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‘You’re Breathing, Because You’re Talking…’: Video Shows Black Man Saying ‘I Can’t Breathe’ As Guards Pinned Him to the Floor Soon Before His Death

Video footage showing the moments that led to the death of John Neville, a Black inmate who stopped breathing at a Winston-Salem, North Carolina, jail, has been released to the public for the first time.

Neville, a 56-year-old father of five, stopped breathing in detention at the Forsyth County Jail in December. A judge recently decided to release 40 minutes of body camera footage showing officers restraining Neville in his cell in an encounter that led to involuntary manslaughter charges being filed against the jail personnel.

Neville, who was being held for pending assault charges, reportedly fell from his top bunk to the concrete floor of his cell. Several jail detention officers and a nurse responded to the medical emergency.

Officers told Neville, who was “disoriented and confused,” that he had suffered a seizure.

“You’re going to be all right buddy. All right? You’re going to be all right. Having a little bit of a medical episode, here,” a corrections officer said.

(Photo: Forsyth County Jail video screenshot)

As the nurse attempted to take Neville’s blood pressure, he became increasingly agitated. One officer used his knee to restrain him.

A spit mask was placed over Neville‘s face and he was transferred to another room in a restraint chair. In the observation cell, he was pinned to the mattress and restrained by five officers as he pleaded for help and repeated that he couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe, please!” cried Neville.

“John, will you stop so I can get these off?” said an officer as officers attempted to remove Neville’s handcuffs.

As Neville continued to say that couldn’t breathe, an officer responded: “You’re breathing, because you’re talking, you’re yelling, you’re moving.”

When the key needed to unlock and remove Neville’s handcuffs broke, bolt cutters were used to break the cuffs as officers continued to pin his body against the floor of the cell.

Eventually, officers finished removing the cuffs and left the room. According to the police report, the nurse did not see Neville breathing at this time. He was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and died two days later.

The medical examiner found that Neville died of a brain injury and cardiopulmonary arrest due to “positional and compressional asphyxia during prone restraint.”

“I apologize for what happened that day,” Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough has said of the incident.

Neville’s family has filed a lawsuit against Forsyth County and Wellpath, the company that provides medical services to the jail.

Five officers and the nurse involved face charges of involuntary manslaughter.

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236 thoughts on “‘You’re Breathing, Because You’re Talking…’: Video Shows Black Man Saying ‘I Can’t Breathe’ As Guards Pinned Him to the Floor Soon Before His Death

  1. David Cooper says:

    All of them involved should go to prison

  2. Louise Levy says:

    All Officers need to be charged with first degree murder.

  3. JOAQUINA says:

    Everyone involved should be sent to prison! This is new slavery but, best believe that the same slave masters and Al their descendants will experience the same wrath their for father’s have on Black people! Everyone that’s against the black race will be held accountable!

  4. TINA R JACKSON says:

    They are so on top of him…you can’t even see his body! How long does it take to takeoff handcuffs? Everyone of them pigs sholyd be fired and arrested! Cops murdered another Blackman in custody! Asphyxia and Head injury. They didn’t even bother to even help this man!!!

  5. Yacoc says:


  6. moses-of-kinloch says:

    you all report the best stories but why have you stop the share button. these stories needs to be shared around the country.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sad That Just Sad!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    They took a life and they all should be given life

  9. Vickkivelle says:

    Send them all straight to prison for murder. My God, they just killing more and more black people everyday. They don’t care about being fired or jailed as long as they killed a black man or woman. This makes me have hatred for cops but I no they all ain’t bad. I hate racist cops. They makes me sick and should all be in prison

  10. Wendy Uher says:

    Every one of them should get the death penalty he did it deliberately bigoted cold heartedly did it for fun get the death penalty

  11. Anonymous says:

    This needs to stop! So very sorry to the family. May Justice Prevail.

  12. LaRome Armstrong says:

    Forsyth county is known for it’s extreme racism against BLACK people.

  13. Dee says:

    You can blow bubbles under water but you can’t breathe

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why did it take all of these Animals on (1) Person to take some handcuffs off? And why did he have to be pend to the floor for all this to take place.

  15. Scottie Wood says:

    Yes, this is the part of the law has to be changed. Reform is needed. That is not involuntary..the maximum should be imposed as a deterrent to others.

  16. E. Daniels says:

    Well, as long as he apologized….

  17. Kenneth Scott says:

    They don’t give a damn about Black Lives

  18. Lashay1966 says:

    We shall over come son! I’m so sick and tired of racist and incompetent personnel mistreating people. They have done this before and again and again. And no one in charge gives a care. Their needs to be a revolution.

  19. Hip Hop Artist says:

    WTF? They should get the same treatment as punishment.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is sad and he studied Saying he Can’t Breathe. It took 5 Officers to get the handcuffed off. Why didn’t they sit him up first then take the handcuffed off. Those Officers need to be in Jail and don’t get paid , lose there pension money.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The cuffs could have easily been removed with him sitting up ,could they not This was plainly murder By all of them ,not one of them had sense or compassion to say let’s sit him up to remove the cuffs ,but we
    Calling him buddy all the time killing him
    And was not the fact that he was talking saying he couldn’t breathe it clearly was because it was hard for him to breathe.

  22. Cynthia Bedell says:

    The ability to talk being related to the ability to breathe sounds like a failure of police officers equating their CPR Choking training to Manual Restraint tactics employing manual suffocation. There is a huge difference in the two techniques.

    In choking, it is appropriate to have a person attempt to clear their airway if it is still open. The ability to talk, supports this theory because airflow over the vocal cords produces sound.

    With manual suffocation, there is consistent restriction of the airway until it is completely occluded. At this point, the person is unconscious, most likely never to regain it again.

    The retraining of police officers MUST draw a distinction of the two..

  23. Sherry says:

    The bastards shoukd be fired and sent to prispn for their natural born lives. The family should sue them, the county and the police department.

  24. Hakim says:

    I think this should be investigated because how many of my people have to die before we get some kind of justice.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The system is so broken and these trained individuals are so ignorant. Why not just stop and give the person time to get themselves together and then continue, instead you use excessive force and a life is lost.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Joseph Nicolosi says:

    Do they see what happened to George Floyd are they ignorant to what they just did

  28. Violet says:

    People need to understand because you can speak doesn’t mean you can breathe. Why would someone lie about that. It’s their life they’re talking about and that’s no joke. While they’re speaking it’s the exhale breath the same things happening to them as if an anaconda or python has a grip on you. You can exhale but not inhale you die. Think about it.

  29. Angela says:

    Please stop pitting Americans against one another by continually putting the race in the headlines. We can see by the photo that he’s black oh, you don’t need to say black man restrained. If the media would stop putting headlines in there to pit black people against white people, we could move so much further ahead. Why is it when this happens to a white person oh, you never put white man dies at the hands of in the title

  30. Anonymous says:

    Damn Shame when is this shit gonna stop 🙁

  31. Anonymous says:

    This has to stop

  32. Allen Jones says:

    Its obvious that he could breathe, also he’s not listening
    To the officers and that would be normal for a criminal
    That’s in jail. He could breathe fine cause he’s tslking t he whole time. He was obviously on some jail house drugs
    Which is normsl in that situation. Maybe if he listened he would be alive today.

