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‘Lil Homie Ain’t Budge’: Mendeecees Harris Fans Deem His and Yandy’s Son a ‘Gangster’ After They Square Off with a Deer

Mendeecees Harris and his wife Yandy Smith-Harris may have a “champ” on their hands.

Mendeecees took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 7 and shared a video that showed his daily fitness routine with his family. The video took an interesting turn when the father of four and his youngest son Omere Harris encountered a deer.

Mendeecees Harris
Mendeecees Harris and his son Omere Harris encounter a deer. @mendeecees/Instagram

“Good morning… on my morning run, And I thought this dear was soft.. He fooled me 😂,” the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star wrote.

Mendeecees, his son and their family dog approached the wild animal when it slightly charged at the dog. The music producer jumped back with the leash in his hand, while Omere remained unfazed.

Yandy recorded the entire ordeal and can be heard on camera saying, “This is crazy. I don’t know who lied to them about having a face-off with a deer.” Seconds after the incident, she laughed and yelled “You ain’t wanna play with that deer too much, huh?”

Instagram users were in stitches over Mendeecees’ terrified reaction, but they called his 7-year-old son a “champ.”

“The little guy didn’t even flinch tho. You? You jumped way back!!! Lololololol😂 Omere a champ 💪🏾,” a fan wrote. Another person added, “Wats funny is your son stood there like ok and you was already gone lmfaooooooo #tough.”

Someone else commented, “But wait , yall peep omere didnt move an INCH ?! Straight G A N G S T E R 😭😂.” Another person said, ” 🤣Omere tho!💪🏾 Ayo lil man ain’t budge 😂 & the dog was with all the smoke.”

Yandy commented , “My son gonna give me a heart attack. He will face off with a lion😩✊🏾.”


As of late, Mendeecees and his wife Yandy have been enjoying spending more quality time with their children.

Mendeecees Harris
Yandy Smith (left), Omere Harris (front), Skylar Harris, Aasim Harris, (front right) and Mendeecees Harris (back right.) @mendeecees/Instagram

On Father’s Day Mendeecees posted a sweet photo of himself, his wife, his sons Omere and Aasim Harris, 8, and his daughter Skylar, 5. They all appeared to be at a lake, celebrating the music producer’s special day.

Mendeecees seemed more than happy to be with his family and wrote alongside the snap, “Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s that’s out there and the ones that can’t be there because of circumstances.. and all the mother’s that been holding it down! ❤️.”

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