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California Couple Harassed By Cops While Doing Inventory After Store Hours, Officers Leave After White Man Vouches for Them: ‘That’s All I Needed to Know’

A Black business owner got into a heated argument with a California policeman after officers demanded he proved he had a right to be in his store after business hours.

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Friday at the Yema clothing store in the Northern California town of Tiburon, California, according to The Marin Independent Journal. Yema Khalif was going through inventory with his wife Hawi Awash and a friend when they noticed a Tiburon police cruiser drive by the store at least three times before it parked. After about 20 minutes, the officer approached Khalif, demanded identification and questioned why they were in the store.

A Black business owner got into a heated argument with a California policeman after officers demanded he proved he had a right to be in his store after business hours. (Screenshot: YemaCalif/Instagram)

Khalif spoke with the unidentified officer, whom Awash remembered as “a little bit aggressive and suspicious,” she told The Ark. The entrepreneur eventually asked to speak to the cop’s supervisor.

The officer told Khalif he already requested backup. A few minutes later, Sgt. Michael Blasi and another officer arrived. The couple’s friend began recording while Blasi and her husband were talking.

“What’s the problem? There are three Black people in the store — what’s the problem with that?” Khalif asked as Blasi walked up. Blasi brushed off the question and explained the officer approached them because they were there at an unusual time.

“This street closes at 9 o’clock at night and there’s never anybody in here,” Blasi said. “This isn’t regular business hours, there’s no customers in there. Is it your store that’s all we want to know? I want to know what you’re doing in the store at 1 o’clock in the morning.”

Blasi asked Khalif to prove he owned the store by using a key or providing identification. He refused and they kept arguing. At one point, the sergeant told Khalif he “should be grateful” the police are “diligent” about protecting the community.

“The next time I come here and there are three totally different people in here — I don’t care what color they are — three people in your store at 3 o’clock in the morning, do you want us to walk by and not do anything?” Blasi asked.

The argument continued until a neighbor yelled from his balcony that Khalif owned the store.

“Thank you very much, that’s all I need to know,” Blasi said before walking away. One of the other officers asked Khalif to put his key in the door and was rebuffed because the issue was settled.

The Ark identified the neighbor as Ken Johnson, a white man. Johnson was awakened by the commotion and decided to get involved because he feared it could take a turn for the worst.

“How they don’t know Yema is beyond me,” he said. “It looked like they were harassing him and I thought, ‘This has gone on for several minutes.’ It just felt like it was going to progress into something ugly.”

Blasi’s willingness to listen to Johnson was “the icing on the cake,” for Khalif.

“A Black man cannot be in this space in this particular hour and say, ‘I’m OK, no need to be talking to you, move along. A Black man cannot say that, but a white man can,” he said.

Police Chief Michael Cronin said the town plans to hire an independent attorney to investigate the incident. Blasi and the other officers will continue to work during the investigation.

Mayor Alice Fredericks apologized on Saturday in an email distributed to community members.

“Whatever the intention of the responding offices, the interchange inappropriately deteriorated from helpful to confrontational,” Fredericks wrote. “Tiburon police officers are trained and held to the highest standards of conduct. A key component of that training is the expectation that our officers will utilize de-escalation techniques in situations like there. It is clear that did not occur in this instance.”

The confrontation left the couple “traumatized.” Khalif is from Kenya and has been living in the town for nine years. He and Awash, who is from Ethiopia, opened their store in February.

“After it was over I was shaking,” Awash told The Marin Independent Journal. “My whole body was shaking and I could not make it stop. It was fear. It came from knowing that in one split second they could end someone’s life.”

“I could have been another statistic, I could have been another George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, but I did not take the bait,” Khalif told The Ark. “The next day when I woke up, I was like, ‘Holy s—t, what just happened?’”

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314 thoughts on “California Couple Harassed By Cops While Doing Inventory After Store Hours, Officers Leave After White Man Vouches for Them: ‘That’s All I Needed to Know’

  1. Greg says:

    Fuck you new people tte police are just doing there job and you guys are trying to make it about race. All Black people want to do is fight and argue with police and make it about race! They would’ve stopped and did the same thing if the people were a different race like the cop said and you fucking new people are just dividing people with your bullshit news!

  2. Fred Rickson says:

    I’m about as liberal as it gets, yet I feel the owners should be happy the cops stopped, and just do what they asked. Karen’s, maybe?

  3. Ingrid Snook says:

    We need to take active steps to get racist people out of law enforcement. If they’re supposed to be a cut above they need to prove it.

  4. Lauren says:

    This story is bullshit. All the had to do is comply with the police request. With all the looting going on I don’t think they were being unreasonable. Color of any of the people involved was not necessary. Stories like this just cause more problems. Find some real news to report

  5. Khrice says:

    It’s good they addressed this issue right away in order to protect them from future Harrassment and highlight those cops, that treated them with confrontation unlawful , and racial profiling. And possible violence.

  6. Gus says:

    A new normal. For citizens to fear cops murdering them. And for anyone that says it was as easy as saying “this is my store”, why was t it then? Why was it easier for a white man to yell from his balcony for the police to heed and walk away? Why wasn’t it enough for the black man to do the same and get the same results? Because they’re racists who do t care one bit about the mayor stating the department is held to a higher standard. They don’t care about the “de-escalation training” they receive. They don’t have any use for anything other than racist authoritarianism and abusive bullying that leads to murder… The use of their weapons is what cops yearn for now…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the police

  8. Anonymous says:

    Come on, let’s not be stupid. Give them ID and thank them

  9. JM says:

    Wow! Why do everybody have to be antagonistic? I have dark skin, I support BLM and I owned a clothes shop once. If a cop checks up on my store at 3AM and see me going through merchandise, I would gladly show him my ID or key like he asked, get his name and thank him for protecting my livelihood. Next time he sees me, he will recognize me and we will call each other by our first names. No need for arguments, no need to prolong the encounter. Let’s not stereotype and give mutual respect. Nothing good comes when everybody is hostile.

  10. Peggy Van der Horst says:

    There are cops who just don’t get it. Would they have done this to a White couple. Tiburon, rich, white and privileged. How could it be possible that people of color could ever afford to own a business in white Tiburon. Shame on you.

  11. Brian Duncan says:

    Screw your bullshit narrative. As a former business owner, I would love it when police stopped after or before business hours to check on “other than routine activity”. These people were true Aholes looking for free publicity and perpetuating the problems. The owner was reasonably asked to provide proof of ownership. Damn, just stick the key in the door, morn.

  12. Brian Duncan says:

    Screw your bullshit narrative. As a former business owner, I would love it when police stopped after or before business hours to check on “other than routine activity”. These people were true Aholes looking for free publicity and perpetuating the problems. The owner was reasonably asked to provide proof of ownership. Damn, just stick the key in the door, moron.

  13. Tonya Silver says:

    Let’s just be honest versus trying to justify the racism by the standard ‘all he had to do was respect and comply with the officers’. If there had been three white people in the store, the owners would have been robbed because the officers would have assumed they were the owners conducting inventory! But, because it’s unbelievable that ‘they let’ a black man own anything, he was automatically a criminal. But, they took the word of the white man. Ok

  14. Non story says:

    Non story

  15. Anonymous says:

    As Blacks we live like this daily having to explain our existence and prove we have a right to live. It’s not the ideal kind of life but never the less Blacks are treated with a different kind of respect we get none

  16. Brinda Hill says:

    If he had only proved he was the owner by showing his key, like the officers asked. This is very biased on the part of the business owner he immediately saw discrimination. As for the man confirming he was the owner, I doubt it would have mattered what color he was. Just someone to confirm. I’m not seeing fault in the police who were only trying to do their job. They were breaking the curfew, that “incident” was because of the owner NOT cooperating with the police. Do we really want to live in a country without law and order??

  17. BigMike says:

    With the cops. Maybe someone will loot his shop and the cops should just walk away so as not to offend. Maybe cops should stop responding to any black on black crime to avoid appearance of racism. BLM would like that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The police need to get involved in the community.

  19. Bea says:

    Showing ID or using your key in the door were not unreasonable asks in an area hit by disaster. Maybe the officers were rude, but de-escalation needs effort on both sides.

  20. Phyllis says:

    Why didn’t you just COMPLY when They asked for ID? You always got a prove some thing! Typical of those people!

  21. Peter verney says:

    The store owner should simply provide ID or show the key works. That makes sense. Why not cooperate?

  22. Sal Z says:

    The questions the officers asked were reasonable.
    The owner turned it racial.
    Put your key in the door and they leave.
    Or would you rather the cops ignore strange people in your store at 1am?

  23. Jacqueline says:

    Geez, everyone makes everything about race, no wonder we can’t get along. If the cop had just driven on by and it had been someone robbing the place they would have made that about race too.

  24. paul says:

    These police officers may have been trained but they are not held to the highest standards of conduct. If they were they would no longer be police officers.
    All lives matter not just blue lives.

  25. Steve Watson says:

    The problem is…..Law enforcement that does not know their community, or does not care who lives in the community.

  26. Mary says:

    Well given the state of events happening in this country, you can thank the thugs for anyone’s presence to be questioned. They have set the atmosphere aflame and are now upset by the heightened intensity of officers? What do you expect? I am going to be very suspicious and armed because of what’s happening, shouldn’t have set the country in harms way, we will use judgement to protect what is ours.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    My home alarm went off one evening because a door blew open in the wind. I arrived home before the police. I told the officer the latch was tricky and sometimes it wouldn’t catch properly. He accepted my story and then asked me to prove I was a resident of that home. I showed him my Driver’s license. Frankly, I am glad he asked for ID because any burglar could make up the same story. I don’t know why the shop owner refused the request. Oh, yeah, I’m white.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That is just the scariest, raises you’re heartbeat 💓 type of story! story

  30. Pam says:

    Why didn’t he just say who he was and let the officer know he was the owner. Three people inside a store at 1am! Somebody would have to do some quick explaining. It didn’t matter what color they were. I would drive right on by if I was that officer if that situation came around again. If he had of been shot then it would have been on.

