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‘Angela Ain’t Playin”: Angela Simmons Shows Fans That She’s a Boss Who Can Box

Angela Simmons is learning how to throw hands for whoever may need to catch them and, at the same time, impressing fans with her growing skills.

The 32-year-old reality TV star and entrepreneur has been spending a good bit of her shelter-in-place time getting herself into tip-top shape with some personal training help. Sharing a new workout video every few days on her social media, she’s shown fans firsthand how hard she’s been going to stay fit whether she’s biking, jumping rope, or boxing.

Angela Simmons has a passion for fitness./ Photo Credit: @angelasimmons/Instagram

The Built Not Bought brand owner credits her improvement to “consistency” in her video, as she jabs at her trainer and bobs to avoid his taps back.

Simmons’ hands impressed fans who left plenty of words of encouragement in her comments.

” Got that pop on them punches…. 🥊🥊,” noticed a follower.

“Angela got dem hands out here 💪🏽,” a second complimented.

“Angela aint playin,” stated a third.

“🎯Consistency🎯 greatest weapon‼️,” a fourth fan exclaimed.

“Looking like a pro now 💪🏾,” wrote a fifth.

Angela Simmons shows fans that she’s got some hands on her./ Photo Credit: @angelasimmons/Instagram

Although the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” star may be hitting her workouts even harder during self-isolation, that doesn’t mean she’s unhappy with her curves. In fact, she has remained vocal about being body positive and loving the skin she’s in.

“I like to look a certain way — but to look a certain way just for me more than anything,” Simmons told Page Six in May. “Everyone has body goals, but what’s most important for me is just turning that pressure into my own pressure.”

She contiued, “I want people to know ‘perfect’ is not perfect. I looked at myself one day and I said, ‘okay, maybe I have cellulite. Maybe I don’t have this perfect body. But I am perfectly healthy and I love myself, so there’s nothing wrong with embracing a roll.’ ”

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