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‘I Will Always READ You’: ‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey Shares Photoshopped Whitney Houston-Inspired Album Cover, Fans Drop Track Titles

Cynthia Bailey had a good laugh at her own expense and invited fans to get in on the fun when she reposted a photoshopped image of herself on an album cover inspired by Whitney Houston‘s classic single “I Look To You.”

In the image, the reality star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is shown in her all-white “RHOA” reunion ensemble serving Grecian goddess realness. The actress and businesswoman’s look evoked memories of Houston’s 2009 single and one talented fan took the liberty of editing Bailey into the “I Look To You” background. The imaginary album was renamed “I Look To Mike,” referring to the 53-year-old’s fiancé Mike Hill.

Cynthia Bailey shares fan-made image./Photo Credit: @CynthiaBailey10/Instagram

The model jokingly wrote “did y’all buy my album yet😂.” She continued “what would be the name of the singles on it? my first one would be, ‘Now What Else Is Going On?’lol! what y’all got? hilarious, love y’all!!! #whitneyhouston was absolutely beautiful & definitely a favorite😘.”

Bailey’s fans happily obliged the star’s request to help her name the album’s tracks, using her catch phrases and the show’s plot points as inspiration.

“Don’t forget the next viral song, Now What Else Is Going On,” one fan suggested.

“Gone with the wind fabulous ft. kenya,” a second wrote.

“You ain’t changed. ft. Marlo,” joked a third.

“I Don’t Give A Damn” and “Walmart Beauty Pageants,”a fourth commented.

“I wanna READ somebody” @cynthiabailey10 💀💀💀💀”

A sixth fan came with a few interesting suggestions, writing ““Coochie Crack ft. @thekenyamoore” “He Gonna Propose (I Know It)@“ “Traded My Peach for Diamondz.”

Photo Credit: @CynthiaBailey10/Instagram

Bailey also made sure to give credit where it’s due, and shared the original album cover that inspired the spoof, captioning the image, “had to post the side by side. refer to previous post. the beautiful #whitneyhouston was & always be one of my favorite singers of all time😘 #ripwhitneyhouston.”

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