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‘Lookin 21’: Ashanti Rewinds the Hands of Time with This Natural Beauty Video

Ashanti is looking younger than ever these days and fans are dying to know what her secret is to achieve ageless beauty.

The 39-year-old crooner showcased her flawless looks to her 5 million followers on Monday, Aug. 31, in a video selfie that left them stumped. In the clip, the glowing diva appeared to be dressed casually in a tie-dye hoodie and opted for a minimal makeup look— only wearing lipstick.

“Matte lip & hoops check in…. ✨,” Ashanti wrote via Instagram.

Ashanti shows off natural look. @ashanti/Instagram

The fresh-faced beauty also wore her hair in a sleek bun and jazzed up her look with gold hoop earrings and pendants. While taking the video selfie, Ashanti turned her head from side to side to show off her radiant skin.

More than 128,000 people viewed the clip and raved over her beauty. Fans also couldn’t believe how youthful Ashanti looked.

“So Ashanti is just going to not age huh? Just get finer with time huh?!” An IG user commented. “Okay, I can dig it! 😍❤️”

“Clear face and hoops🙌🏾 yassssss,” someone else added. “Natural look so underrated ❤.”

One person joked and wrote, “You must drink Jesus cause 🗣LAWD😫😍😂 you so fine.”

“You beautiful you don’t age or some @ashanti,” an admirer wrote. “You lookin like you could be 21 still 😻❤️.”

One fan also went wild over the R&B artist’s flawless skin and urged her to drop a skin-care routine.

The “Rain on Me” singer told the Jamaica Observer in 2015 that she has a beauty regime she follows each day to help her achieve good-looking skin.

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

“Definitely have to wash my face, tone and then moisturise with my creams. And apply body lotion. There’s Epicuren Extra Fine Citrus Facial Scrub, it’s amazing; it really, really is! They need to cut me a cheque for this plug,” said Ashanti.

The songstress has expressed that she actually prefers to sport her natural beauty or a minimal amount of makeup compared to the glamorous makeup looks fans are used to seeing her wear all the time. She said she feels most beautiful when she’s “just hanging; no make-up; ponytail and sweats. When you can still kill without all that make-up on… yeah.”

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