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White Michigan Teacher Accused of Racist Behavior Toward Black Students, Posting Bad Grades to Embarrass Them

A Michigan teacher is accused of creating a hostile environment for Black students in a 14-page letter written on behalf of a 16-year-old girl in conjunction with a complaint filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

The letter detailed several examples of alleged racist behavior from Michele Macke, a math teacher at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, toward junior Makayla Kelsey and other Black students. Kelsey is being represented by the Civil Rights Litigation Initiative at the University of Michigan Law School, which penned the letter.

Pioneer High School math teacher Michele Macke (right) is accused of racist behavior toward Makayla Kelsey (left) and other Black students in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, school. (Photos: 7ABC screenshot, LinkedIn)

In the letter, the CRLI claimed Macke mistreated Black students by insulting them and their parents in front of the entire class; picking on members of the Black Student Union;  and refusing to attend a Black History Month assembly because it was a “waste of time” and didn’t focus on how whites helped Black people.

The instructor was also accused of using coded language, like “criminal” and “delinquent” toward Black students. Ariel Yancey, a 2020 Pioneer graduate, told the CRLI Macke told students: “You don’t listen in class, your teachers say you’re failing. …. [You are] a hooligan waiting to be a delinquent in life. … You’re going to be a loser in life.”

The letter details one instance when Macke questioned Kelsey about her mother’s involvement in her life after she returned from an absence related to a chronic health condition. The teen was also dealing with trauma related to witnessing a friend’s death.

“Does your mom have a plan for your life? Does your mom work? What does she do for a living? Does your mom just drop you off and continue with her life?” Macke reportedly asked.

“In late November of 2019, Makayla Kelsey faced these questions after returning to school from an absence related to her chronic health condition. Rather than treating Ms. Kelsey with compassion, Ms. Macke humiliated and punished Ms. Kelsey in front of her peers,” the letter stated.

Kelsey’s mother, Charmelle, confronted Macke about her comments but the situation did not improve. Instead, the CRLI claims, school administrators “refused to believe” Kelsey when she “said she felt bullied by Ms. Macke and unsafe at school.” The administrators reportedly “declared her truant, and attempted to refer her to an alternative school,” instead of providing accommodations requested by Charmelle Kelsey.

In another incident, Macke grabbed Kelsey by her arm after she tried to pick up a document on the teacher’s desk. The letter also accused Macke of yanking Yancey and another Black student. Macke was placed on administrative leave before she was allowed back in the classroom.

Macke’s reputation also has potential legal ramifications because she is also accused of posting students’ failing grades on the Smart Board to embarrass them. This act is a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which bars the distribution of privacy educational records like attendance reports and grades.

Macke’s classroom isn’t the only place where Pioneer’s Black students felt targeted. The letter states students in an economics class were made to play a game to see who could collect the most slaves. Black students told the CRLI they received harsher punishment compared to their white counterparts. Additionally, Black female students experienced unequal enforcement of the school dress code, as reported by The Detroit News.

The CRLI letter is demanding Macke’s termination, the establishment of a Race Discrimination Complaint system and an investigation conducted by a third-party civil rights organization. Ann Arbor Public Schools spokesman Andrew Cluley gave a brief statement to WXYZ about the accusations.

“In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we stand strongly against any and all acts of racism, bigotry and bias,” Cluley said. “We will not comment publicly on personnel processes or pending litigation.”

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137 thoughts on “White Michigan Teacher Accused of Racist Behavior Toward Black Students, Posting Bad Grades to Embarrass Them

  1. Michelle L. Harrell says:

    This behavior has no place in society especially where you are tasked with shaping the lives of young people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad she don’t have her teaching job anymore. How does it feel? Just sad,my kids experienced it. However; I never taught them to HATE nor about Racism

  3. This is a fallen wirld of ppl that dont have know Jesus love they can see and dont see they turn a blind eye to what is wrong .

  4. Cynthia says:

    As soon as I found out you grabbed my child’s arm, that is when I would knock the hell out of that white supremacist teacher.

  5. Lorine Penn says:

    The teacher should resign.

  6. Roderick Hendon says:

    How can a educator be allowed to go on without even being checked out to see if the allegations are true… It sounds like a cover up to me…she has done this same thing to others I’m sure and it was swept under the rug… racism is all over this world..our kids shouldn’t have to endure this..

