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‘Baby Face’: Ashanti Fans Claim She’s ‘Aging Backwards’ In Her Latest IG Snap

Sure age is just a number, but Ashanti makes 39 look like the new 20.

The “Rain on Me” singer is looking younger than ever these days and her skin is flawless. Ashanti took to Instagram on Thursday, Aug. 6, and shared a beautiful selfie.

Ashanti flosses her young looks. @ashanti/Instagram

The image showed the barefaced beauty flossing her dewy skin. She donned a pair of snakeskin shades and a multicolored dress with spaghetti straps. Ashanti wore her hair pulled back in a bun and opted for silver and gold accessories.

“#missingyou1111,” she captioned the post, adding three candy emojis.

The musician was showered with compliments from fans who were stunned by her ravishing looks. Others couldn’t get over how youthful she appeared.

“Baby face 😍,” a fan remarked. A second person added, “Ultra glow💯 natural beauty I’ll always love me some Ashanti.”

“Bareface 😍 are you aging backwards? You look at least 23,” someone else expressed. A different person wrote, “Simply Beautiful ❤ you just don’t age geesh 😍.”

The key to Ashanti’s youthful looks is her daily beauty routine.

“Definitely have to wash my face, tone and then moisturise with my creams. And apply body lotion. There’s Epicuren Extra Fine Citrus Facial Scrub, it’s amazing; it really, really is! They need to cut me a cheque for this plug,” the songstress told the Jamaica Observer in 2015.

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

Ashanti said it’s also important for her to exercise and eat healthy to maintain her appearance.

“I try to get four to five days in a week with my trainer,” she told Parade in April 2019. “When I know I’m going for something specific, like preparing for a role, I try to definitely make it five. When I knew I was going down to Trinidad for carnival, for example, we had like two months. So I said, ‘Look, I have to be in this little itty bitty costume!’ We maybe missed a couple of days but I was really strict with that one.”

(Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

The celeb said she’s not always in the mood to exercise, but she pushes herself to do so anyway.

“I don’t always feel like working out but finishing a gym session is the best feeling,” Ashanti added. “We were in New York. It was raining. It was gloomy. It was cold. But I pushed myself and I went and I put it on my Insta stories and I’m laying on the floor in the gym and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was so dead before I got here. And I’m even more tired now but I’m so proud of myself that I actually did the workout.’ “

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