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‘Is This a Cooking Show?’: Fans Call Wendy Williams ‘Disrespectful’ for Eating During ‘Wendy @Home’

Wendy Williams can’t seem to get her show’s virtual set-up together, according to her fans. The social-distancing friendly format has been offending her viewers between her “crowded” apartment and, now, eating full meals during interviews.

The talk show host moved her daily in-studio show to an at-home one, temporarily renaming it “Wendy @ Home,” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although she has continued interviewing celebrity guests and dishing the latest dirt in Hollywood, her on-air etiquette seems to be drawing the majority of the attention from those that tune in.

Wendy Williams interviews Vivica A. Fox./Photo Credit: @WendyShow

Williams was recently joined by Vivica A. Fox on her show, where the fans thought she’d have Williams’ undivided attention while the two caught up, talked about the ending of “Empire,” and discussed what the actress has been up to while sheltering in place, but much to their surprise, Wendy’s lunch stole the show.

Wendy can be seen multitasking throughout the interview and preparing deviled eggs from scratch while speaking with the “Independence Day: Resurgence” actress.

Fox was a good sport during the chat, but fans held nothing back — calling Wendy out for eating during her interviews.

“Wendy…as your co-host, I’m feelin to give you some good intention advice,” wrote a concerned fan. “Put whatever you got in front of you down. No more eating, messing with a cheese box, cracking eggs while you talk. Get that awful laugh track out and maybe a little bit more light in what is starting to look like a dungeon of hoarding. Plaaaaaaaeseeee. Love you gurl!❤️”

“Again with the food shit. I can’t. I cant deal with this lack of home training. I can’t,” another commented.

A third viewer agreed, “But to prep food while talking to a guest that disrespectful. I love Wendy but no that was disrespectful and annoying to watch.”

“This show is a shit show. Like really you need to burp on tv you need some class lady. 🤦🏻‍♀️,” complained a fourth.

“Why must Wendy make food infront of us 😭is this a cooking show? 😓😓😓,” expressed a fifth.

“if you don’t want to see her eat, don’t watch! it’s easy like that. y’all are getting on my nerves in the comments,” one fan said, defending the TV personality.

Wendy’s professionalism is currently being called into question by her viewers based on her on-camera eating habit, but her virtual setup was also called out just days ago for being “a mess.”

Video Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/Youtube
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