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‘You Know You Lying’: Fans Call Foul After Bow Wow Claims He Doesn’t Want Angela Simmons

Fans of rapper Bow Wow don’t know who he is trying to fool by playing it cool about his affinity for Angela Simmons.

Whether Bow Wow is serving as his friend’s photographer or recording TikToks with Simmons, there is no denying his fans want things to be more than platonic between the duo.

Bow Wow’s fans call foul when he says he doesn’t want to marry Angela Simmons. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

Many may recall that Bow Wow made social media gold with the “Bow Wow challenge,” essentially lying or joking about what you have going on in your life. Flash forward and now fans can’t help but to troll him after his attempt to act as if he is uninterested in a happily ever after with Simmons.

The rapper shared a clip from “Growing Up Hip Hop” where Simmons reveals that she never lost any love for the rapper, despite their brief dating history when they were younger.

In the video she says, ” Me and Bow, I never like lost any love for him. Like, I, I couldn’t, we had been through too much.”

Fans chomping at the bit to tell Bow Wow to get his lady while the love is still there spared no comments.

“I love them together frl frl [for real, for real] they so cute to me 😘😘❤️❤️”

“Y’all chemistry is beautiful and either it is or it isn’t!! 🌹”

“Please get married and have a family… Y’all are amazing together,” wrote one person. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to derail the comment trend, the rapper responded, “I don’t want all that.”

Fans and followers swooped right in to call the rapper out for telling an alleged tall tale.

“You know you lying 😂😂😂,” commented one person.

“Hey shad you know that you want Angela and to get married”

“It’s clear y’all like each other y’all ain’t fooling nobody”

Bow Wow claims he does not want to be with Angela Simmons, but fans think otherwise. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

“The lie detector determines that was a lie.”

As hopeful as fans may be, only Simmons and the “Shortie Like Mine” rapper know if crossing the line is the best move for their friendship that has lasted more than a decade.

“The brother in love can’t tell me you not you are haha”

“why can’t they just be together already…WHY😩”

“Alright now .. y’all just been teasing us.. just settle down, be a power couple.. I know y’all tired of us saying this”

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