  33. Lauri Biern says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    It looks like the officers did nothing wrong they was trying to help maybe inmate had other underlying medical issues didn’t look like he was being ruffed up

  35. Snuggums says:

    Yes every last one that was there should be in prison for the rest of there life

  36. Bugged Spray says:

    Cowardice is unholy in the name of Jesus and in the eyes of our heavenly father there’s no law that allows you to kill the Bible has written thou shall not kill. Police Jobs definition is protect and serve.

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Samantha says:


  39. Facts says:

    Why does it always take multiple officers to restrain one person? This is another disgusting “MURDER” of a Black man! I will be so glad when God brings His wrath down on these cold hearted evil demon racists and there descendants. The same way they have done it to Black people for over 400 years. All Police Depts. need to do a get rid of these racist bigoted Officers, this is disgusting!

  40. Anonymous says:

    DID no one understand he fell off a top bunk why? Was he on drugs? It plainly said the hands Cuffs had to be cut off he must have Been hurt when he fell from the top bunk was another inmate in the lower bunk so many thing there that was clearly pointed out. It was him screaming why was he fighting them they were trying To trying help

  41. David says:

    All cops should be locked up for murder nothing less will do

  42. Mr somalia says:

    Sick psychopaths, what’s more disturbing 2 black officers giggling as trophy

  43. Bill Smith says:

    One thing people fail to realize is the prison system is run by the Democrats along with the police and the courthouse it is all controlled by democrat-controlled unions, The teachers union profits from 401k through the prison system…. The Democrats are to blame they control that part of the system….

  44. Anonymous says:

    This definitely needs to be investigated !! Why did they all have to get on top of the man just to take his handcuffs off ?? If he was so out of control leave the cuffs on until he calms down !! When he was saying he could not breath why didn’t they back off & set him up, there was enough of them to control him?? Did they really think he was going to run !! To many questions just watching that short video, needs investigated forsure!!

  45. Someone with sense says:

    40 minutes of video and you’re all on here reacting to a minute and 24 seconds of it..? YOU are the problem. So quick to react to obvious race baiting articles…

  46. joe says:

    Racist media. He could breath or he would be talking and hollering. He should have complied to began with.

  47. Anonymous says:

    If people would act right all this shit could be avoided. No, no. Continually not listening so they have to use force then they die. Same shit, same types involved, same outcome.

  48. John says:

    Correction officers don’t have no medical training there to busy trying to restrain you now you need them to play dr too there should be at least one CO there at all times that’s certified in such medical cases so they could give a mild Sedative to relax some one from hurting them selves or others remember this is jail nobody has been convicted of nothing if they had bail money they wouldn’t be there TALKING about if you could talk you could breathe He’s taking with the breath he has left in his lungs you ever thought of that 😡

  49. Cathy White says:

    Oh great 🤨😒🙄 not another one 🙄 now they’re all going to use that excuse when they’re being subdued 🤬
    If this guy really couldn’t breathe, he would not have been able to keep yelling. And…once again, if he had complied with what officers were telling him to do, maybe he wouldn’t be dead.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Serves the nig right for being a dumb ass he should have never broke the law in the first place. They all act l in ke the world owes them. fuck them . They wanna keep running their mouths about being slaves in the past, maybe should put em back into slavery if they wanna keep bringing up the past. There still are plentiful of cotton feilds

  51. Tom says:

    Apparently there is a lot about the human body that we don’t know or understand. All my life I’ve been told that if you are able to talk, you are breathing. I just wonder if this isn’t training that law enforcement needs so that they can recognize the threat and change their approach, to neutralize it. I refuse to believe that law enforcement intends to kill these people.

  52. Cathy White says:

    Ummm no, not true. The 2 different pathologists that performed the autopsies of the George Floyd case even said that if even IF officers had knelt on someone’s neck, in of itself would NOT cause death.

  53. Cathy White says:

    I totally & completely 100% agree with you.

  54. Cathy White says:

    Oh for crying out loud JOAQUINA 😒🤨🙄🤬 GIVE IT A FRIKKIN REST!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    What a crock of shit. Those officers were wrong but we ALWAYS refuse to even whisper the fact that he began resisting. Why do they always resist instead of just complying? Comply and then you can whine about police brutality. All you ass clowns who hate this country? LEAVE. We need to take all this stimulus money and purchase you a ticket out of here.

  56. Batman says:

    He is breathing because he is talking. He is resisting the help that he needs. He obviously has other medical issues. When do people ever take responsibility for their own actions. Why was he in there? Failure to comply to the very people who are trying to help. Charges should be dropped. Sorry, but he should be alive. Think about your family before you take the actions that put you there to begin with. Go bless them. Prayers needed.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the proof that he died???

  58. Anonymous says:

    I agree prison.

  59. Anonymous says:

    A concerned citizen says: Smart Alec remarks out of the mouths of those who think they have the upper hand. You get back what you put out. One day they will be on the receiving end.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Open your eyes!! They were trying to get the cuffs off of him and he continued to fight them. He would have been fine had he just done what he was told to do. Here’s an idea, don’t do anything to get yourself put in jail to begin with!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Comply and you won’t die!!!!

  62. Text book response IF YOU CAN TALK YOU BREATHE

  63. Francis A Atienza says:

    the ones who had knowledge and didn’t help him should all go to prison and justice should be served for his family our deepest condolences.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Wanna make a difference? Go to school and become involved in law enforcement. Then you can see how difficult it is for the men and women who are currently doing their jobs, Find out how hard it is to restrain someone who is out of their minds. Maybe you will be the one to find the way! Also, quit teaching the youth of this country to fear and attack the humans that wear badges. It truly is up to you.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Seems that the root cause leading to his death was his activity assaulting someone else. Then without any officer involvement managed to fall off a bunk landing on concrete floor….It sounds like previous comments neglected all of those facts that actually led to this situation,none of which were officers fault. Just saying…

  66. Sandra says:

    All these comments about not caring about black lives, but did any of you notice two of the officers were black?

    And to this person: JOAQUINA says:
    August 9, 2020 at 3:54 pm
    “Everyone involved should be sent to prison! This is new slavery but, best believe that the same slave masters and Al their descendants will experience the same wrath their for father’s have on Black people! Everyone that’s against the black race will be held accountable!”

    Obviously Joaquina, you only listen to what others tell you and you don’t read the Bible. No one pays for the sins of another. Ezekiel 18. Please read it.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Where is the outrage over black on black murders? There are many more times that is occurring! Why are people not outraged over gang killings? Where was your outrage when innocent babies are murdered in drive by? Where is your outrage when monsters kidnap, beat, torture and rape young girls and suff them in garbage cans to suffocate? Are we to believe this is just “normal” behavior for blacks? Yes, there are some bad cops out there but not all of them are. Yes there are bad black people out there but not all of them are. Yes, there are bad….fill in the blank….. but not all of them are. If you are going to be outraged, get outraged at all of the above.

