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Keyshia Cole Gently Turns Down MMA Fighter Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor’s Date Proposal: ‘Right Now Isn’t the Time’

Keyshia Cole is a hot commodity now that she’s back on the market, and she already has a suitor who is publicly shooting his shot.

The 38-year-old singer’s divorce from ex-husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson was finalized on Thursday, Sept. 3, and she and boyfriend Niko “Khale” Hale reportedly called it quits in July. Naturally, it didn’t take long for new potential boos to make their intentions known.

MMA fighter Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor asked Keyshia Cole out on a date on social media. (Photos: @keyshiacole/Instagram, @anthony_prettyboy/Instagram)

30-year-old MMA fighter Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor put his best comment forward when he asked the “I Should Have Cheated” singer out for a date on an image she posted on Sept. 14. “I would be honored if you go on a date with me❤️,” he wrote. The comment was met with fans’ approval in the form of over 1,300 likes.

The fighter also touts himself as a model and actor. According to The Shade Room, he earned his nickname from patrons during his time as a stripper and kept it because once he transitioned into fighting, “he would never get his face touched.”

Taylor went the extra mile and asked Cole out in video form as well, suggesting the two “go out to dinner or possibly a hike.”

After being married to Gibson for six years and ending her two-year relationship with Hale, it appears that the singer is focused on spending time with no one but herself at the moment. She replied, gently turning down the offer in favor of focusing on creating new music. “I would love to have someone … but right now isn’t the time. I need to focus on this new music, it’s GRIND TIME. But this was really sweet… 🙏🏽”

Before Cole respectfully declined, the courage it took Taylor to put himself out there and the fact that he’s fine had fans onboard with the potential love connection.

Keyshia Cole has folks ready to risk it all now that she’s completely back on the market. @keyshiacole/Instagram

“Oh him fine….. and respectful,” wrote an impressed follower.

“That grown man energy is unmatched 👏🏾🙌🏾,” praised a second.

“Somebody come under my comments with this energy I’m goin 👏🏽👏🏽,” a third admitted. “it could be a banana and I’m goin 😩😂😍😍.”

“U 👏🏽betta 👏🏽go!!” a fourth encouraged. “He has a nice smile and manners!! Girrrl”

“Say Yes @keyshiacole he fine fine 😋🤣🥰,” remarked a fifth.

“She’s taken…but I’ll take him😩😩😍,” joked a sixth.

Taylor isn’t giving up hope, however, and told the “Love” singer that he’ll be ready whenever she is, writing, “I’LL WAIT FOR YOU! I’m patient !!!”

Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor has a message for Keyshia Cole. @theshaderoom/Instagram

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