLOR I also go to @honeybunnyskincare who is also a WOMAN OF COLOR for my facials. I don’t use white dermatologist. I don’t let white people do my laser hair removal either. I have ZERO desire to be white. NONE. if I could hold on to my summer tans I would. Y’all see me on tv under lighting that is altered in post edit and tons of makeup down to my neck chest shoulders and arms. Literally. And swore that was my natural color. It’s flat out insulting. Not you. But those who INSIST THAT I BLEACH.”


It appears that the 33 year old was truly bothered by fans accusing her of bleaching her skin. Seven hours after her initial post, she uploaded another one with several pictures from one of her past performances.

For the caption she wrote, “Never forget. Back in February. Day before Valentine’s Day to be exact. Face. Neck. Chest. Arms. Hands. Legs. ALLLLLL THE SAME LIGHT COLOR. WHICH IS LIGHTER THAN I AM NOW DUMMIES.SAME NIGHT. SAME MAKE UP. SAME HAIR. DIFFERENT LIGHTING. “It’s the bleaching for me!” How bout it’s the fake news for me. Keep your gossip in the gutter where you belong you stupid b—hes! And ima keep defending myself til y’all leave me alone.”

Fans initially speculated that the “Love and Hip Hop” star was bleaching her skin, after she posted a 19-minute Instagram Live video on Nov. 2 of her talking about a set of skin-care products that she was going to use.

A viewer of the Live commented that the products were for bleaching. An annoyed Slaughter put the products down and with a straight face, she addressed the comment.

Photo: @moniece_slaughter/Instagram

At the 5:08 mark, she replied, “This is not for bleaching. I need you guys to get a good grip on the difference between exfoliating and brightening versus bleaching. Bleaching does not brighten. Bleaching deplenishes. Bleaching removes melanin. Bleaching takes away color, stains, that’s what bleaching does.”

Slaughter also posted before and after pictures and comments on her Instagram story of people supporting her amid the skin bleaching drama. In many of the posts, people are addressing how their skin changes from light to dark in the winter and summer.

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