  68. Anonymous says:

    This shit will never stop

  69. Stephanie says:

    Law suits and its settlements mean nothing. These counties have money set aside for miscellaneous conduct. Plus, the monies are from tax payers, so the county is not financially impacted.

    These officers lack empathy and professionalism. I laugh when I see CPR on the side of their car. C- courtesy’. P-professionalism, R-respect. It’s a joke

  70. Rod says:

    And these idiots keep crying all lives matter. If thats even remotely true wheres the outrage? What are they doing about atrocioties such as this if ALM? Or do they just say it because it avoids any real responsibility? My guess is the latter. Its not blue lives which are in that chair its not white lives its black lives. People who say anything else simply are cowards and fools.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Every last one of them need to get the death sentence. They plainly killed a human if you look at the video there are no black officers involved if one had been present this wouldn’t have happened. But know for sure God sour’sits high and looks low each of them will be dealt with according to Gods will

  72. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do the crime and you won’t be treated like a criminal, period!!!! Get over it people

  73. Jimmy Owleye. says:

    Well he should of obeyed the laws in the first place. He would of never been in this predicament.

  74. Michael Jackson says:

    If this was a white guy, no of you cry babies be saying a word!!!!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that if you are not doing anything illegal nothing happens to you? Also notice that if cops are around and you do as they say and stop moving the fuck around and going into beast mode nothing happens? Look at the Floyd video. When they approached the Benz the passenger quickly turned to the cops and put his has where they could see them. Cops had a chat with him. Nothing happened. They treated him with respect. He respected the officers. Ever seen the show cops? Plenty of white dumbasses thinking they can wrestle copa or outrun them and they get shit beat out of them and dogs sent after them. The ones that cooperated nothing happens.

  76. Anonymous says:

    If fat boy quit being lazy and did some shrugs up in the joint maybe his fragile neck wouldn’t have bitched out.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many other inmates have died same way and nobody knows!! Absolutely not justified . This poor man was murdered!! Condolences to the family RIP John 😇😢

  78. Janet Libby says:

    Omg! I wonder how many other inmates this has happened to and nobody knows!!! Absolutely, no justification for Murder, plain and simple!! Condolences to the family. RIP John 😇😢🙏

  79. Quana-Renee says:

    This is what I fear because I have black sons. These police officers are getting out of hand with manslaughter and think that they stuff don’t stank and they think they’re going to get away with it. There’s hell to pay. They’ll have to answer to God himself because he’s not pleased and there’s way too much going on.

  80. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t there fault he fell off the top bunk they had to get control of the situation.If he had done something to be in jail All you ppl want to make spectacle of LAW ENFORCEMENT. He died 2 days after the incident so how was the jail staff responsible for his death.All you ppl are Looking for is a get rich quick sceam. The moral of the story is stay out of jail and things like this don’t happen. So it was his fault and no one is to blame but he himself.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Having read the article let me educate y’all besides a few possibly unnecessary steps as far as a spit mask and restraint chair what was done sounds accurately by the book. Y’all don’t like it cause you don’t understand the procedures and environment . Is it a tragedy yes but if he died 2 days later guess what? That’s from the brain injury.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Fire them many dickheads do it take to unlock handcuffs….u murdered that man fk u all involved 🖕🏾🤬🖕🏾

  83. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Let’s defund the police so a majority of them quit. Release a large number of incarcerated felons due to COVID 19 so they can go about committing more crime as some have already done. While we’re at it, let’s abolish the 2nd amendment seeings how it was written by slave owners. That should fix everything right up.

  84. Julie wilmoth says:

    Anyone who isn’t outraged by this better get on their knees this makes me angry every time I see it!!! I have children that have experienced the same thing as a young black female right here in Forsyth county and it’s always swept under a rug and I have pictures of the bruises on her back and might I add only 16 years old honor student with no criminal record held down by three white officers with their knees in her back!!

  85. Mr Johnny Giles Jr says:

    “Hell” is Expanding And Ever Widening! And Those that Defy The Lord By Acting Wrong In The Flesh When Departing This Life In The Spirit they Shall See and Feel The Judgements Of The Lord🙏🏽🙏🏽 For Man Only knows Flesh but not the Spirit Ways in Judgement of The Lord. Until he/she is There!

  86. Lucretia Armstrong says:

    Please just stop all the killing, people when someone say I can’t breathe stop what you’re doing and help them don’t tell them they can breathe because their talking,take time to take their vitals calm down and monitor the situation. 5 officers and a nurse was presented yet none of them listened to the now dead gentleman. I wouldn’t wish Jail on no one,but some kind of punishment has got to be done for their actions. They all have accidentally killed this man out of ignorance. God don’t hold people of sin for being ignorant. So may God bless all of your. The person RIP and the ignorant may your souls be at rest.

  87. Laura says:

    Charges need to be upgraded. You see the one officer forcefully jump on him when he screams “my leg.” Then when the officer tells him “you can breathe you’re talking” instead of adjusting him, he’s making a conscious decision to keep this handcuffed man pinned down.

  88. Anonymous says:

    The amount of hate in these comments is scary.

  89. Sister Marie says:

    That Don’t Make No Sense… Cause When He Kept Saying He Can’t Breath That Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Should’ve Taken His Vital Signs Right Then In There… She Didn’t Care. She Was Suppose To Had Asked Them To Stand Back So She Could Check Him… God Got A Boot 🥾 For Her To… To Boot 🥾 Kick Her Straight Down To The Pit Fires 🔥 Of Hell… Every Last One Of Them… Cause She Heard Him Yelling Out He Can’t Breath… They’re Not Showing The Video. Just Letting You Hear Him Begging 🥺 For Air Cause He Can’t Breath… And His Wrist Was Hurting But They Didn’t Even Care About That Either… I Want To See How All Of Them Is Breathing Right Now…

  90. Gretchen says:

    So the man fell out of his bunk and was determined to need medical attention so they put him in handcuffs? What is wrong with people? AND when someone feels like they can’t breathe they are going to become agitated, especially if they feel confined. It’s a natural survival response.

  91. Anonymous says:

    He obviously could breathe just fine.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Is isn’t just blacks, my dear! That is the only ones publicized

  93. Anonymous says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous i think you are one them. You say they didn’t yes they did something wrong they took another human being life. It’s if a criminal not It’s not just that’s God jobto judge us not them

  95. Veronica says:

    My brother was murdered by a white Oakland Police Officer in 1976. We started the Hispanic movement then and it’s still happening 44 years later and countless of people of color murdered by law enforcement.

  96. Anonymous says:

    They all cops need to be shoot

  97. David says:

    Allen Jones , from the start of your gibberish I knew you were a idiot and what came out your mouth proved me to be correct .
    Talking and losing the ability to breathe is two different things ,Can you breathe under water ? But yet your able to swim ,but stupid is something that needs to be a crime.
    No one saw medical Examiners report ?

