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San Antonio Police Admit They Wrongfully Arrested Black Jogger Now Charged with Assaulting an Officer

Mathias Ometu, 33, was out for a jog on Tuesday in San Antonio, Texas, when he was approached by police, arrested, and shoved into the back of a patrol car. Police have admitted that Ometu is not the criminal suspect they were looking for.

Mathias Ometu and his father Victor Ometu. (Photo: KENS 5 YouTube screenshot)

When Ometu was approached by police at around 2 p.m. while out jogging on Aug. 25, he refused to provide officers with his name and date of birth. According to Texas law, it is legal for an individual to withhold this information from police if they are not arrested or operating a motor vehicle at the time.

San Antonio police were looking for an armed suspect who had been involved in a felony family violence call nearby and said Ometu matched the suspect’s description.

“The information that they relayed out to other officers responding to the scene was that the male had fled the location and was wearing a bright green shirt and shorts,” an SAPD spokesperson said. Ometu can be seen wearing a light green T-shirt and shorts in a cellphone video a bystander shot of the man’s encounter with the police.

Following a verbal exchange, Ometu was handcuffed and told to get into the patrol car. Officers say that during this time, Ometu became “aggressive,” so they detained him.

Two officers claim Ometu kicked them during the struggle.

The female victim of the family violence incident arrived at the scene and confirmed to officers that Ometu was not the man who had assaulted her.

However, Ometu was still transported to San Antonio Municipal Court, where officers discovered his identity, and placed him under arrest for two counts of assaulting an officer.

Mathias Ometu. (Photo: KENS 5 YouTube Screenshot)

Ometu has no criminal record. His father, Victor Ometu, responded to video footage of his son’s arrest, which was taken by a witness named Jennifer Rodriguez, saying: “It was a very painful experience of watching it. Extremely painful.”

He says he cannot remember a time when his son has interacted with police before.

Victor Maas, the boyfriend of Rodriguez, spoke critically of the officers’ actions. “It reaffirmed that cops do not de-escalate situations,” he said. It was shocking how quickly they wanted to get into a fight with a fellow citizen, and how they used their badge and guns to escalate the situation.”

Rodriguez said Ometu’s only crime was “jogging while Black.”

On Thursday, Aug. 27, the police department issued a statement saying the incident was under review. Sgt. Michelle Ramos, an SAPD spokeswoman, said the whole situation could have been prevented had Ometu cooperated with the officers, and accused critics of being “hypersensitive.”

“I understand that everyone is hypersensitive with everything going on in the country. The officers legally detained the individual and if he believes that officers stopped him for no apparent reason — he can always file a complaint with our Internal Affairs Unit,” Ramos wrote in an email.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that when Ometu asked to have an attorney appointed on his behalf during an court appearance shortly after he was charged, the judge assigned him a lawyer who had died in 2011, a situation that was rectified after the newspaper inquired about the appointment. Ometu posted bail Thursday after spending two days at Bexer County Jail.

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52 thoughts on “San Antonio Police Admit They Wrongfully Arrested Black Jogger Now Charged with Assaulting an Officer

  1. Anonymous says:

    When the police gonna understand we don’t have to cooperate with you MF’ers…The moment officers open they mouth that’s when I INVOKE MY 5th Amendment Right

  2. Cindy Schmidt says:

    ‘He should have cooperated with police’. I am SICK of this mindset. After the VICTIM appeared and cleared him, he SHOULD have been immediately released and received a sincere apology.
    Instead, he is arrested for standing up for his rights as a citizen of the state, and refused to let himself be bullied by the officers. THE POLICE HAS THE MINDSET THAT ‘RESISTING’ IS AN INSULT, and when so many black people are ‘mysteriously’ injured or killed in custody- why do you expect anyone to ‘come along quietly?

