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LeBron James Shares Thank You Letter from Colin Kaepernick About Fighting Systemic Racism

Colin Kaepernick used a handwritten letter to thank LeBron James for doing what he did as a professional athlete: Use his fame, platform, and influence to combat systemic racism.

James has been one of the many NBA players to get involved in the current fight for racial justice, which kicked off with players kneeling for the pregame performances of the national anthem when the league resumed play in Orlando, Florida, at the end of July. He’s also been vocal about the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, as well as the shooting of Jacob Blake.

LeBron James (left) shared a letter that he received from Colin Kaepernick (right) that thanked him for fighting systemic racism. (Photos: @kingjamesInstagram, @kaepernick7/Instagram)

For his part, Kaepernick began kneeling for the national anthem in 2016 as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, and in his letter he told James that he appreciated his recent actions involving social justice. The Los Angeles Lakers star then shared the letter to his Instagram Stories on Friday, Aug. 28.

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“Four years ago on August 14, 2016, I began protesting against systemic racism and social injustice,” Kaepernick wrote to James. “Truth is what I sought. Solidarity is what you showed me. Love is what moves us forward. Thank you for staying true.”

James responded by writing, “Standing/Kneeling right next to you brother! Appreciate you.”

The NBA star shared Kaepernick’s letter two days after the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their playoff game against the Orlando Magic over Blake, a 29-year-old Black man who was shot seven times in the back by an officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, Aug. 23. Blake was unarmed when he was shot.

Other NBA teams then decided to boycott their playoff game after the Bucks, and games on Wednesday and Thursday of last week were eventually postponed.

During a players meeting, James and Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard reportedly wanted to cancel the remainder of the playoffs over Blake. The New York Times reported that it was after James and Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul spoke with former President Barack Obama that they were encouraged to keep playing and games resumed on Saturday.

Part of the decision to return also had to do with NBA team owners agreeing to do more to support players’ social justice fight.

Besides calling attention to Floyd, Taylor, and Blake, James has also helped to launch More Than A Vote, an organization that he created with other athletes and entertainers to combat voter suppression.

More Than A Vote has already partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers to turn Dodger Stadium into a voting location for November’s general election, and now other NBA arenas will also be turned into voting sites.

As for Kaepernick, he hasn’t played for an NFL team since the end of the 2016 season, an apparent consequence of his kneeling protests that his detractors called unpatriotic.

Last week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he wished he would have listened to Kaepernick earlier about the reasons behind his kneeling.

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31 thoughts on “LeBron James Shares Thank You Letter from Colin Kaepernick About Fighting Systemic Racism

  1. Robert says:

    But you’re not. You’re not fighting. You’re commenting. But you aren’t getting arrested, sweating while marching, or gassed. Neither one of you are fighting shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So Americans voted a black man for president twice what did he do ? And now we are a racist country

  3. Lebron is a no class piece of shit!! Just like Kaeperdick! I’ve never seen anyone honor criminals like this! Hope NBA goes bankrupt! Damn losers

  4. Gertrude says:

    So proud of these young brothers, i can rest the torch has is in good hands. THE FIGHT CONTINUES

  5. SilverTears says:

    Get a room.

  6. Barry M Boyd says:

    Wonder if the facts might lead these two white haters. The average life span in Africa for a black male is 44yrs old in America the average lifespan for a black male is 74 yrs. Us dirty ole white people must be doing something right you ungrateful racist!!!!

  7. Awscare says:

    What systemic racism you idiots? If there was systemic racism in America you would be playing professional sports making millions…

  8. Russ yuflund says:

    Two of the biggest hypocritical racists on the planet over paid millionaires will never watch an NBA game all filled with Hate for America hope kapernick never takes another snap in the gutless NFL

  9. Gayle Huerter says:

    I will not support NBA and NFL with this stupid crap
    How about supporting our police instead of these criminals!!
    These players should play ball and shut their mouths – not get involved. Let the police do their job.
    If you are Kneeling for the anthem, you should be sat and not played for that game. Coaches open your freakin eyes. Or it should be in their contracts – must stand for the Anthem. It is a disgrace for our soldiers fighting for you while you kneel

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who cares

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the NBA and nfl..they kicked tim tebow out for kneeling for god but these spoiled ass hats are praised for their hatred..first lebron is not the king and Collin sucked ..let’s be truthful

  12. Anonymous says:

    Give Kaep a job

  13. Bill leonard says:

    Thoes two bastards should never allowed to play another sport as long as they live king james is way over played anyway and if the white assholes that own the Lakers would tell him to sit down and shut his mouth or he. Ould go somewhere els .and am not sure it could be majic that has to tell him always had respect for the majic man when I lived in Anaheim

  14. Anonymous says:

    You racists bastards that feel James and Kapernick is wrong should all die!!