  7. Vivian White says:

    What a damn shame but not surprised. This accusations need to be addressed and she needs to make accountable for her actions if they have it in a black teacher she would’ve been fired or suspended on the spot. I’m praying that one day people will not see the color of a person skin, but the contents of their character. Lord I’m praying that one day we will
    Overcome racism

  8. Markitha says:

    You can post mine and I will say it loudly fire her ass. Smh

  9. Anonymous says:

    This teacher should be fired with school board.

  10. Etta says:

    This is deplorable. She is not interested in educating students. She should be fired.

  11. Ducros says:

    This happens both ways. My daughter complained of a black teacher and her complaints were blown off. Two years later that teacher was front page news in town when many white students stepped up with similar complaints.
    It seems too many teachers spend too much time on things other than teaching

  12. Vicky says:

    This needs to stop with these teachers. She needs to be fired. I wouldn’t want her teaching my dog. I blame the school for not investigating more. She is the worst type of bully: A racist adult bully attacking children and getting paid to do so. How miserable is your life?

  13. Patricia Prince says:

    When will this crap stop??? This teacher is
    very racist! If I was the parent of that young Black girl I would have retained a lawyer to publicly stop that teacher from her racist comments. That is terrible! I would go to the school board, superintendent of schools, newspapers, whomever as her comments could have destroyed this student or other students ability to defend themselves

  14. Cynthia says:

    The teacher has a Facebook and Linkedin profile.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not right but can’t just believe everything the student also I’ve been witness to their lying and making things up

  16. TJ says:

    If the allegations against this teacher are true, she should be disciplined accordingly, up to unpaid suspension and potential dismissal. This is someone who does not belong in a school environment.

  17. Allan ajaya says:

    White trash needs to be Dumped or flushed.
    It’s a disgrace to America God and the rest of humanity.

    She must be fired and publicly humiliated for her racism cruelty and utter lack of Christian venues

    No Karen’s in our public schools
    A concerned father. White skin by the way

  18. D Brown says:

    This is so sad. I’m 72 and I lived a similar situation in grade school and high school by a white teacher. This will never change.

  19. Shirley Finster says:

    If there’s any solid proof if ANY if these accusations- you don’t need a lengthy investigation. She needs to be terminated – immediately. You don’t let accused rapists hang around until an investigation has been completed and this is mental/emotional rape. Scars run jyst as deep.

  20. Yah says:

    Pretty weak. You write like you likely had similar issues in high school regardless of race. I support the movement butjis garbage will make it stall out. Think bigger. Don’t dramatize events and quote things without context you made it sound like the girl interrogated and if she was and the teacher when didn’t go to a Black history month event it makes her racist?? Pull your panties up.

  21. Yah says:

    Pretty weak. You write like you likely had similar issues in high school regardless of race. I support the movement but this garbage will make it stall out. Think bigger. Don’t dramatize events and quote things without context you made it sound like the girl interrogated and if she was and the teacher when didn’t go to a Black history month event it makes her racist?? Pull your panties up. Its irresponsible. To publicize something like this without us of showing a is of behavior overtime or without showing how kids of other races were treated for not performing well. It sounds like the mother and daughter are playing the race card because she underachieved and the teacher embarrassed her. Maybe she isnt a good tescher? Plenty of bad ones. Your showing one side of a story without any real evidence the behavior from the teacher toward the student was racially motivated. If a black teacher did the same things to a white student what would it be called? Nothing except the parents are upset about how poorly the the kid performed academically. That being said if she grabbed daughter and caused injury I’d have an issue with her and have a beat down coming no matter what race.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I call BS

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why is her bigoted racist rhetoric allowed and she should probably watch who’s student she grabs if it were mine she would receive a slap 👋

  24. Brenda Tranumn says:

    This teacher should be terminated. These accusations are true and she is a racist. Her behavior should not continue-she is NOT professional and it shows. Esp. towards the student mentioned here. She is the one, esp. posting negative comments. What school did she learn her social skills.

  25. Holly Trevor says:

    The school won’t comment on the teacher but the teacher will post grades on a board for all to see though smh shame on the school and shame on that “teacher”.

  26. Gregory says:

    Well Mr Cluley, all evidence to the contrary

  27. Arthur Schur says:

    I think it’s wrong to post the teachers name and tell a one sided story. The education system isn’t meant to babysit students. Sounds like this student was most likely disruptive to the learning process of all the other students in the classroom. Hmmm?

  28. Tyrone says:

    The teacher needs to be Fired Immediately!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Get the fuk out of here with your race card. You have the audacity to perpetuate fake racism when BLM are murdering whites every day and burning down cities every night? Attacking whites because they support Trump. GTFOH! Atlanta star is a racist rag!

