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‘Man of the People’: Fans React to Sighting of André 3000 With Grayed-Out Afro and Flute

A video of Outkast member, rap icon, and ATLien André 3000 having a fun moment with a fan has surfaced, and 3 Stacks had his trusty flute in-hand again.

The reclusive rapper, born André Benjamin, is seen walking up to fashion and footwear designer Jeff Staple and laughing as he holds a wooden flute. In the clip, which reportedly was shot in Los Angeles, the 45-year-old artist is a bit hairier and grayer than usual, but his kind disposition remains the same.

André 3000 and his flute greet a fan. (Photo: @jeffstaple/Instagram)

Fans flipped when they saw the video of the “Prototype” rapper out and about, interacting with the people and being his unique, lovable self.

“Fck I wanna be just randomly walking down the street and see Andre 3000 playing the flute.. IMAGINE THAT,” wrote a fan.

“This is why I love Andre 3000. I’ve been dying for him to drop anything new and he’s out here blessing random people on the sidewalk with his free spirit,” another remarked.

“Man of the people, humble,” stated a third. “Most celebs cant walk the streets like they used to, and they miss it. Look & dresses like this because he has some anonymity with it. But some will do a double take & spot em. Majority won’t.”

“I really really adore his eccentricity, its so refreshing,” a fourth complimented.

“There’s ‘normal’ for Andre 3000 and normal for everyone else. I expect him to do stuff like that,” a fifth noted. “Anybody else playing the flute outside completely out of nowhere (wait, give Lizzo a pass too) would be weird. For him, it’s just another calendar day.”

André 3000 was previously spotted playing his “indigenous double flute” in Los Angeles International Airport in 2019. According to Revolt, the instrument is a “Mayan double flute made of two resonate pipes,” that was handcrafted “by an indigenous man named Guillermo Martinez at Quetzalcoatl Music.”

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