  15. John says:

    While at the same time making millions from Nike’s slave labor from China. Brilliant hypocrisy…

  16. Sharon says:

    I don’t now nor have I ever given 2 shitz about what any adult has to say that plays with a ball to earn a WAY overpaid living. Spoiled, unappreciative, disloyal and traitorous titty babies! I don’t care if the NFL & the NBA go broke!

  17. Cat dean says:

    You all make a good argument for why these men are standing up. Just reading your comments make me so sad and sick for this country. Shame….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Stop making sports about politics and play. If not go the fuck on. I’ve made it this long without sports. Dont need ya. If it wasn’t for the middle class spending their money you wouldn’t have a job.

  19. David Wayne says:

    These are two overpaid, self promoting, self loving punks who are just plain haters of all white people and try to convince us all that all black people are victims. They are either deceived, blind or just the most ignorant and most grotesque people on the planet. The reason I say all of this is because they do everything they can to advance racism in this country. As long as people like this are supposedly role models to many of our youth, we are in trouble. I am. It going to watch the nba or ever again until these folks can start standing for the right causes and stop sitting on their butts for the wrong ones. I am in good company with tens millions of other silent majority. Just sit back watch it all backfire on these professional leagues. We are the fans who pay your salary, no longer. We consider you guys non essential.

  20. Michael Hunter says:

    These dumb spoons are paid to either bounce a ball or throw one!!! Have no business discussing systemic oppression as rich and privileged as they are!!! Now STFU and entertain us like you are supposed too!!!

  21. Michael Hunter says:

    These dumb spoons are paid to either bounce a ball or throw one!!! Have no business discussing systemic oppression as rich and privileged as they are!!! Now STFU and entertain us like you are supposed too!!!

  22. Mo says:

    Fuck the racist comments….these are rich proud to be black brothers and y’all poor white trailer park trash. I bet y’all sisters and mommas would marry these brothers and y’all would call them daddy.

  23. Virginia says:

    I’m a 70 yr old woman loved my sports and now these ungrateful idiots have ruined our pass times of our great sports.Don’t give a shit if you play again and won’t watch either..You guys can’t even play Fair get it.Morons.You’re all over paid !!!!

  24. Shawn says:

    This is exactly why we kneel. All we good for is making y’all money. So far as yoir comment’s. Maya Angelo said it best “If someone show you who they are believe them”. Haters!

  25. JGJ says:

    So many of these comments sound exactly like what I’ve read MLK, Jr. and Muhammad Ali went through at the height of their fights for Civil Rights. Each is now seen in a different light. If I could predict the future I believe these fighters for Social Justice and Equality will be seen the same way and hailed as heroes. All of this hate because people refuse to put themselves in the other man’s shoes or worse yet…all of this hate, further supporting the advancement and continuation of Racism…because somehow it keeps you comfortable….Kaep, CP3, King James keep fighting for the voiceless and the oppressed…because it’s event no one wants to listen to them….force them to hear you!!!

  26. Hope says:


  27. Del says:

    If you have to put a color in front of those two words…
    There is only one Race,
    The Human!

    Also, taking knee or kneeling down during singing of National Anthem is disrespectful, lack of patriotism. common sense will tell you that, because even young kids were taught that basic things in school.

  28. Mz Jazzy says:

    SPORTS .



  29. Anonymous says:

    Fuck them both

  30. Anonymous says:

    Don’t care much for LeBron James, but there is a whole lot of hate, here, in the comment gallery, I gather, by a whole bunch of racist white folks!

  31. Tim says:

    Tebow was not kicked out of the NFL. He was not good enough as a player to remain in the NFL. His religious convictions, as goofy as they are, had nothing to do with his not getting signed.
    LeBron James is one of the top 5 players of all time and is a great choice for a spokesperson to lead the fight in the NBA for racial justice.
    And one last point: the USA has always been a racist nation..

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