  30. Al Kuemmerlin says:

    We’re grades of all student who are failing, posted? Schools post lists of students in order to inform them of grade results. Most lists are coded in some way.

  31. A Ford says:

    This statement regarding we can’t comment on personnel matters is a an excuse that is handy. Why would the student makeup such an allegation? Placing these people on paid leave is a vacation. Put them on leave without pay. These are serious allegations. Administration does not want to deal with this hot topic therefore they are attempting to send her to an alternative school. Shame on these grown people.

  32. Rogers says:

    Sad that these students are playing a race card over poor performance. Teachers have a daunting job with the poor attitudes of today’s kids and the lack of support from parents. We are seeing the results on our streets today. The problem starts at home.

  33. Ellis says:

    If the allegations against the “teacher” are true then she should be immediately terminated and also lose her pension.

  34. GB says:

    Though there is an apparent problem, how’s this proposed system going to have safe guards to prevent liars from taking advantage, perhaps a student attempting revenge because he/she didn’t like their earned grade?

  35. Anita says:

    Shame is not enough to say for I am void of any words that can describe you …. putting a black mark on your profession like rouge police that do bad and taint the rest .🇺🇸

  36. al says:

    Black man shoots 5yr old white kid. Crickets. Black NBA guy calls white player a white boy. Crickets.

    Pls write about that.

  37. Anonymous says:

    She shouldn’t be teaching if she hates blacks that bad

  38. Dessa Epps says:

    This goes on in many schools. My daughter went to a catholic school and they dressed up in black face. Nobody cares! Forest black treasure and they tried to take it away from her. Fayette County Pennsylvania. Stole the headstone from my father and many other black vets. Nothing! No black representation don’t want any!

  39. Anonymous says:

    At some point these political correct educated blk family should go straight hood on her racist back side

  40. Andy Lawson says:

    This is a typical, “he said then she said” situation and is a perfect example of the drama that goes on in most young people’s lives and the way they unfortunately portray themselves as victims.

    This situation should be handled with a full scale investigation by the school board and its legal team.

    The rule of law is the Teacher and the Student are innocent until proven guilty. This stance should prevail until all facts are discovered.

    Both the Teacher and the student have equal civil rights and they should be unconditionally upheld.

  41. Sharla says:

    This is insane. You’re system is bigoted. My mother would have never stood for her or anyone of that kind near me or my siblings. Union be damned she has to go & never teach again!

  42. Abdul-Haqq says:

    Petition to have removed from the entire educational system…

  43. Brenda says:

    She should be dismissed. They do this to these kids because they think it’s ok and to question this young lady about her parents is also a violation it’s none of her business. The young lady did the right thing to report this type of behavior, she’s probably been doing this for years, but the buck stops here. This teacher is racist band should not be allowed to teach. She has no passion.

  44. Kimberly says:

    If people cant be kind to everyone, they shouldn’t be in the community

  45. Anonymous says:

    I wish someone would have asked me to play a game of catching slaves, or racial insults. My parents would have been proud of how strong a mind I’d of demonstrated as a youngster! Furthermore, the teacher and all other racist teachers should be terminated!!!

  46. Robin Walker says:

    All students must stand up and fight injustice now. Use your voice and report injustices over and over again. Use social media to force change if you have to. Tell someone….anyone…until you are heard.
    YOU MATTER!!!!!

  47. Carolyn Dixon says:

    This is the problem no one ever imagined would happen with mandatory integration in our public schools. White teachers showing racism toward innocent children. I am a retired teacher and I treated all of my students equally. I was a SpEd teacher and Speech Pathologist in several School environments. My grand children now in school. Their mom a teacher in an elementary school. They go out to school with her or near her. I am thankful. I know what racism feels like. Our children should not have to experience this. That teacher need to find a new profession. Get out of our schools, lady!

  48. Carolyn Dixon says:

    Children should be treated with dignity and respect, always, everywhere.

  49. Anonymous says:

    That is a shitty thing to do but not racist.

  50. Karen says:

    Wtf is going on?! Macke is clearly racist. How is it even possible that she has gotten away with this bs?!

  51. Evelyn Fay Mixon says:

    Even if she did only one of the things she is accused of, she needs to go. That kind of behavior from a teacher cannot be tolerated. She should be permanently banned from teaching anywhere.

  52. Charlie says:

    You said “privacy” instead of “private educational records.”

  53. Julie B. says:

    Absolutely horrible teacher.

