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Video: Black Delivery Driver Blocked from Leaving Neighborhood By HOA President Demanding to Know Where He’s Going

A Black delivery driver was locked in a tense standoff after his customer’s neighbor refused to let him leave.

Travis Miller was leaving a suburban Oklahoma City home on Monday when a Subaru blocked his path, according to KFOR-TV. A white man walked over to his truck and demanded to know why Miller, a home appliance and furniture delivery driver, was in the neighborhood. The man identified himself as David Stewart, president of the homeowner’s association. Miller told KOCO-TV that he felt he was being blocked from leaving because he’s Black and had his co-worker, “another Black man with me” on the passenger’s side.

Travis Miller (left) was locked in a standoff against David Stewart (far right) for roughly half an hour after Stewart demanded to know why he was in his metro Oklahoma City neighborhood. (Photo: Screenshot/Travis Miller)

“These are private streets,” Stewart said.

“Apparently you need a gate code to get in here, right?” Miller responded.

“You do. That’s correct,” Stewart replied.

“So, how did I get in here?” Miller questioned.

“I want to know where you’re going,” Stewart demanded.

“It’s none of your business. I’m going out, that’s where I’m going,” Miller replied.

Stewart walked away for a moment and Miller made a phone call. During the call, Miller shared that he’d completed a delivery and attempted to find a place to turn around so he could leave. He said the Subaru was originally behind him and a woman was the driver.

“I guess she went in the house and told him, and he decided that he wants to play super cop,” Miller said.

Miller explained that he would have to drive through someone’s lawn to get around the Subaru. He figured doing so would make the situation worse. Miller told the person he initially refused to speak to Stewart, but changed his mind after he called the police to make authorities aware of the situation.

Stewart eventually returned with another white man who told Miller he was “in the wrong.”

“All we want to know is why you’re in here and who gave you the gate code. That’s all we need to know,” the unidentified man told Miller.

Miller refused again due to privacy concerns for his customer. The men claimed they called the police, but no one showed up.

In addition, Miller called 911 himself because he was concerned about his safety if he left the scene.

“He said that he called the cops back and let them know that everything was clear but I didn’t want to leave and have it seem like I was fleeing the scene or anything like that,” Miller explained to the dispatcher.

Within about an hour, the homeowner, Miller’s customer, confirmed the delivery from Miller.

During the live stream, Miller told his passenger he did not have the “mental capacity” to deal with Stewart. At one point, he was reduced to tears. He later told News 4 he was grieving recent deaths of three loved ones.

“I just know that emotionally, it was hard to maintain restraint, especially when I’m dealing with death in the family, two family members within two days of each other,” Miller said. “I just did the best I could to not make a bad situation worse.”

Miller also took precautions in case the police showed up or the duo misread his actions.

“I was gripping the steering wheel, and I made sure I kept my seat belt on. I locked the doors, tried to keep the window up,” he recalled to KOCO.

Miller added, “I knew if I get out this truck, no matter what happened, I would have been in the wrong. I always say to myself, ‘I’m going to go home to my wife and my kids.’ “

Miller’s video went viral and viewers were not happy with Stewart’s behavior.

KOCO and News 4 reached out to Stewart, but he refused to speak with either outlet.

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