  3. Payne says:

    So why was he still taken down to jail after the victim told the police that was was not the suspect?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is the reason people are protesting . Stop protecting bad officers , get rid if them. They no longer can be trusted.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. LaTanya Smith says:

    I did nothing. Although have a Court date of September 17, 2020 at 8:30am at the Phenix City, Alabama Police Dept
    2nd Floor. For Months I had been Harassed by then non Black Neighbors. Who called me the N word, Cunt and Female Dog. Including mimicked the death of Floyd and Aubrey. Brandished their Forearm and Jumping in the back of their Truck Filming I was chased and followed by the Neighbor driving the F-150 Truck. The individuals would follow 3 feet behind me. On two occasions sped 3 Feet in front of me. With once almost running me over. They followed after me walking or either in their Automobiles. Trying to provoke me into a fight. I was threatened 3 times with a Gun. Once the Gun was brought out and placed on the hood of the Truck. I heard the Gun as it was placed on the hood of the Truck. The other threats were verbal. One after the Neighbor blocked the Driveway. Preventing the Church Bus from passing. My Guest who are of African American Descent felt threatened each time they visited. The Neighbor Protested in front of my then Trailer. Yelling White Supremacy MF and that his Grandfather was a KKK. He also said that he was going to get his Girlfriend to plummet me. I was arrested. On the day of the Arrest. The Driveway was blocked. So that I could not return to my then Trailer. The same Phenix City, Alabama Police Officer. Who came out to Protect me days prior, arrested me. I did nothing. But finally spoke up and let the Harasser know. That his mama was a Female Dog. After Months of being called one and a Cunt. The male Neighbor exclaimed that his Mama was dead. Apparently, okay to call me a Female Dog and scream out other obscenities.

  7. Anonymous says:

    These motherfuckers always have an excuse after doing a bad job. The don’t like to apologize, and that’s why they are hated by so many. #defund

  8. LaTanya Smith says:

    There are many verbal threats in which my ex Male Neighbor and his Girlfriend made. I witnessed the Girlfriend attack her alleged Children Father. While he tried to walk away from her, Law Enforcement come out and put him in Handcuffs and make him sit on the ground and listened to the Boyfriend talk about beating up his Girlfriends brother. Talk about Jungle Fever, that he was going to F all of them up before, they left out of the Trailer and mention, Then say, I just don’t like N ×××××s. I did not want to be bothered. With a Female like that. I stayed my distance. I witnessed the Female stand outside of her Vehicle and pound the Metal part of her Vehicles window. They pounded on things Early Mornings, Shot guns and participated in other nonsensical acts of Harassment. I was Arrested why.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Straight up Kidnapping. That’s what the KKK used to do to Black before beating and hanging them without anyone knowing. What the different. Are we still America Slaves in 2020.

  10. Andy says:

    If this was an illegal arrest then you have the right to defend yourself on an illegal arrest and this is more of a kidnapping at this point so whatever happened is not his fault.

  11. norma says:

    How in the heck the judge appoints a lawyer that has been dead for 9 years is beyond disbelief. So in other words they didn’t care if he was released or not. This crap had to stop !!!!

  12. donna quinta says:

    This why black men are terrified of getting into a police black man, INNOCENT OF THE FELONY ..Now has had to spend time in jail..charged with a serios felony..his whole life disrupted. The court did not even give him an active court appointed attorney..a man just out jogging..minding his own business..and people want to blame a man of color for NOT wanting to trust his life and safety in the custody of a white legal system.

  13. Leonard says:

    In America…it’s called terrorist

  14. Anonymous says:

    Intentionally stopped this young man to racially profile him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yep! Another example of black lives do not matter. The officer in the video escalated the problem by shoving violently the man into the back of the police car.
    This mans boundaries, right and dignity were violated. If it happened to me I would’ve been furious. No one has a right to touch me unless I allow it. He was not a criminal but he was treated as a criminal. He was an innocent man abused by those officers. He was show no respect at all. He asked me he had the right to be in raged by the way he was treated. What I seen in the video was handcuffed standing calmly Probably trying to reason with the officer. Probably trying to explain to him how you got the wrong man. But they just assume they had the right man. He was black he was wearing a green shirt. So it was him. Another officer messed up.

  16. Njene schilling says:

    Just BS all around…
    Cops don’t really care, they are going to get their arrest quota at all cost, innocence be damned!
    Cooperate they’re still going to find som trumped up reason to detain you😠😠😠

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is a disease called racism that has infected America since inception.