  54. Michael M. Venne Sr. says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    Fire her…

  56. Jack says:

    Love this teacher!

  57. Jerbina says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. Make a good example of all the ignorant racist people. It is 2020 NOT 1862. I’m sick of all this bs

  58. Anonymous says:

    I wish everyone get would get along. I think everyone is equal. It does matter what skin you are

  59. Diana says:

    I wouldnt allow remarks by this teacher and allowcto work there again. What does her past history look like?

  60. Willabe says:

    There has to be more to this than just this article, I would like to hear both sides; as a teacher retired after 33 years of high school students, I understand what can go wrong in the classroom, however I have experienced bigotry too.

  61. Laurie says:

    There is no place for racism in any school system. She needs to be terminated and never work in a school again.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Was the girl failing the math class???

  63. Anonymous says:

    I feel there has been a violation of character of this young lady and other students of color. And i feel if the Ann Arbor Public School System doesn’t address these allegations, further steps should be taken. Remember children are tape recorders. And they take note of what adults do.

  64. Sidney says:

    What I see here is the teacher is only trying to help the students by telling them the truth, in my opinion this students don’t like this teacher because she grading students to there ability, the real way not showing favoritism, and this students wants a free ride through school, like the teacher said, if you don’t pay attention in class you will be a looser, we need more teachers like this, testing and graging students the way they should be.

  65. John says:

    Punishment isn’t swift and harsh enough

  66. Sandra Clough says:

    In what universe are we living in that EDUCATORS find this behavior acceptable? I am horrified for these children and I am deeply sorry that in the 21st century they are forced to have their youth and their lives tainted by such blind ignorance and stupidity. We must change the narrative in this country and it must start from the very top. This is not the world I was raised in, I’m 54, and my grandfathers and their brothers fought to prevent exactly what is taking place today. From the bottom of my soul I am sorry, I stand with you, I stand for you, and I will fight beside you. #BLM < not something any of us should have to say, it’s just a fact. Do better people, be better.

  67. Kim Thomas says:

    Racism and hate runs deep. This is what happens when you give a job to someone who use their position, as an educator, to continue their display of hate. It’s time for this to STOP!

  68. Misty says:

    One of the benefits of growing up during the years of segregation was knowing that our black teachers wanted and expected the best from us. Because of segregation, a number of our teachers held Master degrees. Unable to find positions in HBCUs, they took on the challenge of educating and preparing little brown-skinned children who, because of The Civil Rights Movement, would become successful in life. And unlike too many teachers today, they never showed or treated their charges as if they didn’t want to teach them.

    They went to our churches, lived in our neighborhoods, shopped in our grocery stores. They were strick, yet caring. Those were the days when the teachers freely got the benefit of the doubt so we had to behave. They carried themselves with the same pride they expected us to emulate.

    Teaching positive lessons about our people went against district policy and curriculum. Infrequent visits from white administrators who would spend the day observing our classes ensured them that we were adhering to the status quo as we sang our songs and recited our lessons. Then they were gone.

    Some teachers showed a streak of subtle defiance. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Rambo, had us to paint a wonderful, large mural on the wall, which, at the time, did not make sense. It took years for me to understand and it gave me much joy when I did. It depicted two white children happily playing with a ball. Trees and greenery was all around them. A dog was bounding at their feet. But behind their backs was a moving train. The roaring locomotive, similar to the one seen on “Soul Train” was heading into an opening in the ground. This lesson about the Underground Railroad had escaped the scrutiny of visiting white administrators and showed the courage and commitment to teach us to succeed in spite of.those who would hold you back. Even if you had to go around or even UNDER THE GROUND. Their boldness may have been due to the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka (Kansas). But thinking of the community back then, most folks were well-spoken, wise and loving even though they held menial jobs working for white people, mostly. All I know is that our teachers made feel that they cared.

    I should know. I taught amongst them. In multiple school settings, I began to see a pattern. Newly hired white teachers would teach for two years, then move on to districts where most, if not all, of the students were white.And while their outward behavior seldom betrayed them, hearing and observing them in their classrooms did.

