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Halle Berry Admits That Homeschooling Her Children Has Been a ‘Nightmare’

Halle Berry said that she likes all of the extra time she gets with her children while sheltering at home during COVID-19, but she isn’t pleased with how homeschooling is going.

Berry has two kids, Maceo Robert Martinez, 6, and her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry, who’s 12. She recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the homeschooling and explained why it hasn’t been going smoothly.

Halle Berry said that homeschooling her children has gone horribly. (Photo: Halle Berry’s Instagram Page)

Berry said it’s been particularly hard for her younger one to sit through a virtual class session because he doesn’t have any examples of his classmates doing the same thing.

“It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a nightmare,” Berry admitted. “This is like a wash of a semester; they’re really just not learning anything, and it’s hard. I have a 6-year-old, and what I learned is that when 6-year-olds see other 6-year-olds do things, then they do things. Like, they sit and they eat because there’s 25 other ones doing it. They stay at their desks and color because there’s 25 other ones doing it.”

“At home, there’s not 25 other ones doing it, so to get them to focus and realize they’re at home but yet they’re at school, it’s really been a challenge,” she continued. “But I have enjoyed having all this extra time with them. We have been making good use of the time when they’re not in school. When I’m not cracking the whip for school, we do have a lot of family time, story time and bonding time that we don’t often get to have, so there is the silver lining.”

Halle Berry with her children Maceo (left) and Nahla (right). Photo: @halleberry/Instagram.

Kerry Washington is another celebrity who spoke about homeschooling her children, addressing the topic during an interview with #TellBlackStories.

Washington said having more time with her children has brought her a lot of pleasure, like it has Berry, and she rises to the challenge of having to be more present for her little ones at this time.

“I’m homeschooling these kids of mine and creating some structure and safety and room for them to have joy and that is bringing me a lot of joy,” she said Thursday, April 30. “Being required to spend more time and be more present with them is the privilege of a lifetime, quite honestly.”

Gabrielle Union‘s daughter Kaavia James may be too young for school at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that Union isn’t using this period of staying at home to teach her something.

Union showed that she was giving James a swimming lesson in a video she posted last month. It seems that Union is using this stay-at-home period to be proactive when it comes to teaching.

“PE #HomeSchool Stay?!?! Shiii… Stay ready so you dont have to get ready 🥴🤗🤣👼🏽 @kaaviajames almost 17 mos,” wrote Union.

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