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‘Sis, You’ve Said It All’: Moniece Slaughter Reflects on Her ‘Internal Struggle’ As an Independent Woman Looking for Love

Moniece Slaughter shared a word with her fans about the ‘internal struggle’ she’s battling as an independent woman who is looking for love, but also questioning what it can really do for her.

The 33-year-old singer posted a lengthy Instagram message in response to an interview in which Travis Scott opened up about the importance of raising his daughter, Stormi Webster, as a strong, intelligent Black woman.

Moniece Slaughter posts photo of Travis Scott and daughter Stormi as she commends him for wanting to teach her how to be a strong Black woman. Photo @moniece_slaughter/Instagram

“I feel like it’s way more important now to protect our young Black daughters, women,” he said during his Wav radio podcast. “Making sure they have the knowledge of just how to carry yourself, how to move in this world, how to be strong, how not to be scared to take that risk on any idea.”

Scott’s feelings struck a chord with Slaughter, who identifies as a strong, intelligent woman who was raised to know her power and worth by “an amazing father.” She praised the efforts of good Black fathers in her post before going into detail about what effect she feels that being raised with such strength has had on her ability to find a worthy partner.

“Now to my internal struggle with this. It makes it extremely hard for me to be with a man because I’m so very independent & I have such an amazing father,” wrote the former “Love & Hip-Hop” star. “He set the bar so high. That at this point. I’m so used to being disappointed in relationships that I now ask myself what I really want & need because I can literally do it all on my own, & so I do. So at that point other than a companionship what’s it for?”

She went on to admit that because of her confidence in herself, it would take a lot in order for her to take “soften up” in a relationship at this point in her life.

“Unless he’s coming and gaining my trust. Throwing a bag in my face to build more businesses or to dump into an existing one. Unless he’s loving me for all of me flaws included without guilting me or shaming me for my short comings. Unless he is certain that I’m to be his wife. Unless he’s certain that he’s willing to care for my son as his own after marriage. I don’t feel like I need to soften up,” she explained.

Fellow self-proclaimed independent women chimed in to let Moniece know that when she says she’s “been plagued with to soften up or not to soften up syndrome,” they completely understand.

Moniece Slaughter
Moniece Slaughter @monieceslaughter/Instagram

“Sis, you’ve said it all. I am so independent and I face the same problem. As women, we need to soften up because a man is a woman’s protection. It doesn’t mater how much money we got, a woman with a man or her husband is respected and seen at a higher level than an independent one. Money makes us proud but we can’t talk with money, we can’t hug money, we need our men around us, we need to view life differently and I’m praying God to give me a good one”

“🙌🏾🙌🏾 and that’s why I stopped dating completely”

“This is very accurate because having a good father makes me expect the same in another man; I’ll settle for nothing less.”

“I felt this….you always have a way with words….”

Slaughter’s current relationship status is a bit up in the air. She was rumored to have been linked with a mystery man from France in June 2020, but has largely kept that relationship private. She previously was publicly linked to ex-girlfriend A.D. Diggs, and singer Dreux “Lil Fizz” Frédéric, with whom she shares a 10-year-old son.

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