    For example, one day, while walking pass a class of talented and gifted students, I heard the teacher tell her them something that was completely inappropriate and unnecessary. They were going to see a play, “The Magic Flute” and she let them know that unlike this performance, the evil character was always portrayed by a black person. The look on the students’ faces instantly changed from excited anticipation to silence. She had lost their attention, connection and respect. One indicator was that she did not return the following semester. In a work room, a white teacher, lavishing praised another teacher’s skill. This went on and on bubbly speaking about her colleague’s attributes. She finally ended her lengthy monologue with, “But you know she’s blond” as if being “blond” was the reason for her talents as a teacher which I questioned. Another incident that i witnessed was when a young, elementary teacher, agreed to play chess with a student. He excitedly asked while setting up the pieces,, what color she was. Coldly, and with a sneer of superiority sneered, superiority, “I’m white. What color are you?” He replied with a voice of defeat and immebse sadness, he lowered his head, and slowly said, “I’m black”. It haunts me to this day, more than 30 years later, that I didn’t say something to this child. I was only one teacher observing these and similar instances of academic and social distancing based on color and economic differences. I also wonder how many students experience this in classes throughout the country.

    There are exceptions. I worked with a teacher, Mr. Patowski, who, in an effort to motivate his students, used reversed psychology. I could hear him down the hall telling them to go ahead and fail so his son could get the good job. Later, I questioned him. He told me, he hoped that his students would take the bait and apply themselves. He cared enough to risk a lot. Then there was Peggy who taught art. Her smiling voice and hands on approach drew in the hearts of her students. I was secretly jealous, a rare thing for me. These were “troubled” students. While I had to work so hard to accomplish, she did with little effort. I was touched how her untimely death deeply saddened her students. The entire climate of the school changed. Even more tragic was learning that her wedding dress had been found hanging on the door of her apartment. So instead of attending a wedding, her students and co-workers would be attending her funeral.

    The direct opposite of the Peggys and Patowskis are teachers like Karen Fitzgibbons.who said black children were “savages”. Children whose parents’ hard work pay their salaries.

    Are you okay with this? You shouldn’t be!

    We are allowing and paying for, many of our children to be taught by too many teachers who don’t care. There focus is getting ready for the State tests. That’s there mbv measure of success and their ticket out. While students are trying to learn in environments where the school resource officers, often police, treat them like criminals. Far too many students are then funneled into For Profit Prison institutions. Changed forever, their lives are chained to a job that benefits someone else. Just like slavery. Their dreams and those of their parents forever lost. Only by chance and determination do these once promising Individuals emerge from their captivity and go on to lead successful lives. Too many work find no or low paying and dead end jobs. Too many return to prison. They unprepared with little direction, with low self-esteem. They become prey. The system, the predator. Their knowledge of the world beyond, absent. They can find no place in it. So they are returned to the only place where, as students, they were taught to fit, prison.

    What is the solution? Let’s talk about it here on this thread. The time is now while we are at this unprecedented change.Their lives are at stake. So is the future of the human race.

  69. Jackie says:

    Fire her and take away her pension! Good luck on the Civil suit. This behavior is hateful, hurtful, and traumatic!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Racism will be here till the end of the world to the Creator comes back and changes to a new world order this will happen in a reservation an adjustment you should know that by now man cannot solve this problem he brung this onto himself when he was disobedient in the garden of Eden you should all know this.

  71. Israel says:

    How intelligent is she at her level and exposition? Even as a teacher! What dies she teaches that make her think she can humiliate anyone?
    Well the best people in the world are often those who come out with what they considered bad grade! These grade are usually influenced mostly by attacks and victims of circumstances that leads to lack of concentration! Those who are the actors can be a teacher, a student, family, society and many more!
    If she dies not know this logic the. She is not fit to teach any one!
    That is why I ask; what is she teaching that makes her feel she can humiliate anyone and how intelligent is she as a teacher that she does not understand the logos of reasoning and human brain?

  72. Ingrid Snook says:

    Mr Andrew Clueless, the very atmosphere of suspicion and disbelief when the girl and her mother tried to complain, reflects badly on all of the administration.
    Mackey is an out and out racist. Understood.
    However, your complicity is the basis of systemic racism.

  73. Anonymous says:

    This racist teacher is a disgrace to the teaching profession. Instead of being a role model to her student she is a nightmare. She is an abuser. No place for her in the classroom. She should be terminated. Worst than a poisonous snake. Remember KARMA IS A BITCH.

  74. Andy Lawson says:

    Excellent video on body language. All Involved seemed to come to one conclusion, deception was apparent in Biden and the answer could possibly be found in the Delaware Papers. Well worth the time it took to watch.

  75. Donna haubrich says:

    I was a teacher of multicultural students. This is a matter of the heart. If you don’t love children, you should never ever become a teacher. I am a teacher, listener of problems at home, intercessor for a child who has a toothache and has never been to the dentist, and a child who was beaten at home. No matter what cultural group they come from.