  98. Lyons, P says:

    I don’t understand why everyone commenting in this post is so against what was happening in this video and not taking into account what it means to have a seizure, fall from the top bunk, and suffer a head injury. This man needed a benzodiazepine (midazolam/Ativan/Valium) due to his postictal state and head injury. Often times people become panicked, confused, and combative after a seizure, and to be honest, it’s not easy to help people in that state and it truly does require a lot of people. I see no wrong doing in this incident other than withholding medication. Get off of race and your hatred for cops. If you don’t believe me, go stand in the shoes of our cops/paramedics/firefighters/nurses and do a better job.

  99. Anonymous says:

    First and foremost my sincere condolences to this family. You are in my thoughts and prayers today and the coming days.

    Each and EVERYONE INVOLVED NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO PUT A DAMM BAG OVER ANYONE’S HEAD!!! This shit right here infuriates me. I don’t want to hear but this but that. But he was also restrained wtf could he do? Maybe each of you need to sit somewhere while restrained with a bag over your head. Do you imagine you’d like that???

  100. Debra Garcia says:

    They should all be given life sentences! But not because the victim was black, but because he was in medical danger and they did not listen to what he kept voicing. Could have been any color, so let’s stop with the race card! It mattered because he was someone’s son, father, brother, husband or uncle. No race cards!🙏🏻🕊

  101. Tanya Ward says:

    There was to many people trying to hold him down to black and two white and they all was on top of him he was asking for help he couldn’t breathe they was smothering him to death it was to late to get him to the hospital.They should all go to jail.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Okay so nobody is seeing what took place in the beginning before the cuffs were being removed. I mean he is a prisoner and none of us know his history. That being said I do agree that this method of restraint is obviously not a good way to restrain someone. They need to be retrained to a new method.

  103. Jay Dee says:

    And here comes BLM having a field day and planning their next riots.

  104. Gay says:

    How hard is it for Police officers to keep their hands off of people.Just keep your Hand off of People. Simple.

  105. William says:

    Why is it that you think they are racist because they were cops on a black man, did you read the story. He had a seizure the cops were there to help him, when he awoke he slowly got more mad that they were on him. They had to restrain him sadly they were a little bit to rough and sadly enough someone died because of it. You do realize this happens to white inmates to right the media just plays it like it only happens to black inmates so that they can turn us on each other.

  106. Anonymous says:

    How many of you actually watched the video? Posting comments about the cops being racist, not knowing that two of the three are black.
    Many of you have no clue how many times police hear excuses in hopes of going to the hospital to “avoid jail time”. Or at least get cleaned up and postpone it.
    Now, that being said, officers need to understand they are NOT medically trained to determine if someone needs medical attention. The instance someone in custody says they need medical attention, they should call immediately for it.

  107. Anonymous says:

    People , stop being triggered without knowing the situation. The media has manipulated all of us to believe what they want us to believe. They are trying so darn hard to divide this country and spread hatred, anger and negativity towards each other. They do nothing to help to heal our already wounded souls, spirit.

  108. A. Hurtado says:

    Every one of those correctional officer should be hung by buy a tree until dead just as they did to that poor man who kept saying I can’t breathe.

  109. SR Bullis says:

    I have viewed all the released videos. The think the only real mistake made by the officers was that, knowing he had fallen from the top bunk, EMS should have been called immediately. The public fails to understand that many inmates will fake injuries; therefore the PD must remain in control. Mr Neville was exhibiting signs of a neurological injury or episode which they are not equipped to handle. Blaming them only makes it worse.

  110. Anonymous says:

    It sounded like the cops were just trying to help and what happened was really an accident unlike Floyd’s incident.

  111. Anonymous says:

    This is why america has gone mad because of all the things people cant get right for once this is why the police look bad there suppose to be protecting us not going against us this America the world’s saddest country

  112. Tired of blk vs wht says:

    Oddly the cops rushed in to save him. Considering he fell from the top bunk that’s where he hit his head. Article says they restrained him when he became agitated which is 100% correct.

    Instead of fanning the flames of racism why don’t we all reserve judgement until we see the body cam footage ourselves ?

    While you’re at it, did you happen to see the full bodycam footage of George Floyd? It shows the cops were right but of course that doesn’t fit the media narrative so while available it’s being buried. Look for it.

    Ps. If you can talk, you can breathe. Heimlich maneuver 101. Some y’all need to put down the race card and crack open a book.

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. Anonymous says:


  115. American Citizen says:

    The guy was definately breathing and wouldn’t shut up and comply. The police were right in how they handled it. Sad the guy put himself in the position of having to be controlled by the police.

  116. Vz says:

    What they should have done is have the nurse give him something to sedate him, THEN take the cuffs off and then take him to the hospital to be checked out.
    None of this should have happened. Sickening!!

  117. David Cvijanovic says:

    First of all you do not die from affixation two days later at the hospital if he didn’t have some kind of underlying condition. Let’s not forget that the reason the police officers went into the cell in the first place is because he fell off the top bunk and hit his head very hard on the cement floor. Why was he resisting the officers that we’re trying to help him in the first place…
    Let’s remember that there’s 2 sides to every story and so far we’ve only heard and saw 1 side, why did he fall off the top bunk in the first place?? Where’s the video that shows what happened before the police went to help him or after they took him out of his cell and sent him to the hospital??
    Let’s not be too quick to judge what happened until we have the complete story and not just the one sided story that the corrupt media choses to show us, also I’ve never heard of a person being killed by the police that listened to the their requests to follow their commands either during a traffic stop or in a holding cell….

  118. I’m not saying that how they did thing’s are right because the man suffered a head injury from falling out of a bunk onto a concrete floor after having a seizure which again is no reason to handle thing’s the way they did and confusion is a common reaction after a seizure they need better trained medical personnel!!!! But I’m really tired of the racism card being played for every single incident! We are being pushed years backwards for absolutely nothing because I’m sorry but it’s just not always true! White people need to stop being put in that racist box at this point in the world black americans are the racist and it’s soo unnecessary and untrue. The future generation is mixed american’s and we all need to educate our children and in my case grandkids to come together as one and stop all this big bag of bullshit that they are trying to stuff down our throat’s, l adore my grand babies and would kill anybody over them even racism from either side of that fence without hesitation I promise you! There is always going to be that one asshole that try’s to ruin it for everyone but please do not let them,push to do what needs to be done with them but STOP putting everyone in that box because for me I would protect ANY child or person no matter what color their skin is it doesn’t matter to most all white people we are as one so stop long enough to see that and we will stand together to do whatever it takes to hopefully one day eliminate all this nonsense for good!! Thought and prayers for this man’s family 😪

  119. LLL says:

    Just another wedge driven between black and white people, just so you know I think black lives matter, at the same time we are all children of God and we all matter. I pray for world healing and peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  120. Christine says:

    I’m so fed up I just really don’t care what happens to anybody anymore….kill each other for all I care. Nobody’s lives matter, you all suck, periodt!

  121. anonymous says:

    So many people have died in the tippecanoe County jail in Lafayette Indiana white black but yet aint nobody saying anything about that

  122. Anonymous says:

    It is pathetic that everyone is jumping on the officers… how about the fact the man seized and fell from the top bunk to the floor which caused disorientation… he was resisting… they did their job… oh and if dude was white this wouldn’t have even hit the news… so fuck the blm… Blue Lives Matter!!

