‘That’s Not How Depression Works’: Fans Drag ‘Hip-Hop Boot Camp’ Star Devon Waller for Implying Hazel E ‘Had Barely Any Postpartum Depression’ Because He Spoiled Her

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition” cast member and model Devon Waller seems to have rubbed some people the wrong way with a response he offered to fans’ criticism of his relationship with his fiancée, Hazel E.

Devon Waller wants to know what’s wrong with letting his woman Hazel E spoil him/ Photo Credit: @devonwallerofficial/Instagram

In an Instagram Stories post, 25-year-old Waller went off, addressing criticism from fans that he allows his fiancée Hazel E to spoil him too much. In his message, Waller mentions Hazel “barely” suffering from postpartum depression after the June 15 birth of their daughter, Ava Dior, because of whatever he does to contribute to his wife’s overall happiness and well-being.

“Just a FYI SO EVERYBODY can shut the da f**k up. There is nothing wrong wit your woman spoiling you,” his defensive post read. “S**t my wife don’t have to move a muscle I make sure she’s full, happy, loved, treated great. She had barely any postpartum depression, so I know what I bring to da table.”

He went on to tell people to mind their business and such, but followers were clearly hung up on the first part of his statement.

“He lost me when he implied a man doing things they should can stop postpartum,” wrote a follower.

“‘She had barely any postpartum depression’🥴 ok,” another commented.

“We get it. She’s your sugar mama 😅,” noted a third.

“That’s not how depression works my guy but go off,” responded a fourth.

“Yeah Cause postpartum depression has to do with how involved a man is 🥴🥴,” commented a fan sarcastically.

Devon Waller has a message for people who’ve been criticizing his relationship with Hazel-E./ Photo Credit: @devonwallerofficial/Instagram

The pair is no stranger to having their relationship questioned by outsiders. Their 15-year age difference was a sore spot for their families in the beginning, but according to Devon, they’re in a better place now and anyone else who has an issue with it will be cut off. Periodt.

“At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less what a parent, what a brother or sister has to say,” he said. “It’s my relationship and if you don’t like it, you can get out.”

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