Black Twitter Comes to Sasha Obama’s Defense from Internet Scolds After TikTok Video Shows Her Rapping Along to City Girls

Sasha Obama is like any other young adult in 2020, trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic one TikTok at a time.

On Sunday, Oct. 25, Barack Obama‘s younger daughter started trending on social media after a TikTok featuring her and a friend lip-syncing to a verse from the City Girls’ member JT went viral. In the clip, Sasha and her friend are rapping along to Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” remix featuring the City Girls. 

Sasha Obama. Screenshot

After J.T. saw the clip, she retweeted the video alongside the heart-eyed cat emoji. The clip made its rounds on the platform and Instagram before being deleted from TikTok’s social media platform. While many were happy to see the former member of the first family living her best life, not all were here for the PG-rated moment.

“@BarackObama @SashaObama44 Hey Sasha, U didn’t learn anything about timing from dad? He’s busting his ass trying 2 salvage this mess & U decide 2 do this now? Girl, check yourself,” one critic tweeted. 

Another person commented, “Pretty screwed up how a lot of people view this as ‘normal.’ It’s one thing to listen and bump this in your car, but if my daughter were ever to be lipsyncing these dirty lyrics and posting it… I would be fuming.” They added, “Act like a lady and you will get treated like one.”

However, Sasha’s self-proclaimed Twitter cousins were quick to come to her defense. One person wrote, “Only thing I hate about these videos is that anytime the Obama kids do something by default they get all kinds of scrutiny.”

Another person chimed in, “Why are people so over interested seeing the young girls doing what young girls do, having fun!” They continued, “I vividly recalled a man who’s unfortunately POTUS admitted grabbing women by the p**** people made excuses for him saying was just boy talk SEE THE IRONY? & Double standards.”

A third person was also happy to see the University of Michigan student living a carefree life. “Anyone who has a problem with this have small minds. There’s nothing wrong here. I have 5 adult kids and 10 1/2 grandkids. And if it makes a difference to anyone we’re white-mostly. We all did this. Just couldn’t record and post until after 2000.”

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