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Oprah Winfrey Shows Funny Video of Stedman Graham Cutting Someone’s Hair for the First Time

Oprah Winfrey had a nice hearty chuckle at her partner Stedman Graham cutting the hair of Thando Dlomo, one of the stars of “Oprah’s Daughters.”

Winfrey shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday, April 22, and the clip shows Graham with clippers in hand, working on the head of a seemingly nervous Dlomo. The moment marked the first time that Graham ever cut someone’s hair.

Oprah Winfrey (R) shared a video of Stedman Graham (L) cutting someone’s hair for the first time. (Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Stedman’s Barbershop 💈,” Winfrey captioned the video. “We’re all having to make do. With No hairdressers. No barbers. My daughter girl @thando_d convinced @stedmangraham to give her a haircut. His first time with clippers. Stressful for some Hilarious for others 😂😂.”

In the clip, Graham told Dlomo that he’d “get her fine.”

“Get me fine. Get me cute,” she replied.

But when he moved up one side of her head with the clippers, she expressed fear.

“I’m scared on that part, uncle Stedman,” said Dlomo. “This is a defining moment, okay?”

Graham then told Dlomo to stop moving her head and stay still. Winfrey recorded the whole thing and laughed.

“It looks better already,” Graham told Dlomo.

“I wouldn’t say better,” Winfrey chimed in. “I say it looks different.”

“Don’t play like that. That’s not funny,” Dlomo told Winfrey in response.

But in the end, everything went well because Dlomo was pleased with her haircut, which she showed afterward on Instagram.

“WHEEEEW! It worked out, guys 💈😩😂🙏🏽 S/O to my Uncle Sted. S/O to @sade_stevens . S/O to mom @oprah for the moral support. 🤣💀😂♥️ Lesson of the day: #TrustTheProcess,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Winfrey thanked health-care workers during the “One World: Together at Home” event that took place on Saturday, April 18. She’s been speaking a lot about the virus on her “Oprah Talks COVID-19” series that streams on Apple TV+.

“We all appreciated health-care workers, but never like now,” she said during the event. “They have done this often at considerable risk to themselves because when there are lives at stake, their first thoughts are not about themselves but for others. They truly are the best of us.

“We need to ensure that governments around the world step up now and provide the health-care workers with the equipment, with the funds, with the support they need.” added Winfrey.

Prior to her appearance at the “One World Together at Home” event and before the hair-cutting clip, Winfrey shared a video of Graham staying inside the guesthouse at her Santa Barbara, California home.

Oprah shared that Graham had to stay there because he’d been traveling and hadn’t quite taken the spread of the virus seriously. But they eventually reunited after spending two weeks apart.

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