  31. Carla says:

    With everything going on with riots, looting, and such I would be appreciative for the police checking on this since there was a curfew. The store owners could have also informed the police or city they were gonna be there for inventory instead of giving them (the police) a hard time.

  32. Pam Rampersad says:

    This is so unfair you cannot be black and own a business this goes so far in the History of this country but we still keep coming here to work and pay taxes then get harrassed because we got something go figure

  33. Anonymous says:

    Too much ado about nothing. Put the damn key in door, show your i.d. then show the store license or mail or anything else which proves who & why.
    Drama & hysteria too good to ignore. Throw in black people & you’ve got a winning argument to further hamstring the cops.

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Phyllis Glover Cucchiani says:

    A lot of this will stop once a police person is put behind bars for excessive force. They don’t even share the records. Government act like the Catholic church, moving the bad eggs can just go up the road and get hired.

  36. Darlene says:

    What will it take for another race than WHITE to feel belonged to a country filled with diversity who doesn’t accept them. GOD

  37. Ramon Sanchez says:

    Far to many punks becoming kops, and many come in with racists attitudes. The strange thing is Black cops are totally different, now only if they stood up.

  38. Carmen Quiles says:

    Being Hispanic, if I’m ask for identification from a police officer, I will offered right away, a polite manner. That will save me lots of headaches and maybe troubles. I’m seeing lots of refusal and arguing, resulting in arresting people or even worse consequences. Let’s try to be more positive in helping out with the bad potatoes 🥔 in the service out there. Being part of the solution to the problem is better, than adding fuel to it. Remember always carry proper identification, no matter where your go. ✝️

  39. Val says:

    It’s sad to know that are skin color makes us the target. The Men in Blue operate without a consequence because they will never have consequences to their actions.

  40. Nancy D’agostino says:

    Why didn’t he show them the key or ID??
    He is the one with an attitude. Also, the cop should have been trained to defuse rather than get upset. Both need to get better.
    WE are all in this together. Bunch of hot heads!!!

  41. Barney says:

    Why would you be doing inventory at 0100 hours and more than likely being the only business in that area operating during those hours. That would be unusual and maybe abnormal for that city. Color and race is not the factor but merely the facts as stated.

  42. philo says:

    Keep stoking those fires all racial hatred, this story is a joke and you know it.

  43. Not anti-police.
    It is anti-police brutality and an unwillingness to listen.

    That you let a neighbor, a white neighbor vouch for them says it all.

  44. Jen says:

    Police are doing a random check!!! Store owners have the attitude!!!!

  45. Patricia Monreal-Polk says:

    We need to go after Police Unions and Faternal Orders who promote the behavior, not just the cities.

  46. Dr. Tim ADAMS Th D says:

    RACISM is the worst Crisis in the UNITED z

  47. The Cop said, “Thank you very much, that’s all I need to know,” Blasi said before walking away.

    Wrong! The owner told you, but you weren’t listening. It’s not about should you stop if people are in the store after closing hours. It’s about why you do when you get there.

    Officer Blasi, you looked but you did not see.

  48. Jack Faircloth says:

    That incident is typical for Black peoples interaction with police. Blacks are immediately suspected as criminals and our words are sufficient for an explanation but a white persons is. That is why we are protesting. We are tired of being vilified just because of the color of our skin. I hope White America wake up before this does escalate to the civil war some White people are hoping for.

  49. Terry says:

    Follow the laws. They asked for id show it. Only a criminal would act this way. I would rather they stop and make sure my store was ok. Traumatized for disobeying the police, your fault.

  50. Joshua says:

    “I could have been another statistic” You could have just offered the friendly officer some form of identification, he was just trying to protect YOUR store.

  51. Val says:

    I think everyone is to blame
    The cops don’t trust the owner
    And the owner has a deep hate of the cops or they would have complied at the beginning

  52. Denis Martin says:

    You people are looking for a fight! I would glad the police are checking on my store and show a little appreciation for watching efforts. Next time someone could be robbing you. . .then you could complain the police are not doing their job.

  53. J Busby says:

    Cops are in fear of their lives too! Yes, they could have done it differently, but this has happened to me as a white person. They are on edge until they’re sure you’re not going to blow their heads off. That’s all.

  54. Vanessa says:

    Why couldn’t the store owners just show their ID they would have been on their way. The police are just trying to do their job, if it was employees of the business owners wiping their inventory out they would want the police to intervene and not just walk by. Everyone wants to get confrontational instead of just listening and follow instructions.

  55. Sue says:

    Looks like the business owners would be grateful that the police are watching out for their business. They should be arrested for not showing them that he is the owner. Not understanding why all of these situations turn into stories for the media. Ungrateful!! Hire your own security and do not call them when you have a robbery. This is NOT harassment!!!!!

  56. Michele says:

    Why didn’t the owner just put the key in the door like asked to prove he owned it? Why did the owner try to cause a scene? With all of the riots and looting I. Cities, the owner should have been glad that the police were wArching out for just store. Just hope that next time when you are broken into, that they want to help you !

  57. Frank says:

    It is a profound and disturbing account of yet more white racism in this country’s police departments. Would they have reacted the way they did to this African couple, with a white one? The answer is NO! Defund, and tear down the old police system. Fire everyone including the good cops. Because they’re complicit. And start over again.

  58. Ron Aymett says:

    Unbelievable! The police chief and the first two officers should be fired with no benefits at all! Complete unacceptable o

  59. Sounds like the chief of police needs to assign those officer to foot patrol, walking to each of those businesses, meeting the owners face to face during regular business hours. And when they get to this store, a profound apology is in order.

  60. David M says:

    If the officer asked me for identification or to use my key in the door to demonstrate I was the owner, I would. Why woudn’t I.
    This gentleman immigated to the U.S. from another country. I would like to know how police in this country respond when someone refuses a simple request as this officer did.
    This business owner with his belligerent attitude was not making it easy on the officer. I am white and I would never act this way towards an officer just doing his job – protecting life and property.

  61. Lynn says:

    Why didn’t they just tell them they owned the store and use his key to show them? That’s all that was asked of them. In my opinion, the store owner caused the escalation.

  62. Jaybo says:

    So all he needed to do was show that he had a key to the door and it would be settled. He refused. I would have been thanking the police for looking out for my property.

  63. Josephbillante says:

    So now people are getting mad when a cop is doing his duty. Because he stopped at 1:00 in the morning because there are three people in a store after hours when every store is being looted and burned. What the hell is wrong with you people. Boy there damned if they do and damned if they don’t. There truly is no helping some people.

  64. Tchala says:

    We’re just out here Protecting “OUR COMMUNITY” Exactly! What Community is it that you’re speaking of? Racist Much?

  65. CB says:

    That cop Blasi knew he waa in the wrong because he got caught in a lie! He said quote, “the next time I come by here and there are three totally different people in YOUR stoe at 3 o’clock in the morning, do you want us to do nothing? So he knew he was just harrassing them for no reason!

  66. Ellen says:

    WHITE cops, YOU are NOT a HERO to everyone. YOU are the “BOOGIE man and terrify people, guess which ones?

  67. Carol says:

    The fact that the officer immediately believed the white neighbor illustrates perfectly why the business owner had every right to be angry. This happened in 2020 in the San Francisco Bay Area – one of the most diverse metro areas in the country. Do you think racism isn’t alive and well? Think again.

  68. Concerned american says:

    So this is a bad thing that he’s doing his job? Someone else vouched for them and he left. Stop making situations worse than they are with these stories

  69. Chuck West says:

    The police were just trying to verify that people in a retail store at an unusual hour were legitimate. The color of the persons was irrelevant. Simply using the key or showing identification would have ended this in a non-confrontational manner. Citizens have a duty to be co-operative without a chip on their shoulder just as the office has a duty to de-escalate. Why can’t we meet each other halfway.

  70. tim barnett says:

    Im white and i have worked for others and have had my own business when I was working late and LE (law enforcement) would require i prove to then I had a right to be there. These are all things we can make an issue with and easily make it look like it’s a black or white thing when its just a good cop doing his job. To the business owner if your so thin skined get over yourself and get help with your inferiority complex damn someone is looking out for you and you can’t see it will ya all wake up out there …..

  71. Sheryl says:

    Next time get your key out and open the damned door.. stop trying to protest and make them see your the owner ,,,,,,, why didn’t you just show them the key open the FING door and show them????? Take responsibility for your actions if you are the owner all you has to do is open the f’ing door!!!!!!!

  72. P A Turner says:

    Much ado about nothing. The next time burglars are in the building what is the chance cops will stop. Answer: zero.

  73. Anonymous says:

    AGAIN! The media trying to divide the public. Stop with the race baiting!

  74. Brad says:

    I find the story troubling, but not for the reason implied. It’s the cop’s job to check why people are in a store at 1 AM. He’s putting himself at risk trying to find out whether it’s on the up and up, or he’s interrupting a crime in progress. It didn’t end because the guy vouching for him was white, It ended because the guy vouching for him was the first person to act like an adult and answer the cop’s question.

  75. Jim swanson says:

    Officers should be given info on business permits on every business and should be instructed by their supervisors to go by everyone one of the businessis and meet and start a relationship with them. Officers should know who they’re serving. DUH!!!!! Whats wrong with that police chief. Its leadership failure. jim swanson

  76. Anonymous says:

    Should have thanked the cop for doing their job.

  77. Anonymous says:

    We as black people should start fighting kill one of our family members. We kill one of their family members. When they realized the price they have to pay they want be so fast to kill.

  78. JR says:

    It was 1am…I’m delighted that a police officer asked what was going on. FURTHER, the store owner was happy to drop the F-bomb several times while the officer was asking who they were. This had NOTHING to do with the color of the skin of the store owners. AND, the person on the street who knew the store owner and HAPPENED to be white, vouched for the store owner.

  79. Hal says:

    Another AH ! I don’t have to show you ID. If they had been burglars and said that and the cops left the headlines would read police abandon blackened business to looters!

  80. Anonymous says:

    What a terrible shame that foreigners are exposed to the racism so blatantly!!!