  123. Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit! They need to be sent to prison and get the death bed. Damn bastsrds just like gorege Floyd was murder yelling he can’t breath! These damn police officers gets off on killing black guys! Rot in he’ll bastsrds!!!

  124. Rc says:


  125. Tasha Washington says:

    It could be any one of us… Cops are for cops. I see myself as this person only wanting to breathe. The struggle of no oxygen comes natural to anyone who is slowly dying this painful death.

  126. Greta says:

    To prison they go. That’s what they deserve . Horrible people are working with our live one in prison. There slreDy going time and these ass hole treat them badly everyday. Same on them. Put these folks in the prison Now.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Some of these comments…because you’re criminal you have no rights and should DIE at the hands of police if you don’t obey. This is such BULLSHIT! No! Law enforcement officers do not get to decide your fate!! That’s what our judicial system is for!! 🤬

  128. Bonita Wauls says:


  129. Tom Love says:

    Poor guy when you have all these guards messing with you, one can get highly agitated and panic and can’t get their breath. The minute a guy says I can’t breath they should be made to back away and let him get his air, it’s a combination panic attack, guy says he can’t breathe he can’t breathe. Feeling claustrophobic can make one unable to breathe. Enough of this bullshit.

  130. Anonymous says:


  131. Jamisette Timothy says:

    I can’t imagine calling for help. Yelling I Can’t Breathe and NOBODY Comes to HElP . The worst Death Imaginable.

  132. Joseph Lee says:

    Oh well. Crap happens. If you have never had to restrain someone, don’t criticize so much. It is not always simple. If you would read again, the handcuff key broke. If he had not been guilty of a crime, he would not have been in jail, same goes for George Floyd, a criminal thug.

  133. Cmaudette says:

    Everything is directed towards Racism today. We can only assume what we see on video which is not always accurate. I know that some Racism still does go on in some places , but don’t make it about everything. As soon as a black person is killed where Law Enforcement is involved LEO’s are always targeted right away and you want to hang them why? But yet if something happens to someone in you family who will u call?

  134. Tom Gourley says:

    We are directly responsible for a quarter million people in the Middle East from George Bush’s illegal war, we tortured prisoners and killed them. Why do we think it stopped outside our borders. We’re shocked now when we see black people being killed by our militarized police. The truth of the matter is these cops all want to be known as being able to pull the trigger, it looks good on their record, that’s why when they get fired they get a job in the next county and the politicians support them behind closed doors. Chang will come when we put people like George Bush in prison for the war crimes he allowed.

  135. P Laden says:

    When is this ever going to end !!
    The brutality that men & women face behind close doors ( Prison ). I can not imagine what does go behind those doors but I’m sure it’s worse inside shit can be hiding. Inmates don’t have cell phones to record like us. These guards should all be held accountable. Prayers for family

  136. Christ says:

    He passed away two days later in the hospital so there’s nothing that they did to Him that caused him to stop breathing get a damn clue people

  137. James says:

    You all are so quick to persecute but you don’t know the evidence so you all are doing the same thing wrong wait for the trial you bunch of Lynch squad hero’s that sit and type instead of take care of belligerent people every day you goto work.

  138. Blah says:

    Maybe the guy should have cooperated and not been such a pain in the ass. But let’s not put any blame on him right?

  139. Rashida says:

    They will keep killing us because that is what slave patrols are suppose to do.

    They enjoy this in a perverted way! They have never seen us as human no matter what age we are, the history of our encounters should prove to any decent mind that these “people” can not be trained out of their hatred, they can not be loved out of their hatred, they cannot be forgiven out of their hatred!

    They need to be weeded out of civilized society and not given any positions involving other races but their own!!!

  140. Autonav says:

    The man is fighting the officers who are trying to help him. He is breathing fine. You cannot yell repeatedly as he did without breathing. The officers are not at fault.

  141. Anonymous says:

    How about we just execute all prisoners. They broke the law they shouldn’t be allowed to use it anymore.

  142. Evenoa L. says:

    Whenever you feel your life is threatened you try to get out of the situation. Sitting on a person’s neck when they have already experienced an event of life in the worst way isn’t the way to handle a person. Why handcuff him when he had fallen out of the bed and onto the floor? He is disoriented and needs help not restraints. Restraints are life threatening in a case of this kind.

  143. Anonymous says:

    I was always taught when you’re pulled over or you’re asked to do something by an officer you obey when you fight back or you do things that you’re not supposed to there are consequences. Those consequences shouldn’t be death but the whole idea here is he was handcuffed due to his bad actions or other words resisting the officers. You’re supposed to know right from wrong. Also why do you keep highlighting white versus black what about black versus white you should be addressing both. Also it needs to be addressed that in many cities are killing each other a whole lot more than what’s happening today

  144. Anonymous says:

    WHY don’t people understand this single sentence, “stop resisting”…..? WHY is every other race(South Asia, Australia, White, Korea/Japan) just dirt under the rug if we get murdered or injured?

  145. Anonymous says:

    Not if the keyhole were one the bottom

  146. Another person resisting arrest. There’s the crime. This guy fell off a bunk bed having a seizure. They try to help him. He resists while the use a bolt cutter to get his cuffs off and he obviously is not having it. He’s in prison. What part of this is telling you it’s alright to resist? He died of his own actions.

  147. Anonymous says:

    I’m so tired of 1. The race being played up by the media. Someone else said it, when a white or Latino gets shot that’s not the headline. If a black man shoots a black man that’s not the headline. It’s a media tactic, and look at you, it works like a charm. 2. No one is paying attention to the FACtS. He was in jail, and should be treated as a criminal for the safety of others (handcuffs). When they tried to help (take them off), he wouldn’t comply. 3. If all of these criminals, or folks in the face of law enforcement comply, most of the time things would be fine. (GF, threw himself out of the car, resisting arrest; guy at Wendy’s, stole taser; this guy, stop squirming so they can help). Example. This guy in jail, could have had a weapon in his pocket. Yelling I can’t breathe. Then stab everyone… They have to be cautious, not careless, for the sake of every human in the building.

    Don’t get angry. Just food for thought here. Nobody seems to want to be objective in their thinking.

  148. Pat says:

    He should have listened. He was disoriented. Disoriented people go crazy. It doesn’t look like he was being ruffed up by the police. They were trying to help someone that didn’t want help because he was disoriented. Sad that he died but I would bet you that the fall from the bed was the real reason he died. Shame on you… the news media for continuing to report these things. You just keep America stuck in a rut by doing this! I never see you report the white peoples that die! Nope!!! Not Indian, Chinese, Japanese…. Only the black ones!!! Shame on you!!!! You are not reporters, you are crime inducers!!!

  149. Terri says:

    Unfortunately if you a in a Federal Prison you are not in a hospital. A nurse isn’t a doctor. They were trying to restrain him so that they could help him not hurt himself or anyone else. They didn’t cause him to fall off of his bunk causing head trauma. All they can do is check him out and call an ambulance. He was a danger to himself. An ambulance team would have had to restrain him as well. He died of a head injury.

