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50 Cent’s Pic of Son Sire Jackson Derails When Fans Blast the Rapper for His Rocky Relationship with His Firstborn Child

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson definitely has a favorite child, some fans proclaimed. The rapper recently shared a photo on Instagram of his 7-year-old son Sire Jackson, and some fans were not happy that the G-Unit mogul has not mended his estranged relationship with his 22-year-old son Marquise Jackson.

In the image, the young model wore a tan hoodie with the phrase “BLM” written across his chest in black letters. Sire placed his hands in his pocket and looked to one side to pose for the shot. “little big man SIRE, West Coast Vibes,” 50 Cent captioned the photo. The “Power” showrunner posts photos of his youngest son often, but one fan expressed the idea that 50 does not care about Marquise. “Your other son matters too 😪,” the user wrote. Another fan seemingly agreed, and commented: “So sad you and your oldest aren’t tight.”

50 Cent’s youngest son Sire Jackson @50cent/Instagram

It’s no secret that 50 Cent and Marquise have had an unstable relationship for almost two years now. The “In da Club” artist revealed in an interview with XXL magazine reporter Van Lathan that he felt his success was the demise of his relationship with Marquise. 50 Cent claimed that Marquise’s mother changed once he got famous, explaining that she felt a sense of entitlement. “His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual personal interests,” he said.

The New York native revealed that he blamed Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise’s mother, for his rocky relationship with their son, but he soon realized his son did not want anything to do with him. “I’ve gone places where he was at [and] he left,” he said.

Sire and Curtis “50 Cent Jackson” (left) and Marquise Jackson (right). (Photos: @50cent/Instagram, @199vip/Instagram)

In contrast, 50 Cent has a great co-parenting relationship with Sire’s mother, Daphne Joy. The hip-hop star and Daphne dated back in 2011, and the model gave birth to their son in 2012. The former pair threw their son a Plants vs. Zombie-themed birthday bash last year in September, and many child stars were in attendance.

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