‘I Guess Black Women Are Exotic’: Nia Long Cracks Fans Up After She Responds to 50 Cent’s Post About Her Netflix Film ‘Fatal Affair’

“Fatal Affair,” a psychological thriller that stars Nia Long and Omar Epps, dropped on Netflix on Thursday, July 16. Folks who watched the film appear to have mixed reactions about the movie. But Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson doesn’t seem to mind, since he revealed in a July 16 Instagram post that he was going to support the motion picture.

50 Cent shared a clip from the movie and suggested in his caption that he couldn’t wait to tune in. The film follows the life of Ellie, a married lawyer who reconnects with her old friend David for a brief sexual encounter. She soon realizes that David is more dangerous than she thought. The 45-year-old rapper captioned the video: “👀i’m gonna check this out, but i hope Nia ain’t acting crazy in this sh-t. LOL”

50 Cent reveals that he is going to watch Nia Long and Omar Epps’ film “Fatal Affair.” @50cent/Instagram

Nia showed her gratitude to the G-Unit mogul, writing, “Love you!!! I guess black women are exotic. I appreciate the support!!!😜.” Some fans immediately reacted to her response and wrote comments like “That’s right Nia! Use his words against him😂😂” and “Get him together Nia!😂.”

The 49-year-old “Love Jones” star’s comment came just weeks after 50 Cent implied Black women were not exotic. The “Power” executive producer made an appearance on Lil Wayne’s radio show “Young Money Radio,” where he opened up about his experience dating women outside of his race and the comments he received from Black women because of it.

Nia Long and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Photos: @iamnialong/Instagram, @50cent/Instagram)

The rapper insinuated that Black women get angry at him for dating women from different cultural backgrounds, mentioning that he believes women who are not Black are “exotic.” 50 Cent said about dating “exotic” women, “It looks like something foreign. It looks like something you can’t just get.” He added: “So in some ways, it is kind of interesting to explore, you know what I’m saying?”

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