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‘Lady, I’m Not like These Other Folk’: Gabrielle Union’s ‘Shady Baby’ Pays Her No Mind While Attempting the Fruit Snack Challenge

Actress Gabrielle Union is back at with her antics involving daughter Kaavia James Wade and the latest social media craze: the fruit snack challenge.

Wanting to get in on the fun Union opted to challenge the almost two-year-old with her favorite snack, Bitsy Brain Food crackers.

Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia proves she has no interest in playing the waiting game when it comes to her snacks. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

“You can have some bitsies but you gotta wait. Okay? Gotta wait till I get back,” said the first-time mother as she placed her daughter in a chair directly across from the bowl of snacks.

Before Union’s voice even had the chance to trail off the youngest Wade slid off the chair and proceeded to eat her snack.

Followers of the “Being Mary Jane” actress had a ball in the comments as they rattled off what the Shady Baby could have been thinking as she paid her mom no mind.

“Lady, I’m not like these other folk” 

“She said…. “Naaaaaah! I’m built different” 😂😂😂😂💪🏾”

“Kaavia was like don’t test me mama” 

Others were in tears with how quickly the toddler sprang into action.

“She wasted ZERO time.”

“😂😂😂😂 She did not have time for these games!!!”

“Baby girl was not waiting nor was she patient. You hit the corner and she went to sliding honey!! 😂😂 So cute!!! 😍”

The reality is that Union and her husband Dwyane Wade are far from unfamiliar with their child’s antics and booming personality.

From the beginning their daughter has made family members work to get a smile out of her, and on more than one occasion they have each been served a mean side eye.

“She looks just like Dad, but I’d like to think the attitude is from me. She will stare into your soul and tell you about yourself through her eyes,” said Union to PEOPLE in February 2019.

Though her journey to motherhood was long and full of loss, Union has found that every moment of struggle was well worth it now that her daughter is here.

For Mother’s Day she shared a photo her and Shady Baby along with a special message:

“Sending love and appreciation to everyone that mothers others. No matter the route, the journey, the title, we thank you and recognize you today and everyday. To everyone who is feeling pain on this day, I feel you, I see you and you are not alone. You are never alone. Love and light good people.”

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