  81. Marcus says:

    So the cops are now back out on the street free to do this to another business owner? If these individuals were white this would not have happened! A very nice white person became involved and the officers took his word, my question; why did the officers did not believe the an was the owner when he used his key to unlock the door in front of the officers? Then another officer still wanted him to stick his key in the door, so they could arrest him after they jerked him away from the door??

  82. Jerry says:

    Here is another example of citizens refusing to cooperate with authorities. All the store owner had to do was put his key in the door or otherwise identify himself. Why are people so rebellious? This situation was escalated, not by the police officers, but by the uncooperative store owner. #BackTheBlue

  83. This is something I would like Black Trump Supporters to explain.Other White own businesses don’t have this problem. Cleaning and inventory usually take place after hours. If they had been Criminals, would they have been visible after the Police Cruiser passed by the first second or third time? You can’t be in your own home and not be bothered by Rogue Cops.

  84. Elfo says:

    Whenever a citizen doesn’t give an aggressive cop an answer they want and not act cowed by their authority, they lean towards escalation instead of deescalation.

  85. Joseph Benavides says:

    The shakes are real. I’m glad everyone walked away safely. Hopefully next time officers should really always remember de-escalate but if need be because they had no proper I.D. slowly ask for a way to identify.
    -Joseph Benavides
    Veteran Army Infantryman

  86. Sabrina says:

    All the owner had to do was show that he had a key to the door and it would have ended right there. Why must people be so confrontational and belligerent? The police were right … wouldn’t the store owner appreciate the police apprehending someone that DIDN’T belong there? What if those “baddies” said THEY owned the store? How are cops to know? Just cooperate and avoid escalation.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Stupid store owner, he can simply show identification but still argued.

  88. John Basile says:

    A policeman job is to protect life and property. While he was patrolling at three o’clock in the morning, he observed three individuals in a store and stopped to investigate. When the officer asked them to prove they were the owner of the store, they should have complied and there wouldn’t have been any problem.
    Instead of praising the officer for looking after their property, they refused to comply with his request!
    Here is an officer doing his duty in a professional manner, trying to determine if the store is being burglarized and he is being investigated as the bad guy!
    no wonder many good police officers are leaving the job. If things don’t change in supporting the police, the public will suffer!

  89. Steve says:

    As a business owner I’m these messed up times, I’d be happy if an officer checked on my store

  90. Steve says:

    As a business owner in these messed up times, I’d be happy if an officer checked on my store
    Even if I had to prove I was there for a good reason

  91. Mix says:

    Fuckjng niggers
    Be grateful they ever show up again when you are looted

  92. Anthony says:

    Those are some bad statistics to compare themselves to. Those were criminals and were up to no good. And did not comply with authority.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Usually black people get into arguments with white people because they feel that they’re being stressed no matter what emotionally black people got a big problem you know it’s not the white man’s problem they have hatred in their heart and then now they still keep trying to bring it on racism they don’t respect anybody

  94. Robert schmidt says:

    This guy should be grateful but he doesn’t know any better ?

  95. Jeffery Dunkin says:

    My opinion is that a lot of these white officers are getting more and more violent towards black people.

  96. Nope says:

    The only diligence these cops showed was in their ignorance and possible racism. Get to know your community, they own the damn store!

  97. Leola says:

    This feeling is far too common in America today. I’m glad he his wife didn’t even to die by a trigger happy officer.

  98. Andy says:

    The exact same thing happened to me. The officer asked me to prove I belonged there. Asked me to use a key. Personally I think it was good the police were looking out for the business. Happened in the Los Angeles area.

  99. Roger Starkey says:

    Would it have been too much trouble to do as the police officer ask and just put his key in the door The problem is no one wants to use common sense just do as they ask I have yet to see anyone hurt our shot by doing what they were ask it’s the ones that do not want to cooperate I and show respect the ends up in trouble

  100. Eldon Grant says:

    If that’s all you “need to know”, you obviously know next to nothing about real life, the Great American Dream, the constitution, human nature, what it takes to be successful at anything—other than making assumptions and acting on illogical emotion rather than fact…. and how to make huge problems out of trivia that you actually have so limited information, that no actual intelligent, free thinking, logical person could or would draw any conclusions about….
    I’d love to actual discuss that with you….

  101. Carla mckizzick says:

    This is totally racist and sickening. If they had made the wrong move they may have shot them. When is this shit going to stop in this country.?

  102. Pb says:

    I think the police were diligent seeking proof of ownership at an odd hour. It didn’t have anything to do with race when they acknowledged the input from the individual on the balcony. It was acknowledging someone other than the people in the store at an unusual hour. If it were my store, I’d want police to verify. Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions anymore; it’s ridiculous.

  103. Steve johnsin says:

    Another racial incident happening in the “liberal” Bay Area

  104. Vena says:

    We don’t need the assistance of the police anymore. They are not properly trained

  105. Joan Smith says:

    We are not going to get past this until the Black store owner and people equal to him understand that a little bit of cooperation goes a long way. “What are you doing here? I own the store. Can you prove it ? Yes I have the key. Let me show you. Ok… great have a good night. Thank you officer for looking out for my business”. Would have taken 5 minutes. But instead we have to get attorneys involved and supervisors and be in the newspaper. Stupid stupid stupid. How about if you all just chill.

  106. Jake G.P. says:

    Well, it doesnt help when people start arguing with the cops when they are doing their job and protecting property.

  107. Gunnar Dottrich says:

    Why not just put the dang key in the door? I know he shouldn’t have had to but it would have defused the situation. I would be happy to prove my innocence.

  108. Roxy says:

    This is ridiculous. This isnt a BLM thing

  109. Brian witesman says:

    These officers and other officers should make it a point to know the community members this is easier then most would think it’ should be a part of their training . Just as I don’t think law enforcement should not take them for their word both parties had an attitude like his wife said it could have been approached in a much more professional way like introductions and a conversation . If the man tells you it is his store then take him for his word and don’t have such a hard on for identification . As well the store owner is better off being a little bit more cooperative but the cops need to understand that business owners have the right to enter and operate in their stores 24/7 365 days a year if that is what they want to do That is why knowing your community is a good first step in policing we are all human and although color should not be a factor but it is and until we get to know people for who they are not what color they are we will always be setting just where those who push the division narrative want us to be

  110. Anonymous says:

    Well, when the majority of looters are BLACK..

  111. JR says:

    Give me a break. He could have said he was doing inventory and thanked the officer for checking.

  112. Attending de-escalation training is very different from being able to demonstrate de-escalation. If you would like some expert assistance, call me. Sean Mahar,

  113. Anonymous says:

    The store owner Should be Grateful to the police!!!!

  114. None of your Business says:

    So somehow the writer of this story has FRAMED IT AS RACIST! The writer SOMEHOW KNOWS that if neighbor Ken Johnson was black, the officer would NOT HAVE BEEN SATISFIED. SO ACTUALLY THE WRITER/REPORTER IS THE RACIST!

  115. Richard Mariani says:

    The owners bare responsibility. The police were just doing their jobs diligently and the owners should have complied and produced keys to the store. Instead the owners sought a confrontation with the officers.

  116. Richard says:

    I do what the Police say, prove your the owner, they’re just being protective and doing their duty.

  117. Tomi says:

    This is why reevaluating procedures is necessary. Police should learn & engage with members of their community instead of being reactive in tactics & be proactive.

  118. Lisa says:

    I agree with the officers and would have said thank you. If it was me and I was being looted or robbed I would have appreciated this!
    Harassed by the officers? Just show that it’s your store it’s that easy. This is not a reasonable take. Take the bait?

  119. LC says:

    The police are in the right. If this is a true accounting of what happened, then I’d say the store owners were the ones that were confrontational over a police officer trying to protect the store owner’s property. Instead,the store owner assumed that the officer was racist. All he had to do was say hello officer, thank you for your concern, and put his key in the lock. Done.

  120. Chris says:

    What a joke. I am so sick of the media making EVERYTHING race related. It doesn’t seem to even matter if it is a racial thing. The media will always word the articles to make sure it comes across that way. It seems that the media is promoting racism by their blatant disregard for the truth and constantly fueling the hate.

  121. David brian says:

    This is horrable journalism. The factor for stopping wad 3 in the morning not blaks person. Being so scared as he said he refused to satisfied the cops suppision and not show he owned the store. That there is confrontational. But the neighbors shouted out he owned it. The cop notices it the neighbor and he would know. Not that he is white but he lives there. Idiots. Your all iditos.

  122. M Meech says:

    When White people are stopped and questioned as often as Black people then we can say it’s fair I say this coming from a law enforcement family.

  123. Fed Up says:

    Another race-baiting story to insight anger. Next time just use the key to prove some sort of ownership. Next we’ll see Ben Crump and Al Sharpton in front of a BLM back drop looking to spread lies and misinformation. Much like this excuse for journalism.

  124. Scott says:

    You know what’s terrible, that you assume that the cops don’t do this to anyone who might be doing the same thing as this couple was doing. They do! Trust me. But you choose to make it about race. It’s BS! They are doing their job. And if it turned out that the couple wasn’t who they said they were and the cops walked away and didn’t ID them, stole stuff from the store, the owners would be really upset and the cops would still be the bad guys. It’s not like criminal don’t lie to the cops and say they belong somewhere. Cops can’t win no matter what they do. The couple should have thanked them for looking out for their business. Stop making everything about race.

  125. Bea human says:

    My parents owned a jewelry store my intil I was about 30 yoa. Sometimes they would work after hours to make holiday displays etc. They were white, in their 40’s-50’s. They were questioned regularly to prove they belonged there. The difference is they were happy to prove who they were and very grateful that the police cared enough to check for them. They responded respectfully every time even though they had owned the business for 30 yrs. sometimes it was new officers or ones from a different area. I don’t understand why this became a racial story. Somebody just wanted to claim racial profiling and get their name in the news. If someone robbed him he’d ask why they didn’t notice. Honestly, opened business in February just before covid closures, riots, fires, burning businesses. SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️

  126. David Stanley says:

    If it was my business, I would have cooperated and shown proof that I was the owner and thanked him for his concern for my property.

    White or black, why not just cooperate instead of being confrontational?

