White Woman Throws Dog at Black Man During Bizarre Confrontation on a California Street

A California man has a new dog after it was thrown at him during a bizarre confrontation with an unidentified woman.

On Oct. 9, Twitter user @Mulaflare, who has since been identified as Los Angeles-based rapper Glo Mula, tweeted a video with the caption “Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.”

In the video, it shows Glo Mula, who is Black, having a strange encounter with a white woman who rambled a lot, sometimes incoherently, and tried to hit him, before throwing her dog at him.

The video opens with Glo Mula asking the woman. “Why you holding the dog like that?” She keeps walking toward him while rambling, to which he responds, “Bro, you got me in the middle of the street.”

California woman throws dog at Black man. Photo: Video Screenshot

The woman seems disturbed, and Glo Mula asks her if she’s on drugs. She also tries to strike him on several occasions during the video, to which he repeatedly tells her to “back up” and let him get back in his car.

At one point in the video after mentioning “the mafia” and “the military of the United States of America,” the woman tells Glo Mula, “You’re Black.”

“What did you just say?” Glo Mula asks her. “I said you’re Black,” the woman reiterates. “So what, so what if I’m f—ing Black?” Glo Mula asks. The woman then spits on the ground and says, “So what if I’m f—ing white?”

“I didn’t say nothing about race, you racist b—h,” Glo Mula responds. “You’re the one that brought up f—ing race.”

The woman continues rambling and confronting Glo Mula. She asks him where he’s from, mentions the Illuminati and tries to kick him. Glo Mula, who has been laughing off and on throughout, asks her who she is and she replies, “I don’t have an identity.”

She walks away, then turns back and asks Glo Mula if he “really wants to be worth more than a Mercedes.” He responds asking, “Is that your dog?” and the woman throws the dog at him.

The dog, which lands on its back, winces in pain, then runs to Glo Mula. Shocked, he picks the dog up and tells it to “come here” while telling the woman to “get the f—k out of here.”

As the dog continues yelping in pain the woman turns around and tries to retrieve it. Glo Mula tells her, “Whoa, back up. This not your f—ing dog. This not your dog no more, I got video of everything. … You going to jail.”

The woman replied that she had a mental health record, but Glo Mula told her to back up and carried the puppy with him.

At the time of publication, the video had been viewed almost 23 million times and retweeted over 10 million times. On Sunday, Oct. 11, Glo Mula posted follow-up footage of the beginning of his encounter with the woman, which he captioned, “How it started.”

Glo Mula has named the dog Movie and created an Instagram page for her, which already has 209,000 followers. He also started a GoFundMe campaign that had exceeded its $3,000 goal and raised $5,346 at time of this writing. On the GoFundMe campaign Glo Mula said he rescued Movie from a “psycho Karen.”

Twitter users thanked him for helping Movie.

“It’s so sad there are people like this in this world. I’m so thankful that you rescued this dog from this racist psychopath,” wrote user @Jj2369C.

“Trust me, this girl has no idea what is coming for her. @ASCPA__& @peta won’t play around with this gal. Not sure where this was filmed, but pretty sure in most states she would get charged. Her car and visible tag are in video,” added user @kbobiggs.

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