  150. Martha talalay says:

    I think the official should distance themselves from the person. And let the person Compose them self. He is pleading for his life take it serious another thing he is handcuffed he wouldn’t have been no danger to no one that’s where the police go wrong I call that abuse . Yes we need the police we love the police but they have to get it together they are wrong they be more training on how to handle incidents they are not listening they need more training .

  151. Anonymous says:

    That’s very bad, not trying to do these criminals in a more lifesaving way! But all colors of people get done wrong at sometimes in this crazy world but I don’t think anybody is going after just Blacks! It seems like that because it’s been Black people in all the Trouble every time something bad happens!!??!! Just sayin 🤷‍♀️

  152. Kay M says:

    It’s hard for me to know what’s real and what isn’t anymore! I feel this video was made to get people stirred up again. That’s just my opinion!

  153. Maria Meza says:

    All should be charged with first degree murder!!

  154. Jacqueline says:

    Karma will come for your family for generations…don’t get it twisted she don’t go by color

  155. Jan Welch says:

    All of the envolved will pay eventually. NOBODY GETS AWAY WITH ANYTHING!! GOD is in Controll!

  156. Tamara Montoya says:

    They need to stop saying “ hold still , stop struggling “ etc when they are kneeling on someone! When you can’t breathe you panic and of course fight or flight response kicks in because you ARE fighting for your life!

  157. Anonymous says:

    They should all go to prison for murder. They murdered that man. They didn’t listen to the patient. They didn’t care. They let him die.

  158. Kathleen Evans says:

    I am a nurse. We have to stop assuming that because someone is talking, that they are getting enough air to breathe effectively. You HAVE to take any complaints of feeling short of breath as a number 1 priority! Just because someone’s chest is moving doesn’t mean that that person is actually exchanging the gases necessary to breathe.

  159. Throck says:

    Here’s an idea… STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!!!
    Problem fixed.

  160. Anonymous says:

    This is absolute bullshit my old man had 2 strokes and a heart attack while in Jackson prison in 10 months time and guess what he’s still there and did quit breathing

  161. Amy says:

    I agree with a previous comment. Why do you state black inmate? What you want to do is separate and divide Americans based on their color. You want division 😥 I see poor treatment in prison, well from someone who’s been there, everybody gets poor treatment in prison! It’s prison! I’m surprised they even got a medical staff! Quit trying to cause more hatred in our country!

  162. Anonymous says:

    Do what the police say and don’t resist.
    Stupid people.

  163. Stwller says:

    This is not a new tactic. I use to watch cops and they did this in the Vegas jail. They did this when a person would spit on the didn’t matter what skin color they were. Just happens that someone filmed it being done to ablack person. No one ever filmed the white people being done too. Just throwing this out there because people might not be aware.

  164. Lorene Marable-Safavinia says:

    To all those that believe the police did nothing wrong open your eyes, mind, and hearts. When you see something with your own eyes, and don’t admit it’s wrong then you are part of the problem. You don’t want to admit that our country has serious problems of racism in it’s policies.

  165. Mary says:

    When a person states “I can’t breathe”, they can’t breathe!! LISTEN! All I see in the video is chaos amongst the officers. WTH.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Still trying to start a race war smh

  167. jay says:

    Joseph Nicolosi – you need to wake up. You reference the George Floyd incident and question if they saw what happened to him, but if you would take the time to read and understand, you would realize that his incident occurred before the George Floyd incidnt. Maybe if people would take the time to understand what is going on and how things work, you wouldnt be so quick to judge. Just shows the ignorance of society today

  168. Anonymous says:

    Stop breaking the law and you would have no issues with being in jail or being held down. If your In jail your a criminal resisting or fighting because your not cooperating what do you think happens.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Stop breaking the law

  170. R Johnson says:

    Tell that to your Chicago Brothers out there killing Brothers. Black Lives Matter only when it’s pertinent to the situation.

  171. Anonymous says:

    This is atrocious.

  172. Stacy says:

    But please…by all means..the gov isn’t lying to us..and its fine to not be able to breathe properly in a mask…because..u know, “tge greater good.”.. Funny as hell….every commie fascist regime has done that…BTW…they are letting the cops take the fall FOR TRAINING ..LAWS..AND PRISONS…people up much higher created….but please…lets not worry about all that!!….STAND IN LINE FOR THAT VACCINE…they are coming forvthe black communities first….WONDER IF U CAN GUESS THE REASONS WHY???….

  173. Jennifer says:

    He was likley combative because he had a head injury. Its a sign of a head injury. And they proved after he got to the hospital he was having major trouble breathing. They were ready to take the cuffs ofc, which thry don’t do in critically dangerous situations. So why are they still sitting on him? If you need to restrain a person fine. But then you transfer them to medical and soft restraints not keep sitting on them.

  174. Rose says:

    So now all black people need to learn to hold our breath while our lungs are covered for long periods????? I’ve YET to see this handling of ANY other race!!! #BlackLivesMatter

  175. R Davis says:

    When people are being detained either for their safety or or for the safety and protocol of the detaining officers and personnel, everyone of every race needs to obey the simple commands. However, if a person of any race does not obey the simple commands regardless of the reasons why or why not, THERE IS A PROCESS, THERE ARE PROTOCOLS AND THERE IS TRAINING for detaining a person. The end result is not DEATH unless in the TRUE self defense cases in which the suspect of any race is about to take the life of the detaining personnel or another person.

  176. Robyn Blackmon says:

    I wonder, will they be charged. Or are they, sweeping this and many more incidents under the rug. They have more lumps under the rug. Shoot more lumps than people, in the graveyard.

  177. R Davis says:

    When people of any race are being detained either for their safety or for the safety and protocol of the detaining officers and personnel, everyone of every race needs to obey the simple commands. However, if a person of any race does not obey the simple commands regardless of the reasons why or why not, THERE IS A PROCESS, THERE ARE PROTOCOLS AND THERE IS TRAINING for detaining a person. The end result is not DEATH unless in the TRUE self defense cases in which the suspect of any race is about to take the life of the detaining personnel or another person.

  178. Only THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB can fixed the evil that corrupts America. Killing Black people is seemingly a game. And Our GOD, AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH will not forget!

  179. Steff Steffens says:

    Why is the nurse going to be charged!? I missed that part.

  180. Omg here we go again says:

    Only reason you all are hearing about this cause it happened to a Black man! You think this don’t happen to white people? If it happened to a white person it wouldn’t make newsworthy story! And no matter what color if you struggle and don’t comply it’s gonna take more than one person ugh!

  181. Shaheer says:

    It happened to Shaheen Mackey in Kingston,Pennsylvania Luzerne County Jail.Justice for these men families.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Death penalty for all

  183. Time to Stand for Law enforcement! says:

    Seems like he made his own fate. It’s called compliance. Dont except half of you people to understand that though. Compliance isnt your strong suit. You figure cuz you Black you don’t have too. The cops should keep their jobs, as well as the nurse. And people should stand up to the ignorance of black folks. The solution is easy, stop playing victim, accept that if you act like ignorant you’ll be treated as such, and stop blaming others for your stupidity and your ignorance and non compliance with law enforcement creates. If it causes your death then obviously God has had enough of wat thing you be an idiot.

