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‘Blocked’: Quavo Shows Us How He Won Saweetie Over, Fans Try It and Fail

Quavo is giving his followers free game on how to shoot their shot. Participating in a new Twitter trend, he dropped a screenshot on Wednesday of himself DMing Saweetie, adding a recent photo of the two of them dating. This comes after a recent trend that started on Twitter where couples show how their relationships started versus how they are going now.

The 2018 screenshot shows Huncho sending Saweetie a snowflake emoji in her DMs as a reference to her 2017 hit “Icy Girl.” She responded with a ramen noodle emoji, a nod to Migos’ 2017 hit “Stir Fry.” He followed up with “u so icy Ima glacier boy,” and she replied, “was hannin then.”

Quavo shares a screenshot of him sliding into Saweetie’s Dm’s. Photo: @Quavostuntin/Twitter

The two have been going strong in a relationship since then, and apparently the screenshot has inspired other fans to mimic Quavo’s approach. However, the Migos rapper’s tactic did not seem to work for everybody.

One person who showed a screenshot of her DMs, revealed that they too received a snowflake emoji in their DMs but they replied, “Boy you better start melting.”

Another person tried putting his own spin on Quavo’s moves, DMing his crush a chili pepper emoji followed up with a message that said, “you a hot mama and im a chillie boy.” But the person replied, “LMFAOOOOO blocked.”

Unfortunately, after trying Quavo’s tactic what some people are discovering is that they lack a few other qualities that the 29-year-old has.

Giving some insight as to why the strategy wasn’t working for them, a young man tweeted, “Quavo started off a trend with sliding in with ❄️, difference is he has money and you don’t.”

Another young women added, “please have Quavo money before you slide in my dms talking about some “❄️.” 

Quavo and Saweetie have been rocking for about two years now, and earlier this year, their relationship was highlighted in GQ magazine. There, the “Tap In” rapper revealed that she found Quavo attractive before he even reached out to her, saying she used to tell her friends in the group chat that he was “fine.” Quavo said he saw her on his explore page, did his homework on her and sent her the infamous snowflake DM. It was history from there.

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