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‘I Need the Replies’: Nene Leakes Exposes Yovanna Momplaisir for Recording Cynthia Bailey, Fans Demand More Proof

Nene Leakes continues to strike back at her ex-friend Yovanna Momplaisir on social media. Leakes, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” exposed Momplaisir on Saturday, April 25, for allegedly recording a conversation of Cynthia Bailey talking maliciously about Leakes.

Leakes dropped text messages on Instagram that allegedly came from her friend-turned-foe. Within the message, Momplaisir supposedly claimed she had an audio recording of Bailey talking about the OG housewife. “Just letting you know I have Receipts!!! And FACTS of her lies!!!” Momplaisir reportedly wrote. The former Clark Atlanta University alumna implied that she would release the recording on an episode of “RHOA.” She added, “We can expose the audio tape in a later scene.”

Nene Leakes drops text messages of Yovanna Momplaisir implying that she recorded Cynthia Bailey gossiping about Nene Leakes. (Photo): @thehousewivesofAtlanta/Instagram

Fans expressed that Leakes’ text message evidence was one-sided and urged the 52-year-old Leakes to share her responses.

“I need the replies from Nene to figure out what’s really going on 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“She’s leaking Yovanna’s messages, but I would LOVE to see her messages to Yovanna🧐.”

A third user said, “Nene should also show her replies.”

“Until we see her replies this sh-t is null and void.”

“Bruh. What did Nene text back is all I want to know,” a fifth expressed.

“Yovanna from Clark acting like NeNe lies about there being audio/video she probably couldn’t release it because of legal reasons 😒.”

Yovanna Momplaisir (L) and Nene Leakes (R) (Photo): @yovannamomplaisir/Instagram and @neneleakes/Instagram

The ladies of the “RHOA” filmed their reunion on Thursday, April 23. According to blogger B. Scott, Momplaisir explained on the reunion that she lied about having a recording of Bailey talking about Leakes. She accused Leakes of setting the whole scandal up, and expressed that Leakes told her if she went along with the plan, she would be promoted to a full-time cast member next season.

Nene Leakes (Photo): @neneleakes/Instagram

The former “Glee” actress took to her YouTube channel on Sunday,
April 26 to address her issue with Momplaisir. “I called Yoyo up personally.
I said, ‘What are you doing? Why are you out here saying I made up a recording?’ I said, Now you know that me, and the executives … well one of the executives, and a producer, myself, Gregg, her husband Rick, and her, we all sat in a meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel.’ Okay, where they wanted her to let them hear a little bit of the voice recording because they wanted to know that she had it for real and she wasn’t lying just to be on the show and around the show.”

Leakes claimed that Momplaisir’s husband heard the recording, and told Momplaisir that she could not play the audio on the show because their reputation would be ruined. “But prior to that, she had already sent me the transcript and she had already sent me what her husband had said. Listen, that’s as far as I’m gon’ go,” Leakes added.

Part one of the virtual reunion is scheduled to premiere Sunday, May 10 on Bravo.

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