  18. How about a public apology by the arresting officers, and a huge financial compensation to the Man they wrongfully arrested and held in Jail even after they were told he was not the man that committed the crime. Losing your freedom is a thing that is not suppose to happen to innocent people. As far as the Judge appointing a DEAD Lawyer to defend the accused just made the whole incident tragic. Update your list of Lawyers Judge. That just slowed the entire quest for justice. Once the accused was identified to not be the culprit he should have been released with any record of his arrest being expunged immediately! Now pay him for his loss and embarrassment that should not even be a question about.

  19. Gregory says:

    Two types of JUSTICE in the US of A

  20. Anonymous says:

    Two types of JUSTICE in the US of A

  21. Anonymous says:

    Investigate the corrupted Police

  22. Franklin ray says:

    The court BS the court will dude with the bigots cops! Blacks have no justice in the white courts! Happy he wasn’t killed for resisting! The only happy ending he will be found guilty of Assaulting a law-enforcement officer and given a criminal record for the rest of his life for jogging while black

  23. Melissa says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. The cops should be apologizing instead of continuing to accuse with saying he needed to tell them who he was. He was probably scared to death to be in a situation like this. And then he had to spend 2 days in jail and post bail???!!! Insane!!!!He should’ve been released immediately and profusely apologized to. I think the cops are mad at African Americans and even if they’re DEAD WRONG they want to arrest someone who did nothing I believe in retaliation for the protests going on. I’m furious at this and so should others!!

  24. ScoBra says:

    He had a right to not provide info ..
    BluLine had the right/obligation to arrest him. ..

  25. Jackie Samuels says:

    Yes we are hyper sensitive because of the mistreatment we receive. It is not only what is said but how it’s said. He was a suspect before he was a citizen. I am glad he lived to tell his story and to have his day in court.

  26. Emma j says:

    These police are geting worst they have to be stoped.I’m hoping they don’t get the surprise of their life one day .

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    This was very sensitive to a lot of black men’s in this city instead of during there job looking for the accused person. They harassed a black man and humiliated him just cause they have a badge I know the police was Hispanic

  29. Eddie says:

    Systemic CASTE SYSTEM rooted IN AMERICA’s Sin, SLAVERY.

  30. Steve Hobbs says:

    I understand his frustration at being stopped, once again with the appearance of being a Black Male. However, he also could have helped diffuse the situation by giving his name and birthdate, by cooperation rather then agitation.

  31. DH stein says:

    Once again the police stopped what they thought was a suspect. The man resisted arrest and you wanna blame the two police officers for escalating the situation. Seriously the man committed a crime when he assaulted the officers but the officers are at fault because he happens to be a black gentleman.

    You people that print this kind of stuff and use it against the police are as much a criminal as most of the people they arrest. You are not what the first amendment is all about. Lying, illuminating information and being downright un-American. Why don’t you call Nancy Pelosi and tell her I said this to you?

  32. Yvonne says:

    Hold cops liable for their misconduct and racism. It is disgusting how they treat people ESPECIALLY poc.

  33. Jennifer says:

    All charges should’ve been dropped. If it is a law there to legally not give your name then they had no right to detain him without confirming his identity. They could’ve explained why they were asking and then maybe he would’ve become more forthcoming. When the victim confirmed it wasnt him they should’ve released him then. Now he is out money he should’ve never had to spend because we know they wont give it back to him but once he Sue’s them for wrongful arrested they’ll be giving him way more than what he payed.

  34. Vizion Jackson says:

    So this man lost two days of his freedom for nothing more than jogging?!? Why is this ok with anyone and if they can do to him then they can treat anyone this way and justify it. It’s wrong and beyond understanding!!

  35. Levi M Straw says:


  36. Alane says:

    When will this stop it’s already 2020 or can we expect this up to 2040 and beyond here in America? Or it it only during the Trump Administration???????

  37. Jogging while black ? What does that have to do with anything? It is only inferring as to jogging While black means to me that he was out there jogging while black looking for some kind of crime to commit? Jogging while black, out from her own mouth?