    Don’t be a asshole to cops and maybe they won’t be assholes to you?

  127. Lu says:

    The cops were just doing there job. Blame it on the source ( blm) who has caused so much violence and theft and bullying, that has caused the law to be precautious.

  128. cj says:

    I’m glad this ended peacefully. I can empathize with the store owners and how they must of felt. I believe that the cops were actually doing their job in this situation. And even though the store owners have every right to claim their ownership to the place, occupying the store at 1 AM will always draw the attention of police while on patrol. There’s no reason to be in your place of work at 1 AM. Go home and rest, be with family. It’s the poor decisions people make that are creating these issues around our country. Don’t put yourself in position to be questioned. Use some common sense and follow the law and the norms of society.

  129. Tmb says:

    They did not know they owned the store or were looters because of what has been going on with the crimes that black people have been doing to business. Don’t argue with the police just show them proof that it is your business. Just make it easy gor both of you.

  130. Justin says:

    Keep ,spreading into the hype that police are just after blacks.You can see from the video that they were there late when everything else was closed. If it was 3 white men they would do the same thing. Should be ashamed of yourself that you can’t find anything better to write about.

  131. Mark says:

    Seemed reasonable; just show your business card, arm the alarm or show a key. Had nothing to do with race. Store owner escalated the situation needlessly

  132. Juana Pérez says:

    If I was a policemen then in the US now , and I see black people doing “ anything” I’ll
    look the other way. Because today the police has no authority and they are risking their lives for people who don’t want them

  133. Anonymous says:

    So what, moron. Im sure this is 100% fact driven. If it really happened at all.

  134. Thank God Mr. Johnson was there! I can not believe they refused to believe the owners of the store!

  135. jm says:

    Ishi bell. Kulf kulefu. Minim chiger Yelum. Imbi atbelu. Hulunim des yehonelem. Atefru. Egziabiher yibarkachew

  136. Anonymous says:

    Just fricken comply.! That’s the problem nowadays. Nobody wants to comply to nothing ! It don’t matter whats your race Adults and Children nowadays just don’t like to be told period ! Swallow your pride comply and you’ll be fine. And I ain’t even black or white either. But I call it like I see it and have had no problem with the law because I comply every time I’ve been in a situation!

  137. Maggie says:

    Why not just prove it was your store ? That would have ended the whole thing . But sounds like the store owners were asking for trouble .

  138. Anonymous says:

    Common “American” sense would be to simply put the key in the door and show ownership..NOT arguing over your freaking color…the cops have jobs to do…had someone else been in the store robbing you and they just drove by, you would bitch that they are not doing their jobs. This is America..take that foreign attitude, you want must give it as well.

  139. Linda says:

    It is sad to say that the people who are racist do loeve that people of color can and do have enough desire
    To work and own anything because of the color of pur skin
    and that we do this because we want
    better for our selves and our families and don’t mind
    Doing the hard work and everything necessary to achieve
    and maintain it. The fact that a white man words wete better than the owners shows the state of mentality of not all but the majodity of the white man.

  140. Ernest Leon says:

    A cop with issues that has been given authority (and power) over others does not know how to use it properly. Regardless of the training they receive, i wonder how much emphasis is put on “abuse of power” concerns.

  141. Anonymous says:

    But he could have put his key in the door and it would have been over in 5 minutes!! He wasn’t too shaken to tell the police NO and argue. Sure hope his place never gets robbed but I guess that would be the cops fault too. And that a “white” man spoke out on his behalf and now that’s wrong. People need to make up their mind..

  142. Avez Roberts says:

    Operation not Forgotten saves 39 children and this what you choose to promote. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  143. Dave says:

    I know that town a little. It’s a small town.
    If I’m not mistaken it has only 17 Patrol officers… and even less store fronts in that area. The local pd should now already who to expect to be In The store after hours.

  144. Sue says:

    They were not being harassed…they should be grateful that the police were looking out for their store. How hard would it have been to put their key in the door to prove they were the owners. They should be shaking out of stupidity! The police were doing their job and it sounds like they have to deal with another police hating mayor.

  145. Shannon L. says:

    I’m so very sorry this has happened yet again.
    On one hand, I see it as them providing security to the store…. BUT if you confirmed you’re the store owner and that you are conducting inventory after hours because that’s when it’s best to do it (while business is closed)… that should have been most sufficient.
    I wasn’t there, I don’t know the tone or attitude on either party OR if there even was any; BUT with this continuous police brutality, hostility, etc. perhaps the officers need to take that into account that everyone, mainly ethnics are scared, are on guard do feel threatened or combative as the fear from Everyday statistics we see happening.
    Is SUCKS, that a white man has to step in, butt-in, to appease authorities. Thank goodness he did, so the issue subsided and everyone walked away unharmed….
    But I see it, I get it…. why don’t the authorities, why don’t other whites???
    I have a son, a niece and a nephew, ALL half of mixed ethnicities and they don’t look white so of course, I’m scared to death and worried about them, each and every single day.
    I feel the fear for all the parents and guardians that pray every day to bring their loved ones home each night safe and harm free.
    We ALL NEED to be looking out for one another. Unfortunately if that is what it’s going to take to prevent another statistic from taking place, let’s be there for one another.

  146. Anonymous says:

    What can one say, racism is so ingrained.

  147. Lincoln says:

    When it comes to minority owned business owners, this officer has been trained to believe that as long as a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant of European descent, non blond hair and non blue eyes whom Hitler would not have had (mixed race), his word alone can be trusted that the man owned the store. This officer has made it clear that he has mistreated minorities in the pass and will probably be the next to kill a black man or see that one is wrongfully convicted.

    As a former Special Deputy United States Marshal, Deputy Sheriff, and a retired direct combat veteran, I can stated as a MATTER OF FACT, that if the police Chief does not have this incident formally investigated and this officer at a minimum is STRONGLY & FORMALLY counseled, then the chief should be immediately FIRED should this officer kills an unarmed black man or have one wrongfully convicted.

    This officer has clearly indicated that a word from a WASP is king when it comes to confrontation with blacks and nothing else needs to be said. Additionally, the chief should ensure that the business owner keeps documents and ID in the store that will immediately identify the owner. Nevertheless, this officer handled this situation totally wrong pushing towards a deadly conclusion…..PERIOD!!!

  148. Anonymous says:

    Next time use the key, problem solved.

  149. Mark Dobosz says:

    It is a actions like this that prove racism is still alive and well in this country. Nikki Haley is a fool in stating “America is not a racist country”. It is a very racist country.

  150. Jack Straw says:

    I think asking him to use the key wasn’t an outlandish request.
    Just another way of resisting to blame the police.

  151. Anonymous says:

    It’s a routine check especially with many stores or businesses being looted, burglarized, and robbed. If the policemen did not do their job and it was actually burglary then they’ll be perceived as not doing their job and portrayed as wasting taxpayers’ money.

  152. Robyn Rice says:

    Those officers need to know what it feels like, to be put in a position like that! It’s total disregard for the peoples right to be there! The officers need to learn some manners! It makes me very angry to know that there are such despicable officers that get paid while harassing good citizens!!!!!

  153. Bob says:

    Thank you, officers. That is one stupid store owner. And a miserable person. Just put your key in the door, dumb ass, and be grateful for the tight watch those cops are keeping.

  154. Anonymous says:

    The officers were doing their jobs. Put the key in the slot. Officer leaves and knows the next time who you are and kindly moves along.

  155. Turtle VanDemarr says:

    So sad to see this in Tiburon. Such a lovely place. Feeling sorry for the store owners. How scary is that?

  156. Cary says:

    Police need to do foot patrols in tiny Tiburon, get to know the business owners and employees . This confrontation could be avoided with more community outreach.

  157. Jeremy says:

    See what happens when people destroy personal property and become lawless. Everyone is questioned.

  158. Anthony A Lewis says:

    This is Donald Trumps America. Where white folk still believe its impossible for a black man to not only own a business but be diligent about maintaining it. Why wasn’t the business owners word good enough for the police, but a white man’s word was enough for the police. Three different black people told the police the same thing that the white neighbor told them, but their word wasn’t good enough. It starts at the top, with the top racist and filters down. Not one of the police or their sgt thought that was a problem. THAT’S the problem.

  159. Charles Leffler says:

    You are the what’s wrong with so called “news agencies”. You’re not good enough to find and report real stories, so you try to make something out of nothing. Why not, police officers take extra steps to protect black business owners by confirming their identity.
    You guys can do better than this. Report the real news without trying to spin it into someone it’s not.

  160. Buck Rogers says:

    Those are some stupid black motherfuckers right there to come to this great country and show total flagrant disrespect to our police officers. Go back to your shit-hole country.

  161. Guyler says:

    Police should never stop black people at anytime no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the black person is doing something suspicious.

  162. Ana says:

    The policeman was doing his job of protecting your store. Police doesn’t know who owns what unless they know you. Just prove you own or you have authorization to be there.

    The police would think its suspicious even if white, Chinese, indians, anyone is at a store in the middle of the night. Just have proof that you are supposed to be there.

    I’m sorry you felt harassed. But that cop was doing his job.

  163. George says:

    Geese, I would be happy the police stopped to question me. Because they are doing what police do. If their were robbers in there they would of been apprehended.

  164. Anonymous says:

    Traumatized? Really?

  165. Tim Ringle says:

    So all the guy needed to do was put his key in the door and unlock it to prove he should be there. Why not do it? What the heck. I’m white and had the same thing happen. I put my key in the door lock and all was ok. Up to that point the officers had been tense not known who I was rightfully so. Then, they relaxed when I proved it. How easy was that

  166. Christine says:

    He could have just shown proof of ownership rather than argue and try to challenge the police who were doing their job and that would have been the end of it. Then wants to report how he was afraid and could have been another statistic- cooperate with their questions and you Would of been done and they would have left. But I’m sure if someone was breaking in the store he would want the police to stop and investigate.

  167. Russel says:

    How is this news im white and it took the better part of an hour to prove to Pasadena cops in Texas that i belonged in the shop in the middle of the night

  168. Steve says:

    Or the store owner could have used his key that he refused to use to prove he owned the place and then thanked the officers for keeping a eye on his business. Why not just be an adult and not ask for trouble.

