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‘We Stan!’: Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Art Featuring All of Her Roles, Fans Give Her Virtual Flowers

Jada Pinkett Smith took fans on a walk down memory lane when she shared a digital illustration from a fan that combined all of her most memorable roles into one impressive collage.

The 48-year-old Hollywood vet, who has 30 years in the entertainment industry under her belt, shared the piece of fan art that captured the wide variety of roles she’s slayed throughout her career. She credited the artist while showcasing her appreciation.

@ivormerlyknownas EVERY character I’ve played has taught me so much about myself,” she captioned the post. ” The good and the baaaD😜 You are very talented. Thank you for such a beautiful celebration✨”

In the illustration, Stoney, Pinkett Smith’s final girl character from the classic film “Set It Off,” “Gotham” crime boss Fish Mooney, Peaches from “A Low Down Dirty Shame,” Niobe from “The Matrix” trilogy and more are represented.

The artist behind the cool work saw that the “Red Table Talk” host shared his work and thanked her for the love. “Aww! Thank you Jada!! my honor and pleasure!❤️” he wrote in her comments.

Other fans immediately began identifying and celebrating Jada’s range of roles throughout her long-standing career.

“They put Stoney in the bus tho.. I’m emotional again 😩😂❤️,” one fan wrote.

“Every woman that has seen you in character finds themselves in you. 🙌🏾 #everywoman #💪🏾 #❤️,” reflected another.

@ivormerlyknownas we stan!!!! 🦾,” praised a third.

“This just a humble reminder that Ms Jada has been fine her ENTIRE LIFE 😭😭😭,” a fourth said.

“🏆🏆🏆 GO OFF!,” encouraged a fifth.

“I am so super proud of you son! You deserve it all. This is Amazing 🔥🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽,” commented a sixth fan.

Pinkett-Smith got her start in the industry in 1990 with a guest appearance in an episode of the FOX sitcom “True Colors,” but her career took off when she was cast as confident Hillman College freshman Lena James in “A Different World.”

How many of Jada’s other iconic roles from the image can you name?

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