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Da Brat Reveals She Dated Allen Iverson and Beat Up a Half-Naked Woman Over Him

This year, rap legend Da Brat showed off a Bentley she received as an early birthday gift from her girlfriend, Kaleidoscope Hair Products CEO Jessica Dupart. 

However, recently the “Wat’chu Like” rapper sat down with longtime friend Kandi Burruss to dish about another relationship. During an episode of Kandi’s podcast “Speak On It,” the rapper revealed that she used to date NBA legend and former Philadelphia 76ers player Allen Iverson

Da Brat recalled dating NBA star Allen Iverson and beating up a half-naked woman over him. (photo source: Da Brat’s Instagram Account (@sosobrat)

Da Brat, whose real name is Shawtae Harris, explained that she was very private when it came to her love life but said, “You got a little leak of it when I was f—king with Allen Iverson.” She added, “You might have thought you knew, but I never confirmed anything because I always felt that was the only thing I was able to have to myself, private, was my personal life.” 

The star said that the two were together for quite some time and that she enjoyed doing things for him. “I’m a Grandma’s child. I’m very domesticated. I like cooking. I like cleaning. I like folding. It’s therapeutic.” The rapper said she would pick out his clothing and cook breakfast, among other things. “The things he liked, just to make sure he was happy, and he spoiled me and made sure I was happy.”

Da Brat explained that the relationship ended because the athlete had too many women. She even recalled once fighting a half-naked woman in a hotel because of him. 

“He had a baby mama, some kids, he had a lot of stuff going on. It lasted for a good while. Both of my grandmothers loved him…It just didn’t work out. He had too many b-tches,” Da Brat said. She continued, “I think the last straw was we were sitting in the hotel, and this half-naked b-tch walks up the hallway, talking about she’s looking for him…I must have molly whopped that b*tch down the hallway. I said, ‘You know what, I can’t do this. I can’t do this with you.’ I just faded out, stopped answering the calls, and it fizzled out. But then I heard he was f*cking dis b*tch, dat b*tch. B*tches I knew, b*tches I was cool with. I was like ‘Nope. I’m done.’ “

Following her relationship with Allen, the 46-year-old revealed she went on to date other men and women. In February 2020, the rapper announced that she and her girlfriend Jessica had gotten engaged. 

Check out the full interview with Da Brat and Kandi below.

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