  169. Angelo says:

    Just prove it’s your store…God .

  170. MJ says:

    The police weren’t harassing him. Everything is not about race. Thank the officers for looking out for the homes and businesses.

  171. Business Owner says:

    A simple Thank You Officer for checking on my business will do.

  172. Ronald Molter says:

    It is a shame that people of color are treated with such disdain.

  173. Javi says:

    The Police is Right ☝️
    Police are just looking out for your store and everyone else ☝️

  174. James says:

    It would have been simple to prove and thank the officers for being concerned and helpful. It could have been a robbery at 1 am

  175. Anonymous says:

    Why not just show proof of identification or use the key like the officers asked to prove you are who you say you are? What was the big deal? White or black it doesn’t matter again(and these are grown ppl) do what your asked by law enforcement to avoid further escalating the situation. And most importantly avoid “being a statistic”.
    The owners really don’t want law enforcement to watch over their business?? What if it were rioter?looters? Or just a normal robbery??? They damn sure would want help then. Oh and by the way by not using ID like the key in the door that man brought all those other feelings on her of fear not the police because that’s all he had to do but noooo have to argue with the police in any situation, right or wrong. If that is a black thing🙄

  176. Anonymous says:

    Maybe just cooperate with the police at that time of night? The store owner is a jerk.

  177. Fabian says:

    It’s been happening for years now. Racial profiling is one of the deepest cuts that affect all communities. If your black or Hispanic, we’re always the first ones to get stopped by police. We are the first ones that have our rights taken away when we’re stopped. Some policemen know that some Blacks and Hispanics, especially young, don’t know the laws and their rights so the police take full advantage of that.

  178. Anonymous says:

    coulda, woulda, shoulda! Shut the “F” up and cooperate with the the police!! GEEZUS!!

  179. Brenda says:

    Wow! This is beyond sad that a person of color word means nothing! God bless the neighbor that saw this for what it was!

  180. Linda says:

    Why didn’t the owner just show the police a key and say thank you for checking on us? Would he want them to check if it was robbers in the building?

  181. K Otalora says:

    People in a store at 3am and officers investigated it. The. Officers asked for proof of ownership. Isn’t this what police are supposed to do? If the owner showed the key or some other proof like something with name and address that matches id, the situation would have ended there. Say they were not the owners and police didn’t check or believed it when told they were the owners without proof. How would the owners feel then?

  182. Anonymous says:

    I think this newspaper is just trying to stir up more shit and keep the black and white thing going, so they can sell papers

  183. Cal Miller says:

    The totally wrong way the police officer handled the situation.
    But this is what’s wrong with white people in general, they always suspect black Americans for what they perceive as criminal behavior.

    As a white person myself I can tell you I have seen this at work, when I worked for local government

  184. Anna Mireles says:

    I know that if the business owner would of just proved to the officers that he was the owner. It would not have escalated to them asking all these questions. Another thing. He should be happy that they are patrolling the area and were taking extra steps to make sure that it wasn’t a robbery. Come on now. He was shaking because he was arguing with the officers. Not because he was afraid. I’m not racist. I have a rainbow family. I’m tired of these people trying to get attention. From all these years of them having their business. Why now did they start inventory. Really! All lifes matter. Not all of our law enforcement is crooked. Give them a break. They are just as human as we are. I’m sure their afraid for their lifes as well. If they are going home to their families at the end of the day. People out their are insane. They are ruining our country. Just saying. ALL LIFE’S MATTER!🙏🙏😷

  185. Leslie Dean says:

    Why did he not show the cop he own the place like he ask. If they had of been robbers and he lost everything would he had wanted the cop to stop and ask what they were doing their?

  186. Anonymous says:

    Since when does 1am have blue skies?

  187. Anonymous says:

    Just protecting and serving.

  188. John says:

    Why not just go unlock the door with a key or show him the business license? Stop arguing about everything whether it’s right or wrong.

  189. Tom Washington says:

    This like 99% of what you post is false. It BS irresponsible reporting that is adding fuel to the chaos that is destroying our country. Stop posting exaggerated drama just to get revenue clicks. You are a large part of the problem.

  190. Rob blakemore says:

    It was stupid for the owner of the store to not appreciate that the cops were verifying they were the owners. Why would they not show ID and prove they have the key to the front door? It doesn’t matter their color. I’m with the cops on this one. Would they not want them to check on someone in their store at 1:00 am? What if they were being robbed? Doesn’t matter that it was a white guy that verifies they were the owners. The cops just needed verification. This is ridiculous why the owners made this an issue!

  191. ms Lisa pompey says:

    I’m so tired of white police that are filled with hate for no reason.. well I hate them for all the reasons..we don’t respect them we don’t trust them and to us everyone in blue is bad no matter what… until whites correct each other it will never end..until blacks start protecting ourselves with video, knowing the laws and caring a weapon we will keep being victimized……the people in blue know who the bad ones are they are protecting them..AMERICA HAS NO JUSTICE AND WILL NEVER HAVE PEACE. AS LONG AS THIS VIRUS CALLED WHITE HATE IS ALIVE…

  192. Verona says:

    It seemed that the officer was doing his job by patrolling the community and upon seeing something out of the ordinary investigated. There could be two sides to this because the owner felt it was his store and he could enter it for whatever reason when he wanted. If the officer had not done anything and the business was actually being robbed, then poke would question no presence of police when needed. My take use your key to open the door of your business. You’re the owner, police leave. Done

  193. Anonymous says:

    They should be thankful instead of fussing. What if real burglars were in there store and lied they owned it. People give it a rest. Everyone trying to get on tv.

  194. Ninfa Carpenter says:

    This is the way I would explain myself to Police.. I am the owner of store we hv people come into store and stock items for sale. Their no communication… all it does fissile the conversation with all the messy protestors Police getting shot .. the store owner know better. He could spoken to officers come with into office or let get proof of license of my store. Communicate with Police.. there are scare too. That what I think 🤔

  195. Anna says:

    Blasi asked Khalif to prove he owned the store by using a key or providing identification. He refused and they kept arguing. The same exact thing happened to me. Except I showed the police officer my key to the door and ID. I thanked him for checking on my store and keeping it safe. I didn’t wake up traumatized I woke up grateful for extra eyes looking for unusual activity at my store when I wasn’t there. There was no argument. There was no trauma there was no news story. Use common sense and try to help one another.

  196. Anonymous says:

    He could have just gave them identification or used his key to prove he had the right to be there. Instead he chose to argue with the police about being in the store at 1am and make it into a racial issue. I have been questioned like this in the past and cooperated with what was asked and it was over pretty quick. Don’t make issues and usually there are none.

  197. Marty says:

    So this could have been settled with the black family if they only inserted their key they should be thankful they investigated people in their store, had it it been robbers the situation would have been different, police need to be able to do their job,

  198. Anonymous says:

    The officer asked you to provide proof that you were the store owner. All you had to do was give him proof and there would’ve been no problem. Instead, you decided to be uncooperative and create something out of nothing.

  199. Audrey Barthel says:

    If I had been the store owner, I would have been appreciative that the police were checking on unusual activity at the store in the middle of the night—especially in lieu of all the looting & burning & destruction that has been going on lately! I would have politely provided positive identification and the police would have left with me feeling grateful & feeling more secure that they were doing their job, protecting me & my property! But no! The owner immediately got rude & defensive, became uncooperative, refused to provide ID & forced a confrontation. What an idiot!

  200. Anonymous says:

    This is just stupid. Of course they should ask and they should have immediately provided proof. They were protecting his store. All behavior like this does is show that sometimes people are just looking to antagonize police.

  201. Philip Davis says:

    Instead of being combative with officers try cooperating instead. Performing inventory at 1:00 a.m. seems rather unusual. The fact that the neighbor that vouched for them is white is irrelevant.
    If they had put their key in the door to begin with would have abruptly ended the issue.
    Stop listening to CNN would help as well.

  202. Lora Rutherford says:

    I see nothing racist about this. All they had to do was cooperate. The officer was just doing his job and wanted to know why they were in there so late. What if it had been thieves. Would they want officers to just drive on by. It had nothing to do with color. I’m sick and tired of people wanting to yell it’s because I’m black. Not everything has to do with color. Quit trying to separate on the basis of color.

  203. Alice says:

    Fuck the fucking white police!

  204. Rick says:

    Once again, resisting police is the major cause of police force. If you are the owner, the burden of proof is on you. Not the police. If you have a key then show it. If you are tallkig to the police, your word is NOT your bond. Just do what they ask!

  205. Angela says:

    I’m so sick of this unnecessary foolishness. It’s gone too far and too long. We are not going back to slavery days. We belong and we will be.

  206. Daniel Mendoza says:

    Then answer the officers question and there won’t be a problem. I totally believe and trust officers in keeping the community safe. That goes to this guy too. Your lucky it didn’t get ugly moron, you could have GOD Forbid lost your life and for what, cause you thought stupidly. We all have to obey the Law and those who enforce it. Unless they are trampling on you constitutional rights and in this case they were not. Next time ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS!!!!!

  207. Anonymous says:

    Seriously?? What a stupid ass Mayor.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Rather then put a key in the door to prove the right to be there. People argue. This is what causes issues. Black white or indifferent the police drive by to protect the property. 1am? I’d ask for proof also.

  209. Anonymous says:

    Kiss my white ass BLM

  210. Linda says:

    Why didn’t he just put his key in the door instead of creating a fearful situation for both the officer and himself. He should be thankful the officer(s) were looking out for his store. Police should be respected instead of constantly being challenged…. it was a reasonable request for anyone who is seen in a store at that hour. I don’t buy that it left the owner “shaking” as the owner was obstinate enough to be confrontational over a simple request. What is racial about proving you are the owner?

  211. KZ says:

    Showing id to prove you owned the store would have settled the problem.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Your taking it to far, it has nothing to do with color or race wtf, he is protecting your business and u gave them a hard time when u didn’t want to provide the i d, what did u think he was going to do say oh ok your black so I won’t give u a hard time ?

