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‘Never Known a Braxton to Not Drink’: Trina Braxton’s Q&A with Towanda Braxton Derails After Fans Speculate Towanda Is Pregnant

Trina Braxton and her sister Towanda Braxton spent the afternoon of Tuesday, May 19, answering fan questions on Instagram Live. During the Q&A segment on their chat, Trina drank a martini, while Towanda politely passed on the alcoholic beverage. The reality stars of “Braxton Family Values” shared their beauty secrets and even gave advice to the graduating class of 2020. However, when a fan asked Towanda if she was expecting, she refused to answer the question.

Towanda revealed on season 6 of “BFV” that she was in a relationship with music producer Sean Hall. Towanda and her ex-husband Andre Carter divorced in 2017 after 12 years of marriage. Together, Towanda and Carter share a daughter in Brooke Carter and a son in Braxton Montelus Carter.

Trina Braxton (left) and Towanda Braxton (right). @trinabraxton1/Instagram

Towanda and Hall, a family friend, have been dating for nearly two years, and now fans believe the 46-year-old Towanda is pregnant.

“Is Towanda preggers??? Never known a Braxton to not drink 😉.”

“I know Towanda is pregnant! First remember she ran from the table when she felt sick on the show? Now she’s not drinking! I know she tried to trick us with the cotton candy drink she made on Cinco de Mayo but I’m BETTING she made hers virgin! Plus her complexion looks AMAZING!!CONGRATS TOWANDA❣️❣️❣️.”

“I know Towanda is PREGO!! She looks good!!”

“Towanda you pregnant 🤷🏾‍♂️😱🤷🏾‍♂️.”

“Is Towanda pregnant she looks it and she’s not drinking.”

“Yes Towanda is pregnant why hide it we all know😍 congrats Towanda.”

“Towanda is expecting her little face is chunky😍😍😍💜💜💙💙💙her face is always slim. Secret Squirrel😍😍.”

“Does Towanda have a bun in the oven 🤞🏾or is it just my wishful thinking?”

Towanda Braxton with her boyfriend Sean Hall. @itowandabraxton/Instagram

Trina, Towanda, Tamar Braxton, and Toni Braxton went on a siblings trip to Napa Valley, California, last season. Everyone except Towanda participated in the wine tasting portion of their trip, causing Tamar to be suspicious of Towanda’s behavior. The “Love and War” artist explained in her confessional that she believed Towanda was pregnant. Towanda explained to her younger sister on their hit reality show that she was no longer drinking because she did not want to. As of now, neither Towanda nor Hall has addressed the pregnancy speculations.

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