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New York Woman Arrested After She Hit Two Little Black Boys with Her SUV and Drove Off

Two young boys were seriously injured after a New York woman hit them with her car and drove away.

Shannon Palmer, 31, is accused of crashing her Ford Explorer into 12-year-old Toriano Jamison and 9-year old Troy Russell while they were riding their bikes by a Ronkonkoma road on August 3, reported Newsday.

Toriano Jamison (left) and Troy Russell (right) were left with serious injuries after Shannon Palmer struck them with her Ford Explorer and drove off. (Photo: StandWith/Twitter)

A six-year-old boy, Max Copeland, was riding with them but he was unharmed and ran to get help after the incident. Russell and Jamison were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Palmer was arrested less than 12 hours later at her home in Hauppauge. She was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident with serious physical injury.

A GoFundMe campaign reportedly created by Jamison’s mother described the extent of his injuries.

“My son needed emergency surgery upon arrival to Stony Brook,” Shonetta Jamison wrote. “He was treated for deep abdominal gashes, found to have a concussion and multiple fractures on both hip bones. He has kidney, lung and colon damage as a result. Along with the physical damage, my son is going through a tremendous amount mentally.”

Jamison added she wasn’t sure if her son would be able to walk again. Russell’s condition is just as dire, according to a fundraiser created by his mom Symone Houston.

“Up til today my son has had 3 surgeries and counting. Troy’s body is covered in lacerations and bruises. He has 3 broken ribs, a broken right elbow, and a broken left thumb. His left Achilles heel broke straight through and his right leg snapped in half from the impact,” she wrote on a GoFundMe campaign she created for Russell over the weekend.  “Troy now faces possible amputation of his right leg which is why he will be transferred to a new hospital in the next upcoming days.”

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2 thoughts on “New York Woman Arrested After She Hit Two Little Black Boys with Her SUV and Drove Off

  1. Linda Carruthers says:

    I am at a loss for words. I pray
    that both boys are ok and that
    in the end there are no lasting
    Problems for either of those
    little boys. The person who
    Left the scene should be held
    Accountable and prosecuted

  2. Trice says:

    She may not be judge by her follow peers but That Man Up Above will let u die slowly and painfully she will regret it And anyone who supports her actions are jus as guilty it may not be in this life but we all must pay for our sins On Earth and In Heaven and the sad part is sometimes our loved ones that are innocent has to pay the price for ur evil ways don’t forget about ur own family children and all we all at the mercy of this world black or white people fighting for a place u must leave one day the earth isn’t forever but nobody want to face that fact

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