‘Toe Touch on Point’: Reginae Carter Blows Fans Away with Her Flexibility

Reginae Carter never ceases to impress fans with her many skills.

The “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” star took to Instagram on Monday, May 25, and posted a TikTok video of herself dancing and working out. In fitted sweats, a gray sweater and a matching sports bra, the young actress jumped into a toe touch and then landed with a split.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter does a split. @colormenae/Instagram

Carter also showed off her moves to the song “Wurk” by rapper Huncho Da Rockstar. Clearly tooting her own horn, the 21-year-old wrote in her caption, “Imma drop my workout video soon … #sorryfortheweight 😂”

Fans were impressed by Carter’s athletic skills.

“Sis is flexible”

“LMAOOOOOOOOO she can do no wrong !!”

“girl yesss!!!! drop it also how did you get your stomach flat? 🔥”

“Damn nae, toe touch on point🙌🏾”

“Yessss toe touchhhhh and give me your shape 😭😭😭. Yasss huni come through with the tik tok challenges”

This latest video is further proof of why Carter’s fans have deemed her the queen of TikTok.

On May 22, the young star uploaded a video of herself reenacting a hilarious scene from the 2002 film “Barbershop.” Her caption, “Who drank my apple juice ???” perfectly captured the Terri Jones character’s iconic one-liner from the movie. Fans applauded Carter for her performance.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter. (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

“I swear you master these videos 😂😍 I go looking for one every day 😂.”

“Down to the tee. Tik Tok is urs sweetie.. ur doing amazing.”

“She needs an Oscar award 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 she killing it!!!”

“Somebody put sis on the big screen!! 👏🏾👏🏾.”

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the television personality said she’s been spending a lot of time having fun with her skits, comedies and monologues on TikTok since the pandemic. She also said she’s been practicing her cooking skills.

“I’m learning how to cook, spaghetti, lamb chops, steak, tacos, burgers,” said Carter. “I’m getting my house together.”

The “Friends and Family Hustle” star seems extremely focused on her career. She wrote on Instagram on May 25, “I’m in my bag 🤷🏾‍♀️ matter of fact , Im in my Birkin 💋”

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