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Ice Cube Tweets About ‘High Cost of Racism,’ Says Black People Should Be Exempt from Paying Taxes

Ice Cube has been incredibly active on Twitter since George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last month while in police custody.

The rapper-turned-actor has been tweeting and retweeting messages about racism, police brutality, Donald Trump, and the nationwide protests that began after Floyd’s death.

Ice Cube has been tweeting this week about “The High Cost of Racism.” (Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Other messages had to do with the financial repercussions of racism and Blacks needing to be compensated for centuries of mistreatment.

“THE HIGH COST OF RACISM: BLACKS in America should be exempt from paying any taxes for 462 years,” Cube tweeted on Tuesday. “This would help to start repairing the damage done to us by America. OUR BILL IS PAID BY NOW. No more.”

“We will ask for board seats, hefty shares of the company and you will pay a heavy-heavy fine for what you’ve done,” he wrote in another tweet. “Or we will ask the believers in justice. To not support your business for 40 days & 40 nights … WE DONT REALLY GIVE A F–K IF WE WE’RE BEING FAIR OR NOT. Hos-style is my style!”

Cube also shared a video of Michael O’Meara, who’s the president of New York state’s group of Police Benevolent Associations. In a news conference on Tuesday, O’Meara said the media, legislators, and others have been trying to “shame” police officers since Floyd died, and officers are being treated like “animals and thugs.”

The former N.W.A. member added footage of officers assaulting people in the clip to contradict O’Meara’s claims that officers are being falsely accused of committing violent acts.

“YOUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS PAY FOR THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT,” tweeted Cube next to the video. “But the whistle blowers are the bad guys? How? Truth is anti-police?”

Cube also said that Black people shouldn’t only be excluded from paying yearly taxes, but the agencies who’ve mistreated citizens should pay fines, and not just police departments.

“We can’t stop with police,” Cube tweeted on Monday. “Our Federal agaencies like DEA & ICE need to also pay yearly fines from their budget to the communities they terrorize.”

“And the CDC- the Center for Destroying Communities,” one of his followers added.

“Compensation to victims of brutality should come out police pension funds etc,” someone else tweeted. “Would come to an end in record time.”

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