  38. Helen Mansanto says:

    Texas is a very racists state especially the cops. These officers saw a black man and decides tbe rule does not apply and ehen confronted with their so call mistake de ide je will pay one way or the other. Don’t expect justice.

  39. A true amarican says:

    City needsbto drop the charges and pay this guyvoff for his police abuse. Cops rolling up on you like silver back gorrillas and then expect to be forgiven for “Doing there jobs” well if that is your job then you suck at it and i hope someone aim above your chest.

  40. Daryl Benge says:

    I guess if he would have given his name and DOB to police, all of this could have been avoided?

  41. Black men are always blamed when it is evident that the cops were wrong by operating in their feelings of superiority!!! It is as right and plain that when the victim said that it wasn’t him. That should have ended the police’s interaction, with an apology. Being Mr. Ometu hadn’t broken any laws he should’ve been free to go at that time!

  42. James says:

    Wearing shorts in San Antonio in August! Definitely suspicious!

  43. Kenneth says:

    I believe that when officers are stopping or detaining citizens and its the right of each citizen to ask the officer or officers ” why am i being stopped?” But most cops feel that the power of the badge that they do not have to tell citizens why they are being stopped.I believe if you stop a law abiding person what they are being sto for or why , they would be more inclined to cooperate.

  44. April says:

    It is very sad that Law Enforcement spokespeople are alway responding with “This could all have been prevented if he/she would have just cooperated”. Why should we cooperate with having a rights continuously violated. Why should we just accept being demeaned and disrespected. Why should we just remain silent while you kill us.

  45. jerrychambers says:

    He’s fortunate to be alive but so much has been lost for no reason. He doesn’t get the bond reimbursement nor the two days of activity while being mailed back ! There is a better way but, the police refuse to act on it. Africans are guilty until proven innocent !

  46. Anonymous says:

    Yeah don’t bother contacting Internal Affairs if it’s not like a drug corruption or embezzlement or sexual harassment case against an officer they’ll tell you quit wasting our time

  47. J reeves says:

    Yeah don’t bother contacting Internal Affairs if it’s not like a drug corruption or embezzlement or sexual harassment case against an officer they’ll tell you quit wasting our time

  48. James says:

    So U.S.Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer apply? GOD given and Human Rights do not apply? So the State and the Police have more rights than the Citizens?
    Why have Bill of Rights and Constitution if Citizens can not exercise their freedoms and rights? So not answering questions or complying with Police State results in arrest and violence started by the State!!! Freedom of speech is now under attack depending on who you are or the political party supported! America is better than this crap!!!

  49. J.Gray says:

    Bullshit!…There are hundreds if not thousands of black men setting in prisons falsely accused because they complied. They should have got their facts in order before they attacked this man and escalated the situation to the point where he believed his freedom was being stripped away..

  50. John Smith says:

    It is true that Mr Ometo could be a little more cooperative. But once he was identified..why didn’t police let him go? Why did they have to put up a made up charges about him kicking the police? The police has more wrong doing in this case…

  51. Ajax Smith says:

    Under taxes law, no one has an obligation to identify themselves to the police unless they are driving a motor vehicle or have been arrested.
    Clearly this safeguard does not apply to black people.
    The 5th amendment does not apply to black people.
    America is not a free country for black people.
    America is not democratic for black people.
    So why do black people still serve in the army for a country that does not serve them?
    The fact that they are willing to explains why they are still treated the way they are. If you behave like an uncle tom kneegrow, the police will treat you like a kneegrow. Because as far as America is concerned, the fact you still serve in the army means you like being treated like a slave.

  52. Anonymous says:

    This is absolute garbage, this is exactly why police officers should be stopped, and I mean stopped….we are not a society of complicit response, that is not what this country was founded on nor has it ever been ingrained in our psyche….we fight back when people do us wrong, we fight back when people make accusations or intend ill will upon us….you so called servants of the law, are no different than the people you arrest, you have an enormous amount of power that you abuse daily….I think it’s time the people put a stop to this, you are not the gestapo or the KGB…you serve us, we put you there, we can take your positions of power away….a time is coming when, where force will be met with force, I only hope I never see that time

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