  184. Noneya says:

    Time for us all to start killing cops!!!! Maybe once we start blatantly killing those assholes something will change. And if not who cares more dead cops equals better quality of life. KILL ALL THE BLUE!!!

  185. Anonymous says:

    Alan Jones obviously your a racist. Justice because he’s in prison doesn’t give them the right to kill him.

  186. gregory Walker says:

    This is nothing new. Its been going on since the beginning of time. Its just that its being reported more now. And thank god it is. The people need to know. We have the right to know. And the people need to voice their concerns to the powers that be, that this must stop, and that your job is to correct this, or you will be out of office.

  187. Anonymous says:

    To the idiot fool who says they did nothing wrong. Your obviously white and a racist. There is no excuse for killing someone with a medical condition. They were all white he was black. Enough said. TROLL.

  188. Rosemarie Pierce says:

    I have cry and cry and cry because I already knew he have passed away right before my eyes his chest have not ride up and down it just stop it just stop and did not move at all that’s police notice that he was not moving and that’s where they want to do CPR on him so I cried I knew he was already gone

  189. Anonymous says:

    No one was putting weight on him

  190. Human says:

    It said in the article he died of asphyxiation… yeah they did do something wrong…they murdered someone by asphyxiation.

  191. Steve Lewis says:

    What are you expected when the criminal is spitting on guards. Don’t break the law and don’t go to jail and that stuff won’t happen stay off drugs stay off alcohol and stop robbing people why is everybody always feeling sorry for the criminal feel sorry for the people they robbed and beat up the man got what he deserved sorry to say that you don’t like it tough s***

  192. Anonymous says:

    Yes, black’s were slaves but so were whites.Through out time there has been Slavery of all races.Stop crying.Noone owes you nothing.Those cops will pay one way or the other.All lives matter.

  193. I am, lower case, and for the Most High. says:

    Aggressive overkill, at the expense of another black person and their family, at the life of the life and breath their beloved. It is sickening. So sickening. And this is not new. It is as old as every day that I have lived, since 1967, and since the beginning of time. It is completely disgusting and the sort of human behavior that is so great it can cause one to be ashamed of the entire human race. After thousands and thousands of years of what we choose to call evolution, here we are, just as depraved as ever, rubber-stamping murder at the hands of some, and the death-penalty at the hands of others. By no means, whatsoever, do I personally view acts such as these as acceptable for “frontline responders”. Nor do I take any comfort in the likes being those entrusted to “protect and serve, with dignity and honor”.

    This, while all the world, some of whom compassionately watches this extremely unacceptable and unspoken permission to kill that is given to enforcement agencies across the world continues.

    This is the culture of death, at the hands of, “well, it depends on whose hands”. The blood is on all of our hands, because we continue to look away from injustice, or to fight injustice with violent words and acts. It can be neither.

    As long as things like this continue, we can expect the multi-dimensional chaos to continue in our world, because it is in humane behavior like this that causes us to be our own worst enemy, our own incurable disease, lost in the illusion that we are capable of being our own cure, our own salvation. Now, I hope and pray, is the day when all mankind will realize that in ourselves and the world is how we arrived to where we are now. That our every hope, trust and faith belongs in the hands of God.

  194. Anonymous says:

    All of them should get the death penalty

  195. Samantha Baca says:

    This is unfortunately not uncommon and it’s see all over the United States The way the works in prisons and jails treat people is unreal and it shouldn’t be allowed these people need to go to prison!! I believe Jails and penitentiaries all over the world should be taking action against that kind of behavior.

  196. SN CY says:

    i’m sorry, but that’s not involuntary manslaughter. That’s first degree murder!
    Everybody involved should be sent to solitary for life!

  197. Mimi says:

    That is a terrible thing that happened to him but it isn’t slavery. Slavery was abolished by Abraham Lincoln. I pray for this family and their loss. Please do the same.

  198. Annoyed old white woman says:

    #32 He’s not listening because he has just had a seizure. And if he COULD breathe he wouldn’t be dead. It seems like they are poorly trained, after being poorly educated. After seeing that cops will lie out loud because they know the camera will pick it up makes it hard to trust what you hear.

  199. Ron Bechtol says:

    Charlie Manson is in hell laughing his ass off and thanking all the news stations for doing what he couldn’t. JERKS!!

  200. TDH says:

    Really if it had been a white prisoner that this happened to you all wouldn’t be saying shit AND it never would have been made public. The press has continued to antagonize this whole BLM …..ALL LIVES MATTER Jesus made that sacrifice over 2000 years ago !!!!

  201. Anonymous says:

    We read these types of stories everyday! White america is stuck in its own hatred. Hatred of themselves. To the point they can’t allow truth to judge their evil intentions.
    We know what murder looks, and feels like. Over history, blacks, and all other race, have been killed by angry white domestic terrorists. Who have never paid for their crimes. Never trialed, for their countless murders. So where should we look for help? The government? Their apart of the same entity. The police? congress? senators? prosecutors? defense attorneys? judges? jury of your peers? These are the real criminals. So if anyone thinks america is for equality you’re a fool, or foolishly mistaking. The history of america is based on lies. The founding of america is a lie. The one truth america keeps showing is its racist bloodline, and its ignorance. Just as important BLM, we should be concern also with, Black Education Matters, Black Resources Matters, Black Dollars Matter, Black Owned Businesses Matter, Black Love Matters, Black Families Matter. TRUTH MATTERS…..

  202. TrySomethingNew says:

    I see a lot of people who clearly didn’t actually read the article and are just spewing the same regurgitated BS because… wait for it…BLM—Am I Right!?

  203. Stacy says:

    This is the stupidest thing I seen. Black propel use racism as a excuse for everything like grow up man

  204. Anonymous says:

    No one cares when the police make mistakes against a white person. Hate mongering media shows hate preference again. Cops should be in trouble, they make mistakes but need to be punished, training of cops needs to improve. There is no evidence this is a race crime so get off the skin color obsession.

  205. Shirley says:

    Every Dog will have its day,you Cowards thinking that you are getting away with these murders but the one that needs to see it does because he sits high and looks low and when the time come we will get everything back that has been taken from us and the punishment will be fitting! In Jesus name AAAAAAAAMEN

  206. Anonymous says:

    GI bet there’s not one single white person that left a comment like that you’re all black racists

  207. Anonymous says:

    The officers are doing their job. The guy obviously had underlined conditions. you idiots that think I should go to jail for doing their job or bunch of f****** cowards.

  208. Pissed says:

    World wide order, no knees, if they can’t breathe because they’re telling the officers immediately take it serious!!! Stay off of them! There isn’t anything nice I want to say except swear the hell out of them and punish them! Punish all cops involved in any case like this! They need to be held liable! Consequences immediately!!!

  209. Shaw says:

    There was no reason to have that many cops on him. If he got out of line they could of just use pepper spray. They need to stop this procedure of restraint. They all should be held accountable. For the record to some comments not all whites were slave owners and there was also black slave owners as well learn your history.