  76. Phyllis Collins says:

    In this day and age racism is the last thing a child should have to deal with. The education system should take this matter very seriously. It would be a very hostile environment for learning. I am appauled that this teacher was not terminated after the complaint was investigated.
    The fact that the child was interogated about her mother is perhaps the most disturbing.

  77. Robert Woodard says:

    One of the biggest things that I now know that I didn’t in high school or college is the high number or white kids and students taking Adderall. It’s ability to help focus gives students and edge. Black families aren’t offered this by their doctors. They don’t know about it.

  78. Georgia says:

    How can a teacher b so cruel I pray that God will forgive her and those who thinks and feels this way. Shame on u. Read ur Bible teacher

  79. Vicki Calicutt says:

    I think the teacher ought to be fired. This is unethical. Every one should be treated equally whether it is color or special needs young or old.

  80. Anonymous says:

    What a cunt I cant believe that the school allowed this bitch to even be in the class room she l of been call fucked u pic that happened in my school we would have found out what car she was driving and we would of smashed all her windows and put sugar In her tank and spraypainred racial slurs at her as and she how she liked it and we would have found her address and was just Ted for her to go to school and hit her in her knees wit a 2 x 4 that’s what would of happened to her ass if she did that in my school

  81. Stormy says:

    Disgraceful & abuse if her position as an educator.
    So sad for her education & academic average did not give access to teach at Yale.
    Her inadequacies limit her upward mobility as a educator.

  82. I am an African American educator and I show compassion and love for all my students and promote the educational success at the high school level in English Language Arts in Georgia! These young people are our future and we need to make sure they are successful in their careers, future relationships, and promoting a democratic society!

  83. Tonya Silver says:

    This doesn’t even surprise me! It’s heartbreaking to say the least. I’m sure the schools leadership and the school board will try to justify and sweep this under the rug as they’ve always done! This is why black parents need to be more involved in the PTA meetings, etc. But most of all, VOTE, at the lowest levels in their communities. Systematic racism is in every aspect of our lives. Others will continue to have their racist ideals until we step up.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Always the white person’s fault

  85. Carolyn Flowers says:

    She needs to be hailed accountable for her actions. And the school should, also. We pay for the same education as anyone else. They allowed her to continue on after the report. Sue them all. This has to stop. We must fight all over again for our equal rights.

  86. Patricia Miesowicz says:

    She should be fired. That is horrible no child should be treated like this absolutely not right.

  87. M.Curtis says:

    This is too blatant. In light of everything that’s been happening, I don’t think a teacher would do something like this unless she’s thinking, to hell with it, and deliberately committing career suicide, this is fake.

  88. Anonymous says:

    That dog fucking cavebitch need to be fired

  89. John says:

    Every child deserves more treatment like this in the America, bring back the good old days along with corporal punishment in the classroom.

  90. Ronnie ward says:

    That dog fucking cavebitch need to be fired

  91. Ann says:

    She should definitely be fired.

  92. Anonymous says:

    This so sad that racsist people take jobs in Black Communties just for this purpose alone God knows how long and where its happen in many other schools

  93. John Bellviso says:

    Fuck You Leftist Liberal Coward Victim METALITY cunts
    You ARE whats Wrong with EVERYTHING in this country.
    FUCKTARDED shitums and Waste of Lives DELINQUENTS..wah wah wah fucking victims.typical Bullshit Whiny Lazy zero ethic having SLUGS..Go get your free shit And Live your Mediocre GHETTO ASS LIVES.

  94. Pj. says:

    Whats the other side. There’s two sidez to everything than somewhere in the middle is the truth..

  95. Valerie Faulkner ( aka Weez) says:

    Unfortunately these incidents are happening and usually there are no repercussions for the teacher involved

  96. Dorothy Morris says:

    This is so dumb of these people who are racist towards us if you have a problem with us why not go somewhere else just leave us alone and let us live our lives and you live yours its crazy how these people want what we have i had a coworker that would tell me she hate that my skin was so clear and my skin was pretty get a life

  97. C. monroe says:

    Sad thing is that this poor teacher is the victim here. She has been honored in the past with the Martin Luther King award for her work. These are lies that were proved false earlier in the year and the student and her mother refuse to give up trying to get money from the district. It is upsetting that good reporting would have found this out.

  98. Roberta Blanton says:


  99. Joan C James says:

    This woman’s teaching certification should be withdrawn. She has no business in a classroom.

