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Shots Fired: Rudy Gobert Blasts Troll Who Blames Him for Bringing COVID-19 to the NBA

Rudy Gobert might be getting tired of being blamed for bringing COVID-19 to the NBA, because he recently dunked hard on one of the latest people to lodge that accusation against him.

Gobert, who plays for the Utah Jazz, was playing Call of Duty on Twitch Monday, May 4, when either a troll or someone who genuinely believes that he passed the highly contagious virus to the NBA got his attention.

Rudy Gobert reacted to another Call of Duty player who accused him of bringing COVID-19 to the NBA. (Photo: @isaiassuazo223/Twitter)

“Thanks for starting the coronavirus in the NBA dumba-s,” that person wrote in Gobert’s chat of the first-person shooter game, according to TMZ.

Gobert chose not to ignore the comment and insulted that person in his reply. “Hey, gabo, gato, gator,” he shot back, using the person’s tag. “Go to school p—y.”

The 2019/2020 NBA season was suspended on March 11 after Gobert tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

His teammate Donovan Mitchell would become the second player in the league to be announced as infected, and it was suspected that he caught it from Gobert, who was widely seen as not taking the contagion seriously at first.

That’s probably because two days before he learned he’d contracted the virus, Gobert ended a press briefing by pointedly touching all of the microphones and recorders in the Jazz’s practice facility. He later apologized for acting recklessly.

An ESPN report said that members of the Jazz were frustrated with Gobert for his cavalier attitude early on. Gobert revealed on IG Live last month that he’d spoken with Mitchell for the first time in a long while since they were both infected.

“It’s true that we didn’t speak for a while after this, but we spoke a few days ago,” Gobert admitted in April.”We’re both ready to go out there and try to win a championship for this team.”

Mitchell was a guest on “Good Morning America” on April 16 and said that he didn’t let go of his issues with Gobert right away.

“To be honest with you … it took a while for me to kind of cool off, and I read what he said and I heard what he said,” Mitchell explained. “I’m glad he’s doing OK. I’m glad I’m doing well. I’m just really happy, to be honest … it wasn’t the whole party [team].”

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