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‘Get Right or Leave Her Alone’: Offset Celebrates Cardi B’s Birthday with a Sweet Message a Month After She Files for Divorce, Fans Aren’t Impressed

Offset is trying to get his wife back, and his efforts might be paying off for Cardi B but not for the fans. On Oct. 12, he took to Instagram to write a message to Cardi wishing her a happy birthday and even attended her party in Las Vegas.

The photo he uploaded shows the couple posted up together looking at something on her phone.

 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iamcardib you are amazing woman you the best! Me and Kulture are proud of you,” the caption starts. He continued, “over came every obstacle in front you they was all sleep at once then you woke the world up! Thank you for being 1000% every min I known you live it up enjoy keep fucking balling I’m lucky.”

Offset pens birthday message to Cardi B on Instagram. (Photo: offsetyrn/Instagram)

The thoughtful message did not impress fans, however. Many of them expressed the idea that they would prefer Offset start treating Cardi right rather than chase her after he has done wrong.

One fan wrote, “She overcame every obstacle accept for YOU .. Get right or leave her alone.”

Another one, making similar points to the previous fan said, “Overcame all the problems you made for her.”

The admonishing comments are the result of last month’s news that Cardi B was divorcing Offset. On Sept. 15, TMZ reported that Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, legally filed for a dissolution of marriage from the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper.

Days after that, “The WAP” rapper took to her Instagram Live to address all rumors for the divorce, and even explained the true cause of it. She began her Live by shutting down fake news that Offset had cheated again or had a baby on the way with another woman. She said that the true reason behind the separation is because she got “tired of f–king arguing.”

She added, “When you feel like it’s just not the same anymore, before you actually get cheated on, I’d rather just leave.”

Offset had been pretty quiet about the shocking news until last Friday. He posted a video to Instagram asking fans to help him pick a new color to dye his hair. Under the video a fan wrote, “He look stressed out..” and Offset replied, “I am I miss MRS. WAP….call her for me but private.”

It looks like Offset might’ve gotten in touch with Cardi because within 24 to 48 hours of that post, Offset was with her, in Las Vegas, celebrating her birthday. His story showed the 28-year-old turning up with her friends and family, and he also received a twerk from Cardi as well.

Later that night, Offset gifted Cardi with a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, leaving her blushing. The crowd can be heard screaming “Black Love” and “Take Offset back” in the background.

But the flashy gifts do not have fans convinced. In the comments someone typed, “It’s the manipulation without changed behavior for me.”

“He always trying to buy himself back into her life. Hope she doesn’t fall for it again,” said another.

Another fan typed, “How bout he gift her the gift of loyalty.”

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