    It’s difficult for me to comprehend this kind of behavior in 2020…but then I have to remind myself Donald Trump is president so this is what you get.

    Meanwhile, get this woman out of all classrooms and force this school’s authorities to change the environment to make it safe and comfortable for students of color.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t surprise me as much as it saddens and angers me to see. But a bunch of ignorant Michigan militia assholes up there, what else do you expect.

  101. Kimball Horton says:

    Mrs. Macke is the worst form of Karen I’ve seen in an educational setting. Her credentials should be revoked and her teacher certification should be shredded. Teaching is a gift but if you represent a racist agenda then this is not the occupation for Mrs. Macke

  102. Jason Teague says:

    Figures a white teacher who is a undercover racist will do some bullshit like this and what it shows that even her white students didn’t even say Hey why you harassing these black students but they didn’t even step up to challenge this teacher behavior.

  103. Anonymous says:

    This teacher definitely does not deserve to teach anyone any further in her life. She deserves to be fired and never allowed to work as a teacher again.

  104. Holli says:

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Fuck it. Bring segregation back!

  105. Anonymous says:

    Who cares?

  106. Dr. Phil Zizmore says:

    The world is tired of you dirty niggers and the backlash will be severe. Learn to live in a normal society once and for all or be prepared to face consequences.

  107. Jimise says:

    People like this shout not be allowed to teach. Her prejudices can impact students negatively.

  108. Tony says:


  109. Tony says:

    When I was in the 6th grade of a white suburban school in the 60s, at the end of each quarter the teacher would line the students up according to academic rank. I could see it was brutal on the low ranking students. No racism just harsh reality. By my recollection he was an excellent teacher but should have skipped this exercise. In college most course grades were posted identified by ss# but were in alphabetical order. Suck it up buttercup

  110. Gina says:

    What a shame, It seems like the teacher already had a record of mistreating her Black student’s. I know teachers have a lot to deal with and today’s society children are extremely disrespectful but there’s a way of addressing certain situations.

  111. LaDonna Andrews says:

    The parents had better check the student transcripts and keep copies of their children’s homework. This has not just happened. I was discriminated agains and stopped from getting a scholarship for college when the teachers that were racist changed my grades and grade point average from 4.0 to 3.0! And ot just me but my bestfriend who was black. We both graduated in January because we had such good grades and had met over and aboveour credits required to graduate. We waited to walk with our class in June 1976. If our grades were so bad how is it that we graduated early. I was devastated that I could not get a scholarship for college! So please check this because it ia another means to stop black college graduates

  112. Anonymous says:

    Fuck your whiny black asses

  113. Macke should be fired, just everyone knows, I am 65 and white. So no one thinks this is coming from another frustrated black person. It is coming from a FRUSTRATED old white lady. She should be let go and never be allowed to teach anywhere in this country.

  114. Linda Carter says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME…I lived it..

  115. As a Public Educator for over 20 yrs and a proponent of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Instruction, I find teachers like this one a disgrace and detrimental to my choose profession. Furthermore, even though I don’t live in the great State of Michigan, I hope that she gets dismissed and loses her license.

  116. Keith says:

    Students need to start recording all teachers at this school and take detailed notes

  117. Alexander says:

    I had her as a teacher in 2002 at pioneer…….. she used public humiliation as a tool then. At the time she taught a lot of accelerated classes. Overall the accusations seem consistent with my experience.

  118. J says:

    And this is why dress code is rarely enforced any more. People are afraid of law suits or just being called out. Ridiculous. Our schools are going to get worse and worse. Mark my word.

  119. John Simpson says:

    Surely there is evidence corroborating some or all of one story. Before assigning blame to teacher or student, more info will help.

  120. What is going to be done with the school administrator for not taking a much better look into this situation. If there were various complaints, that should give them a hint. Some teachers walk on this earth like they own the schools and students in them especially when they have the administrators in their pockets. This is a nation of opportunities. All individuals have the same rights and opportunities to exceed and become a positive person to our society. Because you’re of a specific race it doesn’t mean that you have the right to belittle others from different backgrounds. We all grow with difficult life situations. Of course some are more lucky than others. Here are some kids yelling for help and your job is to provide them with wisdom so that they can succeed in life not to put them down. Just imagine if it were your kid!!!!

  121. Darla says:

    It dont sound racist to me at all.
    Except the slave game ( IF thats even true).
    Some teachers are just stern and even mean. But
    that teacher never mentioned any Color or race.
    And of corse the other girls will agree with their
    friend. I think you need to Prove that the
    teacher really acted racist. I dont believe what
    they said. I think the teacher would have been scares
    to be racist to a class of blk. kids.

