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‘Gorgeous Woman!’: Ashanti Stops Traffic with Her Bombshell Looks

Ashanti has supporters going wild over her hot appearance and jazzy style.

The “Only You” singer posted eye-grabbing photos of herself to social media on Monday, Aug. 3, and accumulated over 149,000 likes. The jaw-dropping snaps showed the celeb sporting Versace attire from head to toe as she posed for an outdoors evening pic.

Ashanti poses in Versace attire. @ashanti/Instagram

“It was a serious summer night… 🖤💛,” she wrote in her Instagram caption.

Ashanti sported a black-and-white, leather Versace crop top and form-fitting pants with the colors yellow, black and white. Her look wasn’t complete without silver accessories, a white purse and long, brown tendrils flowing down her back. She also opted for a smoky and dramatic eye look with a nude lipstick.

One image showed the superstar posing from a side angle to show off her curvaceous body.

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

Fans of the songstress raved over how “ravishing” she looked. “Ashanti been bad her whole life,” the person wrote. “Just so ravishing.”

“Looking beautiful my love 😍,” a second IG user added. “Good Lord 🤤 if I am not slaying like this in my almost 40s @ashanti u so fine.”

One fan jokingly asked Ashanti to “marry” him/her and commented, “Yes and you steal the spotlight every time!!! Such an amazing gorgeous woman!!! Can’t wait to meet you 🔥.”

Ashanti seems all about maintaining her beautiful appearance and banging body.

The 39-year-old R&B artist, who’s currently working on an EP, told Parade in April 2019 that staying in shape is the secret to looking her best.

“When I’m home in NYC, I have a trainer, Raheem. We do weight training, cardio, running,” she said. “Sometimes he has me work on mobility, other times endurance, and then we’ll go for strength. I think it’s important to mix it up and hit different parts of your body. We’ll do the Stairmaster, lots of core work.”

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

Ashanti said she works out four to five times a week with her trainer. She also follows a strict pescatarian diet. She further told Parade, “I’m a pescatarian so I don’t eat a lot of meat. I try to stay away from carbs and I know diet is super essential to being healthy and maintaining and trying to stay fit.”

It seems Ashanti’s vigorous fitness routine and strict diet are definitely paying off because she looks fabulous!

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