  213. Sherry says:

    Why didn’t he just show he was the owner instead of getting belligerent. A simple put key in door and open it. The cop was trying to protect his business. It wasn’t about race.

  214. H says:

    It sad that they think bad of black people

  215. Anonymous says:

    Cops can’t even do their jobs anymore!

  216. Mary T says:

    I completely agree that black people are profiled however this story is just baiting a problem. There’s no reason the owner couldn’t show the officer that he did indeed own the store. If there had been 3 people other than themselves, black or white, the owner should want the police to do the same thing to them. I agree with the officer. The next time I see 3 people in your store I won’t ask them if they own it.

  217. Cornin Mypooh says:

    All you had to do was put your damned key in the door to prove you were the owner, instead, you choose to act like a punk @zz chump and turn this into a racial issue. This is why we get treated like shite because folk like you with no home trainin wanna act a fool. You can damned well bet next time, they will let BLM burn your store to the ground.

  218. Steve says:

    Very sad! The energy that people use when they talk to the police usually is the reason for the outcome of the interaction with the police. Make sure you always speak with respect to an officer! do not bring race into it! Talk softly. Breathe. Everything will be great. These store owners could have made some new friends from this. Round the clock friends whom are protecting your store. If you want to be offended, you can be. All day. Every day. It’s how we walk, how we talk, and how we carry ourselves that determines the outcome of events!

  219. Kevin Hartman says:

    I don’t believe that the officers did anything unreasonable. It was an odd hour to be in the store and a little respect for the officers by answering there questions would have solve the whole thing. Instead the owner was evading questions and being rude and disrespectful of an official officer doing his job and keeping the store safe. When you don’t answer questions you are being suspicious plain and simple.

  220. Denise says:

    I see the police patrolling and making sure no one is being robbed is a good thing. So many businesses have been looted and robbed and burned these days because it’s what’s going on – all the riots. All the store owner had to do was put the key in the door, yet he refused- why did he refuse? How would a policeman know it was his store? Why not co operate so it doesn’t have to escalate? I see the store owner as responsible for not cooperating- the police were doing their job in caring for the neighborhood.

  221. Jacque says:

    Wow…doesn’t even shock me anymore. Im just glad they didn’t kill him

  222. Shari says:

    I think this whole thing was taken out of proportion from the on-start. In this case, the officer is more in the right. This was not harassment, this was an office attempting to protect whom ever the business owner is, no matter the color. The store owner got offensive for no reason, this could have been a much easier transaction. If that was one of my stores and I was in there at an odd hour, I would be happy that cops were paying attention and willing to check things out. The point the officer was attempting to get across was that it was out of the norm to see anyone in a store at a time when there normally should not be. It could have been someone attempting to rob the place, you just don’t know. As a business owner, that would have been a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the office and make an allie. By making an allie of the officer, would have made the office more apt to keep an eye out on his store during the night ours. We have to learn to think in a different way, decipher what the other side is really trying to say before we react. As a black business owner myself, I would have made that cop my friend [ gaining an added level of security for my store]

  223. Anonymous says:

    Show your ID like asked to do. Put your key in the door like asked to do. COMPLY with law enforcement! What is so fn hard about that?

  224. Anonymous says:

    Why do media have to make it a black-white thing? You guys are the ones blowing things out of proportion and making people get in an uproar. If people (everyone) just do what the cops ask then things wouldn’t be where we are today. They are here to protect so why didn’t he just show a key or answer his questions? I would be suspicious too. If you don’t have anything to hide why argue with the guy. People do better and cops too need to do better.

  225. Larry Humphrey says:

    The store only open a few months, people inside at the wrong hours.. The Police may NOT have known who they were.., BUT a little cooperation on both sides, would have solved the Problem.. Police NOT so bossy, Owners providing ownership papers.

  226. abduk says:

    Why them did not prove they are the owners… happens to my boss and i years ago and we proved that we work there and they left….. Why we are acting in that way….why…. next time three or four or five orange or silver or red people (or people that live in saturn) will be there and police will do not nothing???? because they will say ..”we are the owners (like we are farmers…)”…

  227. Frank says:

    The officer was correct investigating the situation. His request for proof of ownership was proper. Once again the refusal to comply pushed the encounter to a new level. The police officer did his duty and fulfilled their sworn duty. The citizen did not. Noncompliance has consequences.

  228. Anonymous says:

    I would have produced a letter head or complied with putting key in the door

  229. John says:

    All he had to do was prove he owned the business. Instead he refused. Play stupid games get stupid reactions

  230. Adam Stevens says:

    This is a click bait article. Quit sensationalizing headlines to get readers. I’m blocking your rag.

  231. M says:

    He could have just shown him the key to the store

  232. John Cardinal says:

    I dont care if y’all publish my name, as this conduct by the citizen’s sworn officers in many cities and towns across this great country “continue to conduct themselves in a prejudicial and obvious leveraged way”.
    Until this predisposed conduct continues, so will the growing protests and the growing amount of people who find this conduct offensive.

  233. Marjorie Tillery says:

    The situation as reported is a sad reflection of the state of affairs in our country at present. Ideally, the store owners would have complied with the officer’s request for identification – had a pleasant exchange thanking the officers for being alert and protecting the neighborhood. The current climate prevents this. The store owners were distrustful and afraid of the police only to have their fears confirmed by the policeman reporting “black” people in the store. Were they new officers on patrol? Why didn’t they know the store owners? On the other hand, the officers were rightly concerned in assessing the situation. They see and deal with many problems -some of them really dangerous. However, we need a well trained force of men and women who really do “protect and serve”. We must reject the encroaching militaristic look and feel of many police departments. That only promotes separation. Building relationships takes commitment and patience. We have work to do.

  234. Disne says:

    Yet all he had to do was put his key in the door. This is part of the problem.

  235. Anonymous says:

    Just another way to spin shit around. How hard is it to say , yes sir I own this place and prove it? If it would of been looters and rioters, then the police would of been blamed too for not stopping them. SMH..

  236. Dave says:

    All the store owners needed to do is simply prove they were there appropriately— by simply cooperating! This is NOT a police problem at all. They should be truly thankful that the police were looking out for their place of business! It’s totally ridiculous to not cooperate with the police instead of simply and quickly showIng them some simple proof you belong there (even though at a totally weird hour of the night).

  237. Anonymous says:

    If they had just answered the question the officer asked, it would have been settled. Why won’t people comply with the law enforcement?

  238. T Agee says:

    If they had just answered his questions everything would have been settled. Why do people not comply with law enforcement when asked to do do. Did not have to get to the point it did.

  239. Jeff Jones says:

    All he (the owner) had to do was use a key or showed something that he owned the business and they would have been on their (the cops) way. The “owner” choose to argue and be disrespectful (as I read the story). Hell if the owner would have showed proof in any way you( the Atlanta black star) would not even had a story to write. Your headline could have easily read “Local business owner impedes cops as they patrol neighborhood!” There could be more said but fact of the matter the business owner was WRONG point blank period!

  240. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the owners just didn’t want to provide any proof that they should be there. Why wouldn’t they

  241. Nancy says:

    Should be grateful police wanted to protect the business at 1 AM. By resisting to show proof of business ownership, like putting a key in the door the business owner escalated the problem. Resistance is what got many of the people in the news killed. If they only complied with officers they would probably all be alive today.

  242. Michelle says:

    All he had to do was provide id or key. That is a reasonable request from the police doing their job making sure no one is breaking into a business. Sounds like he store owner was crying to start something. Also in my town if a store owner is in their store at odd hours they call and let police know. When I was a baker the police knew I was going to be in the building at 1:00 am.

  243. Lelah says:

    Omg…give it a break!! If I was in my place of business at that hour (yes I own a business) and the police stopped to make sure I wasnt robbing and looting…i would be greatful that they took the time to notice!! Simple as proving proof of ownership!!

  244. J chiu says:

    Every business has to post a license bearing a name of the owner…. snd he would have had a drivers or state id on him. Why werent those produced early on? If they were and this exchange continued there is a clear case of racism but without that production we just have a store wner being difficult because he felt racism.. nt necessarily because there was racism

  245. Christina Rackard says:

    All the owner had to do was put key in lock or show ID and he would not do that so what was the policeman suppose to do???It could very well been someone ripping the store off and if police let that happened then owner would of had something to say about that..BLM… but All lives or color matter.I never post but this story got to me, trying to make it all the police’s fault, when it could of been settled just with a key and ID

  246. Ken Rushane says:

    Police carry guns …. because we PAY THEM TO CARRY GUNS.
    You people don’t know how to de-escalate things….
    when a police officer tells you to prove that you belong in the store …
    the suggestion by the officer to use your key to turn the lock… was a good one. Khalief
    Should have complied with the officers suggestions… or show ID….
    the man has allowed himself to be freaked out…. next time… the police will just drive past the store when they see some black people in the store in the middle of the night.. the store owner needs to see his part in the confusion that happened.

  247. Anonymous says:

    The police were absolutely right. They were protecting the store and all they wanted this man to do was to show that he had access to the store, legal access to the store. The guy, the owner, got up in the cops face and was a complete idiot about it all he had to do was put the key in the lock to show that he had a key for the store.

  248. Mike says:

    Maybe the store owner should have proved it was his store and there wouldn’t be a need for this race baiting article

  249. Yohannes says:

    What did they expect? Black is black, it doesn’t matter which country you come from, you’re gonna be seen and treated just like the rest. You live in country of exclusively white people only. I suggest they get use to it, because I don’t see any change in the horizon. It is what is.

  250. Anonymous says:

    This is stupid.

  251. Anthony says:

    Sorry, but this sounds like media spreading something that it’s not. I’m a black man, and It sounded as though officers were just precautious about a possible break in, not just stopping because he saw the people were black. Why couldn’t the owner just identify himself instead of turning everything into race? Its sad, but I hope their store gets broken in to and local law enforcement stands by and watches it happen now.

  252. Anonymous says:

    Next time do as the officer requested. Either show proof of ownership, or your key in the door. It would have been over.

  253. Anonymous says:

    The alarm didn’t go off… do someone have to prove they are the owner of a store.

