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‘He Don’t Know Who His Mama Is’: Ciara’s Son Future Screams As His Superstar Mom Shakes Her Derriere In Fun Reel

Ciara and her son Future Zahir enjoyed some mother-son quality time, recording their first reel together. Ciara posted a video reel to Instagram on Sept. 18, showing her and her son in their kitchen, reenacting a video that went viral on social media.

Ciara and her son Future (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

The video shows Future repeatedly mouthing the words “Who They Want, Flip” along with moving his hands in beat-boxing motions to go along with the audio to the original video. As Ciara’s son handles the beat and the words, Ciara dances in a chair in the background, moving her arms, head and shoulders to the beat that her son is making.

Ciara types the words, “Dying. Wait for it,” as the caption for the reel.

As the 15-second video continues, Ciara seems to be feeling the beat so much that she suddenly goes from a simple arm-and-shoulder bopping motion to getting up and twerking. That is when Future makes a face in disgust, waves his hands and mouths the words “NO NO NO NO” along with the audio.

Of course, fans and friends loved the reel, as they joined in with jokes of their own.

One commenter said, “If Only He Knew What Mama Is Capable Of With That Waist And Those Knees,” to which even Ciara commented “lol.”

Another one added, “He don’t know who his mama is with the dance moves.”

Other people seemed to notice other details in the video besides the dance moves. Many people directed their attention to the amount of security cameras that Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, seem to have in the house. Behind Future’s head, there are two screens that show a lot more than a few angles of their property.

“Hold on they are not playing at the Wilson household look at all those security cameras. They ready,” said one observer.

The original video that The “One Two Step” singer and her son are mimicking is of a lady and a young man singing “Who They Want, Flip.” The lady gets up and starts twerking while the young man screams “NO” — much in the way that Future did. The song the man is singing is originally from a 2004 single called “Game Over.”

The artist of the song, Lil Flip, took time to repost Ciara and Future’s reenactment of the original video to his own Instagram. His caption reads,  “#GAMEOVER LIVES ON THANKS @ciara.”

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