  122. Steven says:

    The teacher should be fired not laid off she had no reason to do what she did to that child all she is doing is trying to learn at least she was in school and not out starting trouble there is no room or people like that does not matter what color they are she needs to be fired.

  123. Carlea says:

    If you’re an educator and your students aren’t grasping the lesson, then you have some accountability to do more. Maybe your teaching method sucks!

  124. Capedave says:

    Administration of Ann Arbor school should place Ms. Marke on administrative leave. Following a thorough investigation, if the allegations are true firing Ms. Marke is the only solution.
    As in ANY profession bad workers exist. In education a teacher can pollute the minds of thousands over the course of a career.
    Ann Arbor make this right, if warranted, no second chances. Terminate.

  125. Debra Morrow says:

    It is disgusting and criminal that an educator would treat any student like this. I am glad that the student(s) we’re finally heard by someone. We teach our children to listen to their teachers, trust them and then you have someone like this woman betray that trust.
    She needs to find a new job not working with people.

  126. Wade Williams says:

    Terminate her, but before they do make her apologize to all the students she harassed in a school assembly.
    Then give her the termination papers in the front of the assembly.
    That were teach her humility, and to not humiliate, embarrassed, or bully any non-white students!.

  127. Shenequa Smalls says:

    trump is letting all of his racist supporters get away by any means necessary!! So sad!! It’s going to come back and bite all of them in the ass!! Just watch!!

  128. Barbara Grigsby says:

    That teacher had liw self esteem which caused a mental illness, sometimes we think its just hate when actually its a taught anguish of mental illness she probably can’t tell you why she was acting like that. Most of these racist actors or crying out for help.

  129. Katie E. Evans-Bartley says:

    If you stand strongly against any and all acts of racism, bigotry and bias, the teacher should be removed. She s the epitome of bigotry, racism, bias and hatred. She should not be allowed to use the classroom as a platform for her hatefulness. Her job is to prepare the students for the future, instead she is trying to discourage them. What she is telling the other students who are white is this is how we treat others. She is not fit to teach dead people. The school administration is dragging its feet in this matter , thus making it seem as if they are partners in this crime. For this is a crime, trying to steal a child’s life and future.

  130. Anonymous says:

    so everyone is white is racist let teachers be teachers if it was a white girl it wouldnt have been an issue who is really invisible in this country just because you cry the loudest doesnt mean your right

  131. Derrick Armstrong says:

    I already sent an email to the superintendent of schools. I assure you that if this teacher is not terminated, there will be action taken by activist groups in Ann Arbor. No justice, no peace!

  132. Carol Kremer says:

    I have to wonder if Makayla and her mother went to see the Pioneer HS principal, Mr. Lowder, who is black and welcomes all comments and complaints from all families no matter their race or affiliation. He had already dealt with this issue earlier in the year and Ms. Macke was absolved at that time. It looks like Makayla’s mother cannot accept that decision and is taking advantage of a very justified moment in time (BLM) and decided to bypass the principal and went to a black University of Michigan law student who seems to know nothing of the situation at Pioneer and wanted to garner some attention. I wonder if she knows the principal is also black and is a very fair man who strongly supports racial justice. I am not defending Ms. Macke out of hand because I don’t know her nor do I know the complainant. I do know the principal though and I trust his judgment. For the record, I am white and have two kids at Pioneer HS and our family absolutely supports BLM and the staff at Pioneer.

  133. Anonymous says:

    In other words ann arbor school district plan to do nothing

  134. Nickey Jorda says:

    This teacher need to be investigated in so many level. Let’s try and listen to students . Investigate more than 1 or 2 black students related to this teacher. Thanks

  135. Rod says:

    Get her job.

  136. Arnetha Inge says:

    I think this teacher needs to be fired and sued. I think the administration needs to be reprimanded for not taking the complaints serious. This evil has got to stop.

  137. Zahra says:

    There are a lot of teachers like this at Pioneer High School. I was a student there and I complained about several teachers and nothing was done about it. I was told that I was being overdramatic, that I did not have the intellectual capacity to be in the class (even though I graduated with a 4.0 GPA), or my anxiety was used against me. I was told I should either deal with the teachers or drop out of the class. My friends and fellow classmates also complained but their experiences fell on deaf ears. Pioneer is more concerned about protecting their teachers than their students. And let me not speak on the classism…

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