  254. Nicole says:

    Seriously why didn’t they just prove that they owned the store…. if it were three burglars they would want the cops to question them right? Another case of non compliance with the police being portrayed as a damn race issue!

  255. Anonymous says:

    Professional trained officers???

  256. Yohannes says:

    That shouldn’t have come as a surprise to them. Have they forgotten that they’re black? I don’t care where they come form, they live in a country where people are judged by the “color of their skin, not by the content of their character”. I suggest they get use to it. Because I don’t see anything changing in this country of exclusively white people only.

  257. H.R.Grimm says:

    My heart aches for you, Shop Owner.
    Let me say thank you for your hard work to establish yourself as a model for everyone to build something!
    For 11 years I volunteered as a Police Chaplain. During that time I met the good and the bad, wisdom from experience and the needing more wisdom by the inexperienced. The Police were attempting to do right, yet, we know that even the best intentions are escalated to unintentional heights…
    Please do not let this detour you. Out of this will be increased awareness as this has put you, your business, the Police Department and the Community in the public eye.
    While traumatic without a doubt, good will come out of this for you and your Community.
    May God bless you and your Community.

  258. Jeff says:

    Again all the guy had to do was prove he owned the store by using his key. Why can’t people comply rather than argue with police. The scene was suspicious at 1 in the morning.

  259. Grady says:

    I think mark the store and owner as self sufficient and allow owner and store to hire own security company taking care of break in’s or robbery on its own. One less place to protect more time to protect those that want welcome and acknowledge the protection

  260. Irene M. Hargrave says:

    Incidents like this really upsets me. Systemic racism needs to stop.The police are supposed to protect and serve, instead we see incident after incident of dehumanization of African Americans.

  261. marei bolson says:

    Just another example of “white Privilidge”, especially by cocky police officers….the worst thing is their captain covers up for them…I am white an I want all black or brown folks to be treated the same as whites…ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL….live up to what the Bible says..

  262. Anonymous says:

    Your fear is your problem seems to me they were only doing their job

  263. What in the hell is wrong with these people?
    All they have to do is comply with the officers request to prove they were not burglarizing the damn place and thank them for checking!
    No they have been brainwashed to believe that the police, even if they are black, want to harm them!!

  264. Barbara sain says:

    Why didn’t he just use his keys to open the door

  265. B says:

    It would really help if report with stop reporting the story as if the cop was really doing something wrong cop has every right to stop and ask someone for identification because they could be out looking for an escapee or somebody who just robbed a store somewhere or any reason when a cop ask you for ID you’re just showing your fucking ID and then

  266. This is ridiculous. If they claimed it was their store, why would they be in it with lights on. Robbers do not turn lights on.

  267. Why couldn’t the store owner show the officer his ID and proof he is the store owner and explain why he and his wife were there? A very simple and helpful thing to do in that situation. The bad cops prove they have a very short fuse when it comes to confrontations with people of color, particularly black people in this country. Its the sick, evil and angry minds of men that kills. Each one of us on this earth has the power to change how we think and what we do. The only question is, will we?

  268. Mac Couto says:

    We had a rally in Tiburon to support BLM after this event.

  269. BoB says:

    Not being there it hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong.
    I understand the policeman’s point of view being from a working retail background with late night, early morning inventories.
    If the business owner would of just put the keys in the door it sounds like the problem would of been solved.
    Just do as asked as long as your not being treated unprofessional and the problem could of been solved.

  270. Black Trump Supporter says:

    Wow. Stupid people. Show your ID, put a key in the lock and it would have been over. This happens all over the country regardless of skin color and most people provide proof as asked.

  271. Rebecca Moore says:

    The owners I hope had the legal notices of ownership and tax collecting certificate to operate their business in clear view as it has to be in Texas and his I D card or drivers liscense and produced the proof as the officers asked it would not have gotten so out of hand and those owners should be grateful that the policemen were diligent how would they have felt if the officers driving by at that time would have ignored someone being in their store at that time of morning and their store were emptied out and the police did not ask what they were doing there anyone in a store after hours should willingly show officers the proof of who they are and why they are there no matter the race or ethnicity of the person

  272. David says:

    This is really retarded. Cops are doing there job not matter the color of a person. I owned a business in Oklahoma, and I was there after hours and the cops came and bothered me , the difference is I don’t act like a criminal or a baby and make a big deal about it

  273. Anonymous says:

    Too bad the owner didn’t de-escalate by identifying himself to show he owned the store. Would have taken a few minutes instead of the length of time it did. In these days of riots and looting id yourself if you have nothing to hide and the police will
    Move on. Get confrontational and they stay longer to get to the truth.

  274. Jane Housewright says:

    This is a blatant example of racism and I find it SO sad.

  275. Michael DiGregorio says:

    The police, while doing thier jobs, are all too frequently allowing thier personal “opinions” to get tangled in the affair. NOT ACCEPTABLE!. Especially when there is this perception of the recent negative events on the general public (in particular, our coloured neighbors) resulting in some very ugly situations…. Which thier continued antagonism is NOT helping any! That being said, people need to cooperate with law officers when they make a reasonable request for ID! At one point the officer made a valid statement, in short, how would it be if they didn’t question the presence of people in a store at 3am. They could be giving some criminal a free pass to empty the store, then the store owner would be complained by that the police weren’t doing thier jobs…. Now it comes full circle!

  276. Char says:

    Why on earth can’t black ppl just answer truthfully. “Why are you in the store at 3 am I own the store Sir. Here’s my key. Thank you have a good night.”.. but instead this couple just started more drama so they can sue or some other motivation .
    Always a victim

  277. S. Smith says:

    I just don’t understand why this has to be a race issue. Why wouldn’t a store owner be thankful that the local police are doing their job and looking out for their business? All they had to do was comply and show identification or a key and the police would have apologized and moved on. The witness said, “This had gone on for several minutes. It just felt like it could progress into something ugly.” Well, why was that? Because rather than comply with the officer’s seemingly legitimate request, they chose to argue and be non-compliant instead.

    Since when is it a person’s right not to listen to a police officer and do what they ask of you? How many of the horrible tragic incidents that have happened over the last several months could have been avoided had the person being detained just complied with the officer? If there’s one thing I have always stressed to my children and to others like my younger brother and his friends was to ALWAYS be respectful and polite to the police. Not only is it just better for you in each and every situation in which you might find yourself face to face with a law enforcement officer, both at the time of the incident and then later if you find yourself in court with them and a video of your encounter is played for the judge and/or jury, but it’s just the right thing to do.

    While I agree that no one should be treated any differently by law enforcement officers just based on the color of their skin, I cannot agree that African Americans and other minorities have the right to treat officers of the law differently than people of another skin color or that they are somehow entitled to completely ignore an officer’s requests and disobey their orders and then ultimately expect to be immune to any and all repercussions and consequences as a result of their actions.

    I wonder if the police had driven by this store and seen three people inside of minority descent after hours, but rather than stop and check on it, they decided to just ignore it and keep on driving for fear of possible reprisal if they did stop and it turned out to be the store owners and their friend working; however, in actuality, the people they saw turned out not to be the store owners but rather three criminals who were committing a crime and stealing everything they could get their hands on from these innocent, hardworking store owners. Would the store owners have been thankful to the police officers the next day when they realized they had been robbed and called the police if those same officers said, well, we drove by last night and saw three people inside the store after hours, but we just assumed it was you and that you were working? I wonder if in that situation they would have said, “Thank you so much for not stopping just to be safe and double checking to ensure we weren’t being robbed. We are so very appreciative of law enforcement officers like you who aren’t racist like these others out here who would have actually stopped and done their job of protecting the citizens and guarding our businesses and hard-earned livelihoods when we can’t be here. We suffered a loss of about $300,000 in merchandise and our safe that contained $10,000 or thereabouts, which was all of our money from the weekend’s sales, was stolen, but at least we don’t have to worry about upstanding officers like yourselves stopping by when you see something going on in our store after hours that might possibly be a crime because God forbid it’s not and it’s actually us working! Then we might have to produce a key or something just to prove we aren’t criminals who might be robbing us blind!”

    I mean, seriously…

  278. Lola D says:

    If the store owner had just showed his ID “My name is Yema” & showed he had keys there would have probably been no issue. Instead, he pushes to make it a race issue instead of at least acknowledging that his store & neighborhood was being protected. Aggressive attitude in a police officer? I would hope that all police officers would aggressively protect our cities. That being said, sadly there will always be the need to be vigilant to seek out & remove the bigots, the extremest, and the negligent ones that tarnish the reputation of the many that faithfully & honorably serve our communities.

  279. J.K. says:

    Wow! The fact that the police wouldn’t let up until a white person spoke and vouched for these folks is straight up crazy.
    The fact that the police spokespeople said the officers should have used “deescalation” techniques blows my mind: the police CAUSED it to potentially escalate! This country is feeling more and more like a police state!!?

  280. Jim says:

    What part of show ID, do you not understand? What if next week the cops see folks in the store and just let it be and the next morning you come in and find you were robbed? You’re gonna be pissed when you find out tge cops didn’t do anything. The cops are in a catch 22 with you libtard asshats. I’m spiteful, I would never respond to your address for any reason, unless my boss forced me.

  281. Anonymous says:

    What a racist rag

  282. Justin says:


    Just curious why the description of “Black” is capitalized and “white” is not. If it’s a grammatical description it is inconsistent. If it is a mechanism to create a difference in perception it’s racist. There are people from all over the globe that have dark skin. It’s a diverse heritage. There are also dozens of people groups from all over the world who happen to have white skin. These individuals also have a diverse heritage. I am honestly requesting to know why the seemingly subtle difference was included in this article. I hope you are well.



  283. JSD says:

    I think, it was blown out of proportion. Instead of refusing and not obliging to what officer asked for, escalated the situation. They are there to protect the property and area and it’s completely reasonable to question their presence there at 1am. It’s getting to a point that, police can’t even question without being called racist. I am in support of equality and injustice toward different races, but this situation could’ve been handled differently, had store owner provided the proof of being the owner.

