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‘You Gotta Go’: Tahiry Jose Gets Emotional After She Reacts to ‘LHHNY’ Scene with Ex-Boyfriend Joe Budden

It looks like Tahiry Jose is still affected by her past relationship woes she experienced with ex-boyfriend Joe Budden.

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star recently reacted to an old clip from season 4 of “LHHNY,” when she confronted Budden about cheating on her. The past scene showed Jose returning to their home from an out-of-town trip she took for an acting gig.

Tahiry Jose
Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden @therealtahiry and @joebudden/Instagram

At the time, Budden accused the model of not taking their relationship seriously due to her career aspirations. As Jose tried to win his support, she noticed another woman’s hair in their bed and makeup smeared on one of their pillowcases.

Jose instantly confronted Budden about her findings and he accused her of overreacting. He confessed to having a “female friend” over, but claimed they didn’t have sex. The aspiring actress didn’t believe Budden and decided to break up with him shortly afterward.

The throwback scene made Jose extremely emotional. She suggested that she didn’t know her worth at the time and was saddened by the disrespect she endured from Budden.

“Having to be on a show and having to relive something that you went through, not seeing your partner being apologetic about it…the fact that as a woman if I would have ransacked that room and just done everything I felt in my power and I would have displayed the pain I was feeling that day, I would have [been] seen as crazy. I would have seen as a brand that would not have been work worthy to the world, right, and it’ll stop my money. But it’s all from the pain of somebody who was supposed to love and respect you,” she said while tearing up.

Tahiry Jose
Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden @VH1 screengrab

“So he was giving me a hard time about getting this job acting, but then had a chick in the bed having a conversation when at this time you started to get money for real after I done fed you so many years,” Jose added. “And you had to have a conversation in the bed, my sanctuary, where I lay my head where we you know share magic? It’s just so hurtful to see some of these things.”

The reality star said the past situation with Budden made her a “tough cookie” and gave her “trust issues.”

Jose and Budden officially ended their relationship in 2013 after dating off and on for years. The “State of the Culture” host proposed to Jose during the show, but she turned down his offer after stating that she didn’t trust him.

“LHHNY” fans are happy Jose moved on from Budden and had mixed reactions to the season-four scene.

“Tahiry is so beautiful she deserved better than Joe. Glad she moved on”

“Joe is a master narcissist. He wasn’t good enough for you Tahiry!”

“Joe is funny!! lol Tahiry just picks the wrong men”

“Love Tahiry! Joe did NOT deserve her in the least a– bit”

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