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‘Is the Baby’s Name Margie?: Safaree Samuels Fans Try to Decipher His and Erica’s Daughter’s Name After He Says It on Camera

Safaree Samuels gave his 3 million Instagram followers a rare glimpse of his and Erica Mena’s daughter this week.

The new father recently tackled daddy duties and recorded a video that shows him feeding his 7-month-old daughter.

Safaree Samuels
Safaree Samuels and his 7-month-old daughter @safaree/Instagram

“Just me & the baby today. Had to cut my work out short becuz of this lil 👩‍🎤 diva,” Samuels wrote on Monday, Sept. 14. “She no nosey any sound she hear she’s looking in that direction 🤣 I don’t do this a lot but when I do I make a mess and she only takes it when I say Straiittttt😝.”

Like many new fathers, the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star had a hard time keeping his daughter’s attention, while feeding her. Every time the infant would look in a different direction, he would call her name in his Jamaican accent to get her attention.

Fans, however, had a hard time deciphering the name.

“So is the baby’s name Margie?”

“it sound like he said Maddie 😂❤️”

“almost sounds like he is saying ‘Magic’ with a Jamaican accent”

“Maggie ahhhh ahhhhh 😂😂😂”

In the comments section, IG users claimed the child’s initials were “S.M.S.” and that the couple said her middle name was “Mahjee.”

Samuels and his wife have chosen to keep their daughter out of the public eye. They’ve yet to show her face and reveal her first name publicly.

“Maybe one day but honestly don’t wait on it. Showing her isn’t part of our plan at all,” the 32-year-old mom tweeted in February, two weeks after giving birth to their daughter.

Erica Mena
Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels @safaree/Instagram

The pair’s daughter is their only child together. Mena also has a 13-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Followers seem impressed by Samuels’ skills as a new father. One person commented on his latest video, “Safaree you’re doing an amazing job! ❤️😍😍 So cuteeeee and I support you always and Erica such a beautiful family @safaree 🙌.”

A second added, ” you are doing a great job. She didn’t even spit it out and you aren’t even hesitant to feed her like most men are. Go dad!”

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