  210. Anonymous says:

    This is America! Those rent a cops and that nurse are not gonna get nothing but a slap on the wrist. This is how the justice system works. And besides he was in jail so he’s just another criminal right? fuck amerikkkas justice system, fucking clowns!

  211. Anonymous says:

    Fuck BLM

  212. Arlene says:

    They all should be charged with murder they will reap what they sow,blatant murder

  213. Anonymous says:


  214. M. Minor says:

    What was the reason for covering his face with plastic bag? That’s not certified police training? Finally, where is Justice?

  215. Renee says:

    At least unlike other deaths, this one didn’t seem intentional or overall agressive. This appeared to be lack of restraint training and not realizing the extent of his injury which could have included collapsed lung from his fall leaving him with decreasing capacity to move air.
    It looked to me as they wanted to assist him and didn’t realize his agitated state was a direct result of his injury.
    I believe an across the board retraining of officers on proper and safe restraint techniques should be mandatory given the amt of reported deaths related to that currently.

  216. ReggieR2 says:

    Don’t get arrested for any reason. Don’t put yourself in a position to where this can happen. I’m not saying what you should do, but I am saying you don’t want this. None of do. This system…police, prosecutors, judges and even the court of public opinion are almost always not in our favor. So don’t be in their system.

  217. Rinnie says:

    This is all bull shit just like the George Floyd thing .
    The man fell out of his bunk onto the concrete.
    The officer’s were trying their best to help the man but he kept resisting.
    Now here we ho again with another criminal thats in jail , not because hes on vacation but evidently committed some crime , and hes not a HERO .
    I dont think the officer’s did anything other that trying to help the nan .
    They could have let him lay and not gotten involved.

  218. Anonymous says:

    Love it 1 less convict wasting tax payer money, by keepimg them fed n encarsarated

  219. Bruce Burke says:

    Again we see what the news media wants to be seen. Just like Floyd when the other body cam was leaked did we see the truth. But it’s always a race thing.

    Do you realize claiming that they are racist, your doing the same thing. The man had to placed in a constraint chair (which is only used if a person is either a danger to himself or to others) shows he was combative. Second he has a spit guard which shows that he was spitting on the deputies. Which is a felony in itself.

    As far as he was just a man and why did it take so many to restrain him on the floor. I was a law enforcement officer in the 90’s and my hardest arrest to constrain was a 110 pound woman. The size of the person shows no evidence of the strength of someone that is under the influence of a drug or even adrenaline (history has shown that humans can have tremendous strength when in adrenaline induced state).

    Now as far as the handcuffs, the handcuffs malfunctioned (just like in other device can fail) and they had to cut them off with bolt cutters.

    The nurse was there and it was her position to make sure that he was not in distress and she failed to do that. The deputies were constantly telling him that he needs to calm down that they think he was having a seizure and were trying to keep him from hurting himself.

    The deputies are not medical personnel. Hence is why they started cpr immediately when they realized he was not breathing.

    Which can be see in another view of the situation that was left out of this video but shown by another news outlet saying he was being tasered in that video. When in fact he was not, it was the AED trying to restart his heart.

    So I ask don’t make judgements until you see the whole picture.

  220. Ladydy says:

    People need to realize that, you maybe able to talk but if your lungs cannot expand then you will suffocate. It is a shame that people accept this kind of behavior and then say the police did nothing wrong. Even during CPR when the person regains Consciousness or start breathing you turn them on their side. Had they set him up a place to come on this side he would be alive.

  221. Anonymous says:

    Something needs to be done retrain these officers and get the bad apples out! I once heard that to when saying if your talking your breathing um no I’m using what I have left to tell you I cant breathe………. come on this is just sad and a shame.

  222. Becka says:

    Criminals know the risks of being a criminal. For them its an acceptable risk or they wouldnt do it. They do not deserve to be coddled. Why do black people keep getting killed by accident? Because they keep committing crimes and fighting the officers who have to deal with them. They’re doing their job too. Want it to stop happening? Easy, rally your people to stop committing crimes! Because i promise you playing victim after you’ve raped or robbed or killed or beaten an innocent person will get you nothing but more problems. Have some dignity and honor for christ sake!

  223. Andrew Kriner says:

    I have an idea. When someone is not following directions, is fighting you every minute to even try and help him, I say lock the door and leave him alone. Somehow it’s always the Police, “of which many are black” who killed the poor Black Criminal that fights and resists even assistance. In every one of these “incidents” the subject is resisting or fighting the people paid to
    Protect or apprehend them to protect others.
    I say just leave them on the floor until they quit fighting back. If they’re still alive take them to the hospital. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

  224. Jh says:

    Something needs to be done retrain these officers and get the bad apples out! I once heard that to when saying if your talking your breathing um no I’m using what I have left to tell you I cant breathe………. come on this is just sad and a shame.

  225. DHReniets says:

    Why is it, Black Lives Matter. How many white people have the same incidents happen or how many Chinese people have the same incidents happen or how many Spanish people have the same incidents happen. All lives matter. Yes it’s sad that this person was killed but if you think about the old saying sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the berry to you. This time the buried him. Maybe that should be a deterrent for other criminals to stop

  226. Anonymous says:


  227. Northern Belle says:

    Did anyone read far enough to see that this happened EIGHT MINTHS AGO, in Dec 2019? It’s still horrible, but the comments read like this happened yesterday instead of being a story dredged up by the media to msnipulate people and keep them worked up.

  228. Anonymous says:

    The way it looks to me is their doing their job he’s not being ruffled up their training to get in to calm down that’s why the key was broken in the handcuffs. Do you think he had other health issues and they were not aware of it. I really hate this man passed a away but I didn’t see any restraint being put on Neville but that’s just what I saw.

  229. G Mcknight says:

    Untill they see them pay a life for a life they will never stol killing us.

  230. Anonymous says:

    News headlines should be, ‘Another Black man breaks the law’. When are the black people going to learn to obey? If you do, you won’t end up in jail or restrained like George! Educate yourself, your brothers and sisters and your children. If you don’t become a criminal, you drastically reduce the chance of becoming a statistic.

  231. Nba Youngboy says:

    Man thme white mf cops is racist asf! Dumb ass bitches.

  232. Kyo Dee says:

    These Evil Inhumane acts Must Stop & the only way to make that happen is for those involved to be charged with 2nd degree murder, Every time. Allowing this kind of act to occur w/o consequences makes us nothing more than animals!
    Black Lives Matter people & this systemic racism has to End!

  233. Anonymous says:

    I’m so claustrophobic I get maniac when someone get eon top of me… if you have lung issues or are overweight you definitely cannot breathe with the combination of panic and bodily suppression. This was ridiculous all of them doing that.

  234. Anonymous says:

    Omg I can’t watch this

  235. Maria says:

    I just don’t understand why, why can’t they just leave a person alone for a minute. Just to see, if their sick or not. People are dying while being restrained and asking for help!

  236. Anonymous says:

    You don’t See nothing That’s because you’re a Piece of trash…Donald

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