‘Gucci Ain’t Did Sh** to Y’all’: Tory Lanez and Reality Star Shekinah Anderson Exchange Words About the Looting in Atlanta

It’s no secret that the death of 46-year-old George Floyd on Memorial Day at the hands of white Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin is causing a range of emotions from citizens, resulting in protests nationwide.

However, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Shekinah Jo Anderson is not here for the protests that have resulted in looting.

On Saturday, May 30, Anderson took to her Instagram Live to tell protesters to stop looting businesses. The hairstylist was in tears as she spoke to her phone camera, telling Atlanta protesters that they were wrong for looting.

“All y’all folks that’s rooting this s– on, y’all going to h– too,” Anderson said through tears.

“Y’all angry, y’all mad, y’all selfish. … Gucci ain’t do s– to y’all! Lenox Mall ain’t did nothing to you,” she added, referring to high-end shopping mall Lenox Square in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star Shekinah Jo Anderson pleads with Atlanta protesters to stop looting. @thejasminebrand/Instagram

It was Anderson’s defense of the luxury brand Gucci that had many users in The Jasmine Brand‘s comment section upset.

“Basic AF. Gucci don’t even like black people. They like the coins tho. Someone give her a history lesson real quick.”

“Girl stop lmao Gucci don’t stand up for us and didn’t they just have a racist ad or something??? Some of these reality stars are loosing it, smh 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Didn’t Gucci produce Blackface sweaters 🙄🙄🙄🙄.”

Along with fans, rapper Tory Lanez was not here for Anderson’s tearful plea for people to stop looting stores and businesses.

“With all the things on… I’m seeing this lady crying over the Gucci store being broken into ?!!?? The f– Gucci store shorty ??!?!??” Lanez tweeted on Saturday.

Reality star Shekinah Jo Anderson and Rapper Tory Lanez have heated debate over Atlanta riots and looting. @thejasminebrand/Instagram

The Canadian MC and Anderson then went live on Instagram together the next day in an exchange that led to a heated discussion between the two when Anderson tried to clarify her comments.

“We’re not supposed to be seen as wild animals tearing up these people stores! I’m upset! … I respect people standing up. … I don’t appreciate you taking sh– on Instagram [about] ‘the girl crying over Gucci.’ I wasn’t crying over Gucci!” Anderson said to Lanez.

Lanez wasn’t here for her tone and told her to bring it down, which she agreed to do and continued with the conversation.

He proceeded to ask her if she’s marching with people or present when the looting takes place.

Anderson replied no, adding, “I don’t appreciate that white man killing us. But I don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere stealing these people’s sh–. F– Gucci! Let’s make that understood! I don’t even wear that sh– anyway!”

Lanez and Anderson’s discussion continued when Lanez tried to explain that he and Anderson are doing well financially, as if to suggest that those who are less fortunate might be driven to loot by their circumstances.

Anderson quickly interrupted and yelled into the phone, reiterating her points about rioting and looting hijacking the meaning of the protests about racial injustice and police brutality.

Lanez then told the reality star to “stop screaming,” but Anderson responded that she’s angry with everything that’s going on.

Lanez eventually would hang up on Anderson.


Fans in The Jasmine Brand comment section sided with Lanez on the exchange and didn’t seem to believe that Anderson wasn’t crying over Gucci.

“Tory showed her up, I really wanted to hear the discussion, but the shouting on her behalf got too noisy.”

“He schooled her; she wasn’t being receptive.”

“I love him, he’s always on point 📌 , and she definitely was crying over them breaking into Lennox and stores.”

“Why she so hostile?! He was actually being very calm and respectful.”

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