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‘Why Do People Care’: Sky Days’ Son Dessalines Speaks Out Following Critics Over Their Relationship

Those familiar with the nature of Sky Days’ relationship with her two sons Genesis and Dessalines are well aware of how toxic it could and has gotten in the past — many incidents of which have played out on “Black Ink Crew.” 

Sky has spoken about the sensitive topic on several different occasions, primarily to defend herself from critics who have questioned her parenting skills. 

Now her younger son Dessalines, aka Des, has something to say. On Sunday, Oct. 4, the 20-year-old took to his Instagram page, asking that fans and critics alike stop worrying about his relationship with his mother. “Why do People care more about my relationship with my mom, then [sic] we do?” Dess wrote alongside a clip of himself smirking as he looked into the camera while riding around in a car. He added, “My mom and I are [two] different people, many ways alike and many ways different. I know my mother has as much love for me as I do her. #chillwithbs.” The clip was viewed over 29,000 times. However, Des removed the comment option to avoid further discussion on the matter. 

Sky Days’ son Dessalines asks ‘why do people care’ about his relationship with his mother. (photo source: Dessalines’ instagram page.) 

Sky revealed on “Black Ink” that she gave both her sons up for adoption at an early age. Repairing her relationship with her boys has not been an easy task. During a candid interview with celebrity vlogger Jason Lee on a Sept. 16 episode of his show “Gagging,” the reality star recently explained that although she loves her sons, she is giving them space.

“When it comes down to my sons, right now, ’cause they not kids. These n-ggas is 20-plus! I love them to death, but I was not raised to be a mom. I was raised to treat people how they treat me, and that’s what I do,” Sky said. “So when people even bash me about the way I react to things, they mad because I’m not — I’m going to say sorry if I feel sorry. I’m going to f–king’ cry if I want to cry. But I don’t think I need to do that to a mass audience. I’m not getting ready to get on Instagram and be like, ‘Yo, I’m sorry to my son.’ You shi–ing me? Who the f–k is y’all?”

As of late, Sky revealed that she is no longer involved in the lives of either of her sons. However, she does “love them to death, and that’s it.”

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