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‘She So Vain’: ‘GUHH’ Fans Accuse Angela Simmons of Dismissing Her Sister’s Feelings Amid Her Emotional Break Down

Growing Up Hip Hop” viewers recently called Angela Simmons on the carpet for acting “insensitive” toward her older sister Vanessa Simmons.

In the Thursday, April 30 episode, Vanessa met up with Angela to discuss some personal struggles. The mother of one apparently gained a lot of weight over the past few months and was struggling with self-esteem issues. She also expressed in her confessional that she’d been constantly fat-shamed by social media users.

Angela Simmons
Vanessa Simmons (L) and Angela Simmons (R) @vanessasimmons and @angelasimmons/Instagram

“At this time I’m not feeling confident enough next to Angela who’s like ‘miss fitness’ right now to me. Like, yeah I’m feeling very self-conscious,” said Vanessa.

The former “Project Runway” host expressed to Angela — the founder of the Built Not Bought online health and fitness program — that she was beginning to suffer from body image issues, especially since she’s a public figure. She said she’s often “beat up online” by people who ask if she’s “pregnant or expecting.”

After she discussed with her sister how she felt, Vanessa started tearing up. In the middle of their emotional conversation, Angela’s makeup artist Donovan walked over to Angela and she began talking to him.

Vanessa was clearly frustrated by Angela’s actions and suggested her sister was being insensitive at the time.

(L) Vanessa Simmons, Donovan, and (R) Angela Simmons. WE TV screengrab.

“I know my sister very well; sometimes she can come off a little bit insensitive, but I know that she means well,” Vanessa said in her confessional. “But at this time I really wish that she would slow down and really listen to what I’m saying because I don’t share my problems often. I’ve often been made to feel like because I come from this privileged life that my problems often aren’t real.”

“GUHH” viewers agreed with Vanessa’s “insensitive” remarks about her sister and slammed Angela for her actions.

“Angela Always seen that way , only care about Angela and the camera”

“She so basic and vain.”

“Angela has no reason to be sooooo vain and rude all the time 🙄sitting there LOOKING LIKE HER DADDY🤣”

“Angela doesn’t seem like a “girls girl” if that makes sense lol. You know those girls that say they only have male friends cuz they don’t get along with women 😐 lol”

“Angela is very self absorbed and this one a sincere moment and she definitely was insensitive. Rubbed me the wrong way, she does that often.”

“Vanessa was always my fav. Angela comes off very vain. Her sister still only cares about herself 🤦🏾‍♀️”
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