  284. M. Hernandez says:

    This is so wrong! I understand the officer checking out the business because it was after hours. But after asking for ID and talking to the couple, it should have ended. They shouldn’t have to prove it. Believing the word of a white neighbor is an insult! This is pure racism. Sad.

  285. Anna says:

    All the owner had to do was show he had that key. Everything would have ended then. That’s not prejudice, that’s being a cop protecting the business.

  286. Anonymous says:

    It is the duty of the police to verify that people in the stores after closing are not looters. With that said it should be done in a respectful manor on both sides

  287. dennis pine says:

    In this country, now; if you are a black, you ARE going to be “under” a cloud of suspicion, WHETHER, “you” LIKE IT, OR, NOT! Live “wid” it! Don’t make a bad situation, worse, by getting “belligerent”!!!

  288. Greg says:

    The Officer was doing his job checking buildings instead of making traffic stops all night. Give the officer a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass.
    As far as the store owner, he’s confrontational, he’s just trying to get his name in the news to create business. People know the Police do building checks. If this store owner was getting robbed, bet he would be wondering why the police didn’t respond quick enough, maybe they were checking out some suspicious idiot walking down the street. Let the police do their dam job people. Maybe the should move back to there county of origin.

  289. John evans says:

    Bucks but if the end of vigil have done as a police officer had said no we’re not had been an incident but the Its founders of person did not want to cooperate but calls a seen this is the problem that is going on now days PayPal want to do anything to get the pictures in the papers are in the news

  290. File a lawsuit against the officers and the department. The police personnel ought to know who are owners of establishments, in other words, know the community they patrol, and if they are new to their beat, then they need to become informed of the communities they patrol. Training and community awareness are sorely lacking in this department.

  291. Anonymous says:

    Police have a right to do their jobs, they wanted to check their ids

  292. René caire says:

    I believe these people WERE confrontational, I am and have been a store owner for a long time and for whatever reason alarm went off and police arrived, they asked me to identify myself and problem WAS OVER in a second.

    I am NOT a racist but I believe some black people would avoid trouble by identifying to police right away, if You have nothing to hide
    You have nothing to fear.
    A lot of African Americans thrive to be confrontational by nature, why ??? NO need to be, no need to have problems ‼️‼️

  293. Dave says:

    Why not just open the door with his key? I ‘m white and was asked to do that by a cop who was checking why I was working so late.

  294. Irene says:

    That officer needs to apologize to that poor couple. Also, he needs to be out of duty with no pay for 2 months.

    And take a psychology exam. Discrimination is not acceptable.

  295. Jude says:

    Could have been prevented if they had just thanked the officers for checking on their store & provided proof of ownership! They were playing the black card & created a chaotic scene. There was no respect for authority. If they can’t obey the laws of our country, then they should return to where they came from. Scenes like this is why we are having so much turmoil in our country.

  296. Mike Grauberger says:

    So lucky they didn’t get shot! You know that’s what these bastards do now. Shoot turn the body cam off and lie like you’re donald trump. Nothing like trying to service in a fukn “WHITE WORLD”!

  297. Tea says:

    The store owner is ignorant and bigoted. It would be a completely different story if the 3 of them were stopped and questioned outside of the store. But, as a business owner I would be glad to show the officers identification and proof of ownership. I would want the support of the local PD, as well as the connection of them knowing who I am in the event something does require their response at the store. Waste of time by turning it into a matter of race. These police officers were nothing but patient with this fool’s nonsense.

  298. Sfaith says:

    Spare me

  299. Angela says:

    It was up to the store owners to provide proof that they on the store. Most people do not go into their store at 1 a.m. and do inventory. Most businesses that do that, will contact the police department ahead of time and tell them that they are going to be in their store so that they feel safer. Because this person did not provide proof, they are in the wrong because when the police asked you to identify yourself, you have to identify yourself. Stop thinking that you’re always in the right and that the cops are always wrong.

  300. Anonymous says:

    Those white cops should’ve been arrested for harassment.

  301. Sharyne says:

    Just wait for it
    November 3rd

  302. Steve says:

    This is the kind of shit the oppressor does, and gets away with.

  303. Pat Prince says:

    That situation was terribly traumatic to the couple. Why couldn’t the police take their explanation for the situation. America is getting worse because we have Trump in the white house and he does not care how terrible race relations are becoming! He is one of the reason why people do not care about solving this problem of why police can kill Black people and never be prosecuted. We need help! AMERICA IS OUT OF CONTROL!!

  304. Anonymous says:

    The underlying issue in every one of the confrontations that turn bad is noncompliance. Sensational news reporting intentionally bias the black incidents. Stupid thugs come in all colors, the news specifically single out the black ones for the political sensations. Do you really think the average American is that ignorant?

  305. John says:

    Tiburon Police need to get rid of Blasi. An ignorant, racist fukn cop has no business on the force. Asshole redneck who thinks he’s a tough guy. Fuck Blasi🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  306. Hmong says:

    If you cannot tell the tone of that cop then you just being ignorant.

  307. Tanya Ellison says:

    Whether he chose to want to prove he owns the store or not the key issue here is that if it were them just doing their job like they would any other time, they would not have backed down when the wyte man vouched for him. If it was as simple as taking someone’s word, why not have taken his? Cause he’s black that’s why! I do agree that he should have attempted to resolve the situation by showing he owns the store, I do not agree that it would of made a difference, those cops would of harassed them anyway in some fashion cuz that’s what they do, period!

  308. Anonymous says:

    Lolololol show proof of ownership or key to the store. END OF STORY

  309. Auntie says:

    If you are a cop and this is your area, you should know the shop owners, the people that live in your area and everything else about the area that you “protect”. You “serve” this people you should at least know their face if not them. Get a grip people.

  310. Tina says:

    Why couldn’t the cops verify the records themselves. Just by calling dispatch and asking.

  311. DAN BAILEY says:

    many of you all , have said why did he not show the officer ,his ID or just show him that he had a key and show him that the key open the door, lets just think here for a minute ,if anyone of these officers been working on those streets and have been around for some time then they or which ever one of them that had been in that area should have already knew who this owner was unless they never bother to have gotten to know or meet with those owners that was not their color but was just concern with those who look like them business ,you always talking about they were just doing their well from what I see they were just looking to mess with him because he was of another race in a store after hours that they felt as if they were there to rob that store , maybe the question to be asked is how many of the owners of that area did they know and why if that was their area of policing that they did not know this guy in a area where they police ,they were a new up and running business and these officers did not know this is the area that they police up ,so really what is going on, and then what makes matter worst is that it showed in the end that they wanted to make it that this man was not suppose to have been there ,you do not take the words of the owner but one white person says that he is the owner and now everything is alright ,so what do that tell me, is that even if he would have showed his Id it would not have proved that he was the owner because your id do not have that information on it so that mean that situations was going to get worst because they was going to want to come in and see his ownership paperwork ,but to just think that it only took one white person words for them to move on ,but not the words of the owner himself and somehow some of you think that this was alright what these officers did in how they treated this owner ,so you all telling me is that all he had to do was to have one white person there to say that he was the owner and all would have went well off the bat, but there was nothing wrong that these officers did, its no wonder we having so many bad problems with race in these times ,it only shows that we have not come all the far as we had thought be bless all

  312. JLB says:

    What this is ? The decline of trust that blacks have on the police, how did the cop begin the interaction? how did he present himself? their has to be respect both ways and it’s earned and never given!! Did the cop bang on the door and start the interaction by being an asshole or did he knock on the door and ask was everything okay? because I’m sure he has a computer in his cruiser and he could’ve very easily found out who the owner was, intimidation never works if you are respectful you’ll get respect in return this is what black people deal with every day and until you walk in our shoes you’ll never understand!!

  313. Dixon says:

    Racist cops as usual and to their racist enablers posting. Shame on all of you. While I know you all will not be ashamed, just thought it was important to say it.

  314. Olu says:

    Steve says:
    August 30, 2020 at 7:48 am
    “Or the store owner could have used his key that he refused to use to prove he owned the place and then thanked the officers for keeping a eye on his business. Why not just be an adult and not ask for trouble.”

    Trouble is that what the white group fears is the generations of demonizing anti-human propaganda that they have perpetrated against Black people, especially the Black Male. Now they are afraid because they have been told to do so.

    The problem is that now, they are afraid of their own illusions. White crime, especially of the violent and devious kind, is actually exponnential to the Black crime they keep dumming up (the preponderance of their cultural auto-feedback also shows it).

    In reality, their press has done such a great job that heinrich himmler did not even come close to.

    They still demonize Black people (especially Black males) and make white people fear them. However, because it is an illusion, Black people are not as deeply deceived as the White people. Black people, thus don’t fear and hate Black people like White people do.

    So when White people talk about fear for their community/safety, Black people have to ask “against what/who?” Especially Black people who are going about their legitimate business everywhere. Just like that White officer was escalating until another white person intervened, you would have to wonder if they would have heard a Black neighbor say the same thing (like they did at the Jacob Blake, George Floyd and many, many other Black people incidents). The white guy actually several times alluded to them as “different”, and said to the white witness “that’s all I need to hear”. The Black experience shows those are code words. White people can deny all they want, but their behavior indicates, they know what they mean when they use those words, and they translate to fear and hatred against Black people.

    In case many don’t know, only 3% of any population is considered “deviant”. But when you add the extremely toxic demonization of Black people and the nazi occupation of their space by White people and their systems, there is the issue of seeing shadows where none exists. That is the White pathology.

    What makes it a problem for White people is that the demonization has now become an issue of self-definition and world view for them. And it is something they would be loath to face and address.

    Their mirror must be terrifying for them because of it. Unfortunately for them, it is a situation that is so frightening that they can’t look at it for long without being terrified. Then they turn from it and refuse to acknowledge that such a beast could exist in their mirror.

    The issue is that Black people DO NOT have to die or suffer nazi occupation to assuage the beast White people see in their mirror. They have to turn inwards and expunge it to change their reality because it is their creation.

    The nazis posed a threat to the world. The World saw the threat and removed it. The time will come, when White people will have to face that reality unless they face the beast in their mirror and remove it now.

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